What Is TuMoney.PW – Is TuMoney.PW Scam or Legit?

By | September 21, 2018

What Is TuMoney.PW – Paid Advertising Viewing System ‘CLONE-SITE’ Exposed!

Welcome in your research to answer What Is TuMoney. PW (www.tumoney. pw). This article asks and answers Is TuMoney PW real, fake, good, dishonest, legit, fraudulent, genuine or scam! You have stumbled on the only TuMoney Review you need as it will answer if Tu Money is good to work on or not. However, I already this new Paid Advertising Viewing System operation is a copy of other sites. I also know it is nothing but a scam and one to avoid as there are many dangers to avoid. Below is my research for you to form your own opinion. Here is one of their sites called WorMoney.PW – no difference.

I know there are those that are looking for real and paying work online, and to this end, I recommend you check out Wealthy Affiliate. They are a good and trusted online company since 2005 and can show you how to build your own online business. Those interested in online business can read more about them HERE or sign up HERE for your free starter account. Let us continue with this review of TuMoney.




What Is WorMoney. PW – Fully Explained.

Those that are curious to know more on What Is WorMoney. PW are welcome to take this short journey with me. When anyone of us needs to find out if any site online is legit, we begin our journey to find out ownership details. This can be done by simply heading off to a website registration database like WHOIS. I can see that there is no founder name and the address is not listed. They created their site on the 15/09/2018 and only registered online for just 1 year.

Sites that offer paid work from home offers will usually register for more than just 1 year. Also, when you see no founder name, and no address for their supposed legit business, these are excellent signs you are dealing with a crooked founder. I mean, legit sites are always FAR TOO HAPPY to share their amazing founders name and everything about such a person. So, its a problem not to have that info.

WorMoney is just one site out of 1470 identical sites. This Paid Advertising Viewing System Scam has been successfully running since 2014 without pause. They are making new sites every few weeks and so they are always replenishing old sites that are soon to close. They won’t renew those sites as those sites reputation has become far too poor. And so at that point there are no more new sign ups to scam.

This entire operation originated from Russia and they make those sites in German and Russian as well. I have personally exposed about 200 of their sites and so I continue to help others avoid this brutal scam.



How Their Scam Works.

First off, you will never be able to cash out! That is paramount to understand as for when these new sites crop up, that is nearly always the first question I receive. You can’t cash out – period!

OK, this is how it works. You sign up. You enter your email address and you may notice they won’t ask you to confirm its is ‘you’. Fine, you carry on and notice the work is super easy and you get paid 10c per ad viewed. You must fill out a captcha but it does not matter, you still won’t get paid no matter what you do.

You go along like this and then you see that you can make 50% of your sign ups earnings! OK, now you are sharing you affiliate link all over the internet in the hopes you can have half of a days pay from someone else online. The problem with taking half your referrals money is that, if your referral does not make any sign ups, then where does the full 10c come from so that person may make the same cash as you?

BIG LOOP-HOLE! Huge sign of a scam there as the logic simply does not add up.

10c a click is simply far too high as advertisers are able to make excellent number of clicks for just $5 and so paying 10c is actually losing most advertisers far too much money. Especially when you consider that sites that offer money for clicks then you are dealing with an audience that mostly will not care about the advertisers products and simply click for very little monies. Advertisers know this and so why they would never pay such a high amount per click.


Here are the exact steps you will encounter when you try to cash out at $300!


Once you have the $300 mark you will fill out a form.

Now that form is returned saying that you must wait about 90 days or longer.

You fill out another form.

Now they want you to make 40 referrals. Those referrals that you have to make are not mentioned anywhere on their fake site.

Once you make those referrals then they want you to pay them so they can pay you. Makes no sense! No legit site asks for money in order to pay you under some vague ‘processing fee’ terms.

Let us say you make those referrals and pay then you are simply locked out of your account.

Now all your personal details like your bank, PayPayl, name, home address, DOB or anything that you may have supplied them with is being sold online to other scammers. 

You might notice some malware on your device as its possible they may have downloaded something that is hunting for your sensitive data. Run an anti virus check as soon as you can!

Report All Scam Sites Below in the Comments or here at this sites support email at scamwitnessadminsupport@gmx.com.


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Final Thoughts.

TuMoney is not a good online company and only made to scam as many people as possible before shutting down for good. No one ever gets paid. They don’t even ask for a confirmation after sign up. They are also a phishing site and will probably sell on your details. Do report them below to expose them.

Still have some questions on What Is TuMoney. PW? That is fine and you are welcome to ask below. Need more information on how to earn online. That is just fine as well and you are welcome to ask me below in the comments or read How to Earn Online for Free. Thank you one and all for coming to my website and looking forward to all of your comments to come.


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