What Is TrendyAce.com – Is TrendAce.com Scam or Legit E-Store? Review

By | April 9, 2019

Find Out What Is TrendyAce.com – Our ‘Trendy Ace’ Review.

Welcome to this review on What Is TrendyAce.com at www.trendyace.com. Is TrendyAce com a fake, fraudulent, bogus scam site or Is ‘TrendyAce’ safe, real, legit and trustworthy? This ‘Trendy Ace’ Review has some questions about that site. First one is:- Why is their phone number of 1-888-677-9088 also being used by another website called ModernBranch.com?

We are suspicious of this site and so anyone that has reviews are welcome to leave them in the comments below this article. No matter your experience what you know may help others make up their own minds. Your reviews are important as it is a way to protect others online, but also, it is a way to highlight good sites as well.



TrendyAce.com Review – Scam-Check.

We are going to do some research on their sites attached information. Where this info is missing or false then that is typical of fake sites. So, already we have issue with two companies using the same number. You can go to both sites and see that number within their content. TrendyAce.com is off to a bad start, but, is it a scam?




Is www.trendyace.com a scam?



2016/12/27 was when they registered their site and they did that for 3 years. Typically fake sites will only register for 1 or 2 years. Short registration times for businesses maybe considered a hit-and-run site by some. 

Others would argue that perhaps the founder is legit because they just want to see how their new biz will do in that time frame. Either way, they have the option to renew.

Their business address does link back to their site but I am finding it difficult to locate it precisely. That address is:-

 Trendy Ace
304 S. Jones Blvd. #1264
Las Vegas NV 89107
United States.


Scam Signs.

So far, we have an address that we can not locate online as a real world location. A phone number that is being used by two sites. 

Also, why is every product on their home page discounted? I see discounts of up to 50% and even more. That is  not right. I see huge discounts like this on scam sites all the time and so it is just a bad sign, in my view.

Where is the founder name? Should be in the ‘CONTACT US’ section, ‘FAQ’s’, ‘ABOUT US’ or bottom of their site. Yet, I see no founder name in WHOIS and certainly not one on their own site. All bad signs here so far.



Final Thoughts.

There is little online regarding them positively or negatively. We are inclined now to give them a chance to see if they are honest of not. 

BTW, there is no business address inside WHOIS either, which is a site that holds the information of most websites. They only have a POX BOX from PANAMA. Not legit in our view. How can e-stores set up in business without validating the information they have registered their sites with?

This is a huge weakness within the online world. Now, people may be giving payment information over to a site whom no one knows the location of the biz or name of the founder.


What are your thoughts – scam or legit?

Let us know in the comments to help others what your experience has been.

For us, given the brief research above, we are not recommending them for now. If we get many positive reviews then that is a different story.

That is all on What Is TrendyA.com and looking forward to your reports below. Check out the comments for more information, if there is any. Where many bad reports come through about that site then we will place them in our List of Internet Scammers.

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2 thoughts on “What Is TrendyAce.com – Is TrendAce.com Scam or Legit E-Store? Review

  1. Angelia Dickinson

    I have tried multiple times to contact this acetrendy and they only provide an email so I am inclined to think they are scam artists, my order was to be in on march 2 2019 I have not received any feedback as to where my order is or my leggings.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      If this continues then you can always apply for a refund Angela. Thank you for letting us know and you are welcome to let us know how this gets resolved.


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