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By | October 28, 2018

What Is – Beware of is so generous they are offering returns of 180% plus your initial investment! In reality, What Is Is TrustEllect com fake, fraud, scam, crooked, dishonest or is TrustEllect real, genuine, legit, good, honest and paying out? This Trust Ellect Review is going to bring all of you, who think such returns are real, down to Earth! Not even the most sophisticated investment software’s can keep that promise to all investors. Actually, investing even on legit sites can only offer you a 50/50 chance of success. Below is my research to help you decide for yourself.

There will be those that know they are dealing with a Ponzi Scheme when they see TrustEllects site. However, there will be more members that simply won’t know and so will take a serious risk with their hard earned money. Those that want to make good money online, but do not wish to risk their, may be interested in a Platform called Wealthy Affiliate. They are honest and have shown me how to make a website, add content, land that content page 1 of Google and how to earn money from doing that. I consider them my #1 Recommendation and also they don’t ask for credit card details to start. 




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The Real Intention Behind – The Plan Revealed.

There are 100’s or even 1000’s of these Ponzi Schemes set up daily. There are sites called HYIP Monitors (High Yield Investment Program), but unfortunately, most of those sites are not legit either. They could say that so-and-so Ponzi Scheme (website name) is paying out when they are not paying out. It is a murky world, and if you are new to investing in general online, then you really need to consider giving all such sites a miss. So don’t believe such sites in general, not to say there are not honest ones, but I don’t go by their say so.

When websites are registered online they are required to submit details like founder name, real world address, contact support etc. Let us find out the founder name, which when we go to WHOIS, we see is not listed. There is an an address residing in Phoenix USABUT– when we look to their site, they say they are registered in the UK. Site

don’t login into


That is contradictory information and all very bad signs of identity cover up and of a scam site. Why would site who registers their location from the USA say they are registered in the UK? This is normal behavior for dishonest sites and I see it all the time.

When the founder info is hidden then this is so, when they are widely known as a real scam site, the unknown founder(s) can run off with all the money. And since we don’t know him, her or they are then there is no way to get a refund. 




What They Offer And How They Scam You.

TrustEllect is saying they are a company that is rooted in the UK for registration, as covered. Their investment levels are offering insane and unsustainable returns. They would be better off to get a loan from the bank, who would not ask for such high returns, then to ask people for money and offer back returns that would wipe out their own profits – worse still – put them into debt. Incidentally, there is no proof of their registration and so that is another sign of a scam.

They simply require you to sign up for free but its not free to continue. Their sign up forms I suspect with all these sites are just phishing forms. All information that are submitted from their members may very well be put onto a list. This list could then be sold on the Dark Web for big money that is quick and easy to get. This is data harvesting and all such big data is coveted by scam sites for personal financial gains.

They have 3 Investment Levels and they are 16% for 12 Hours, 130% ROI for 1 Day and 180% ROI after three days. It is minimum of $1 to a max of 10000.00 and the only the thing that determines your returns is obviously the length of waiting time.

Their Referral Program is 1%, 2% 7% and is a 3 tier program. Of course, that is nonsense as well and they only want you to work for them for free to make big member numbers at a chance to make more money off of more people. You Pay – Wait and Hope – and then get paid, if you do. Since you don’t know the owners name then how can you get your money back when you realize they are fraudulent?

What is their Product that Produces such High Revenues?


The usual ‘script’ that is spouted by these completely illegal sites is that they are investment experts, in Forex, market investments, trading etc. They invariably also mention they are from the UK (YAWN 🙁 ) which is 99% lies. Even if they possess a companies house certificate that still does not guarantee they are from the UK. Overseas scammers can simply buy those certs, to say they are registered in the United Kingdom and they will also use that to say they areENDORSED BY THE UK GOVERNMENT!! Our Gov’s are too busy to be getting heads of states to vet illegal investment sites.

There is nothing on their site they can prove is legit. There is no:-

Documentation of their expertise.

No names supplied as the ‘experts’ on their site. 

No product names given as for the means on how money is generated to pay out to all members.

Nothing on their site to identity owners or address but only lies about company registration. They are not even regulated by any financial body.

Where is the proof of payments to members? Whenever you see proofs on these kinds of sites, it is usually a table of fake names, no pics or pics of people who we can’t prove are real, and not sufficient proof that they are real payments.











Final Thoughts.

There is no proof of how they are making such big money to pay back to all of their members. 90% of you who invest on their site will simply have your money mugged from you. Actually, OVER 90% if historical data from such schemes is any thing to go by. Yes, there is a possibility of earning but really that is the first two weeks only. If they even pay out at all, I have seen such sites stop paying out in 6 days. Their business model is unlawful and so they are an illegal site and I suspect they could collapse in a short while. 

Those that have questions on are welcome to plant those questions below in the comments section. Those that are looking for other ways to earn online, ethically and recurring, are welcome to check out my #1 Recommendation. The company in that review can show anyone how to earn a full time income from home. Those that have a real desire to leave their current job, or create one for themselves, can really achieve their online money goals for life. The choice is yours, and if you are not interested, then no problem – I am just happy to have been able to answer your search query. Thank you for stopping by and I hope this article has helped you out. Looking forward to all your comments to come.


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