What Is Trendswa.com – Is Trendswa.com Scam or Legit? Trendswa Review

By | February 8, 2019

Find Out What Is Trendswa.com about in this Trendswa.com Review.

This the only quick review that will fully inform you on What Is Trendswa.com found at www.trendswa.com. Is Trendswa com a scam, fraudulent, deceptive, bogus or Is Trendswa legit, genuine, real, safe and honest? This www Trendswa com Review is a scam alert warning to those thinking about purchasing from them. People that handed over payment info to them need to contact your payment provider. Put in for a refund and also cancel your card. Your own reviews and Trends WA complains are welcome below this article in the comments.

As with so many other fake online shopping stores, they come out of China it seems per one report online, and that is a bad sign indeed. It is bad because most fake shopping stores come from there. Expect to either receiving nothing for your hard earned cash, a pair of cheap headphones, shoddy, damaged, inferior, possibly counterfeit and maybe stolen goods.




The Trendswa.com Review – What Is Trendswa Really All About?

Many complaints right of people ordering phones and only getting a cheap pair of headphones. That is of course a scam and is how they make lots of money from unwary customers. Many times, should you wish to return the order for a refund, the price to return, maybe higher than the price of the actual order. Even you receive an empty envelope/package just so they can produce a legit tracking code to win pay dispute claims. This unfortunately works more than t really should considering payment providers will probably know they are a scam.



www.trendswa.com is nothing but trouble!


We begin to find out a few things about the owner, where they are from in the real world and also contact information. Where that is missing then they are a scam. If information provided is fake or incomplete then they are still a scam.

We will research any info found and see if there are complaints and other sites with the same data attached. Where this is found then they are still a fraudulent site. No honest companies leave this info out, give incorrect info or hide other sites from their own website visitors.


Background Check.

They have registered their site online for just one year from 2019/0117 to 2020. Businesses that are real and sincere of being a success online will normally register for many years to come. Not so with the one in question.

That is a typical pattern seen with fake sites, to stick around online for 1 year and defraud as much as possible, just to close down with all the earnings. Many times, this can happen in weeks and even a few months without warning.

The address they have used is one being used all over the net, even by so legit companies, but is more commonly associated with scam sites. That address is 1928 E. Highland Ave. Ste PMB# 255, Arizona, US. How can so many companies claim the same address? That is of course impossible and is a sign that  they are using someone else’s address to hide their real location. In other words, they maybe using a proxy.

Support email is absent from their site registration along with the founder name. Please understand that any site owner that runs an online business, or creates his or her own work from home business for pay, have the option to be transparent. In this situation they have failed miserably.

They have one last chance now to redeem themselves by leaving all that info, that is real of course, on their own website. Lets find out.

service@trendswa.com is all they have left for contact. No address! No customer support number! SCAM! Big scam and so that really is all we need to know not to shop at any site that can not even be transparent on who they are. I mean, we do not even know the founders name. Not good enough and all classic signs of an online scam site, which by way when it comes to shopping online, is primarily targeting women.




Treandswa Scam Signs.

A few scam signs does not mean a site is a scam. We can allow for human error. However, fake shopping sites sometimes become very popular then legit ones because they do not tell the truth on the items being advertised i.e. too cheap and not what you will receive. Let us see if they are doing this right now.

So, really, their prices do seem a bit too-good-to-be-true. Where we see high quality clothing going for so less then that is suspicious. They are also using the same images on a site called Savewen.com and so that is also a scam site. Actually, any site that looks like theirs may not be trustworthy and you should probably shop elsewhere like Amazon i.e. somewhere known and trusted.

You may find this incredible to believe, but scammers are not the most attention to detail type of people. They have, in their own Privacy Policy Page, given salecb.com. That is obviously not Trendswa.com.

What has happened here is they have simply copied the source code from that site, same with Savewen.com, and pasted it. After pasting they have given it a new name and forgot about the clues they have left behind like the old site names. That is now two other scam sites we have found by just looking at one.

These sites remain completely undisclosed to all of their individual waves of traffic and is a sign that a site is being deceptive. Real and honest sites will be very proud indeed to leave links to their other online businesses.

They are stuck in ‘BIG CHRISTMAS SALE’ (see date of this article) mode and that is a sign that their site is not even being maintained. 

The English in their Privacy Policy Page is a little ‘off’ and that is a sign of a scam that could be operating out side of your country. Actually, I read one online report where a lady received her package and there was an address from China on it. 

Their site using the ‘USD’ currency trying to dupe people into thinking they are USA based. This actually does make people think they are dealing with an American store leading to further sales.

The Terms and Conditions on their site makes for some interesting reading. They say they have made every effort to ensure the color is as accurate as they display it. However, this depends on the color you see through your monitor and they are not responsible if your monitor displays the color wrongly. SCAM! That is pure and utter nonsense. Now they can send you any color item instead of the one you ordered by that one paragraph they wrote about this.

Their DISCLAIMER basically says they are not responsible for the quality, the functionality etc, of the order you pay you. These are the kinds of things you really need to have a look at on any site to ensure the company bears responsibility and not heap the whole lot of it onto you.

 Macyson.com is yet another one of their fake sites and so you must stay clear of that one as well. Now we have uncovered a new scam network wholly intent on defraud people and who come from China.

They are going into my sites List of Internet Scammers for good!





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They have hidden themselves 100% online! No legit and trustworthy companies do this and is all we need to declare them a scam. They have even hidden all such data on their site and only left an email address that may or may not work. Those with their own reviews, complaints etc, are welcome to SOUND-OFF IN THE COMMENTS BELOW to help alert others. That is all on What Is Trendswa.com and I really do hope it has saved you your cash and a lot of stress. If not, then you know to put in for a refund and cancel your card in case they make random charges to it. Looking forward to your comments to come.





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42 thoughts on “What Is Trendswa.com – Is Trendswa.com Scam or Legit? Trendswa Review

  1. martin

    Dear friends!
    A company of lawyers from Russia, on the basis of the demand of our client from Armenia, is carrying out a number of activities to bring these persons to justice. So today, with the help of specialists in the field of computer technology, their location and money laundering scheme has been established. Operational support for the certification of the competent authorities of their country is carried out.
    We ask all victims to write to us at: fim_advokat@gmail.com with the aim of drawing up a collective action on fraud and extortion.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Thank you Martin. I ask people to be sure this is legit before sending money. If so, please do not be insulted Martin as I am nearly always suspicious due to exposing so many online scams LOL. Good luck with this Martin and I hope you get them and you are welcome to post as many up dates on this situation as you see fit. Thanks again Martin.

  2. Ricky Pannowitz

    Yeah Scammed Here in Australia. Went for the $49 smartphone and got a 99c pair f Dr Beat knock off headphones
    Seeking a refund through Paypal.
    Here is some interesting information I have uncovered about thei Scam.. its as clever as it is devious.
    1 They did a huge campaign through Facebook, so if you are looking for a phone on market or anywhere the facebook algorithm links you to their as pop up in your feed (that’s how I got stung)

    2 They provide a tracking number so any disputes with paypal as “not received” will be resolved in favour of them. In my case a pair of headphones just arrived and I thought someone in my house had ordered them. It wasn’t until I realised they were from Trendswa (or whoever they are) the penny dropped.
    3. They work on volume, so ask yourself how much are they making on the people who couldn’t be bothered chasing it up.? Millions.
    I have reopened my Paypal case and it has been flagged “not as described” after seeking to someone in Paypal customer service. wish me luck..

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Take a picture of what you actually ordered and any confirmation communication from Trendswa confirming your order. Then take images of the information on the packaging and what was inside of it. Pic of the tracking number and all related data would be useful then.

      Then that is enough to prove you were ripped off. Good luck and let us know how it turns out sometime Ricky.

    2. Stanley Jones

      Yep got scammed from trendswa.com as well bought a phone never got it they said they send it twice still no phone then they offered me $38 back instead of the full amount i sent them $80 so you see no phone no money the perfect scam. I will never buy on line again.

  3. raghu

    trendswa is fraud company i ordered phone around 49 dollar but they sent one cap no reply in mail also

    don’t buy any things from this company

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi John,

      Thank you so much for sharing our articles link for others to find. It is much appreciated 🙂 and I hope that article will continue to help others save them some cash.

      You are absolutely right in that they can’t be trusted! If you find anymore you are more than welcome to report them here or other scam-busting sites online.

      Thanks again John 🙂 ~ Philip (Scam Witness).

  4. Kulwant Singh

    Paypal have been in touch to say that I will be refunded once I have returned the earphones to the company in China. PayPal have given me address which is the same on the original label.

    However I have had to send it tracked which has cost almost £10, which is over 1/4 of the original cost. So I am spend 10 to reclaim £38. I have returned the earphones and given paypal the tracking number. They will also monitor it. Let’s see how it goes.

    Will keep everyone updated here.

    PS PayPal have had so many of these cases by now, but they are still allowing themselves to be used as a payment method.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      So sorry for such a late reply Kulwant but I accidentally clicked on ‘SPAM’ and that is where I found your comment. So very sorry for that error.

      Have you come to a conclusion regarding your pay refund Kulwant?

      1. Kulwant Singh

        Paypal replied today to say they have found in my favour and the money has been returned to me. I have checked my account and it is there. All in all, I have lost £10 and that too, to Royal Mail. So I’m glad of the outcome although all the brain drain that went along with it is something you can’t put a price on.

        If you have been scammed by this company and paid through Paypal please follow Paypal guidelines to returning the items. I sent mine back tracked as requested by Paypal and also took photos of the package once the tracked label had been applied to it, for further proof should the scammers say they haven’t received it.

  5. noor

    trendswa.com is a big scam… I lost around 80.00 dollars … they just send me headset instead of phone… no doubt it is big scam, and instead of offering refund they try to offer different rubbish offer from rubbish website

  6. Frank

    purchased two smartphones cost $ 98, this morning came the headphones among other things also false

  7. Frank

    ordinati due smartphone pe un costo ttotale di 98 dollari questa mattina mi è arrivato datta Cina un pacchetto di plastica con un paio di cuffiette

  8. Stan V

    Waiting for delivery ordered goods, but I believe that it will be exactly same case.
    I asked seller to cancel my order, but no response.
    I opened preventively case with PayPal with classification that ordered and paid goods doesn’t correspond with delivered one (I changed classification from goods not received to this one, because in this case tracking number delivered by scamming company shouldn’t be considered as suitable proof for closing case).

    Let’s see what I will receive. Will keep you updated.

      1. Stan V

        It’s getting even more funny, on Saturday I was contacted on Whatsapp by somebody from Asian phone number claiming that she is from trendswa.com trying to convince me to close PayPal dispute (on the first look already profile photo of the lady was fake). When I rejected to do so, because I didn’t received ordered goods yet, the person asked me how they can improve their service, because they already provided respective tracking number. I responded that there is no need for improvement, just simply to send me mobile phones I ordered and paid and not cheap headphones as to other scammed customers. Person immediately start to claim, that headphones were sent to customers by mistake and that goods I ordered was already sold out and I have to choose another one from their website.
        When I asked, if my understanding that package that is on the way to me (and for which they provided tracking number) doesn’t include mobile phones I ordered is correct, person on the second side responded, that they need to check. From this moment no further communication.
        One more funny thing, seller name is 扬州蚁族网络科技有限公司, so if you want to send unsolicited goods back, you can’t do it, because for this company no non-Chinese country will accept delivery (an I believe that this is one of additional tactics, how to prohibit scammed customer from returning goods in order to allow him claim his money back. Also on trendswa.com is no official address except the contact form.

        1. Scam Witness Post author

          Yep, they are a fake site and thank you kindly for your extensive review of Trendswa.com. The more Trendswa.com complaints there are online the less likely they are too scam more people because yours and other peoples reports are doing excellent damage to their name. And rightly so. Thanks again Stan V.

          1. Stan V

            So few new info. On Sunday I returned from weekend and in my mail box was small plastic bag with earplugs. This as… just refer price for package 0,18 $ so it wasn’t even included in custom fee and I had no chance to refuse taking over,
            I immediately send photo PayPal where I have open dispute and they acknowledge, that I’m eligible to receive my money back, but I must send it back to this scamming seller, so yesterday I was sending earplugs in price 2$ back to China for 6.20 Euro in order pro provide PayPal with confirmation, that item was returned.
            For all who got scammed by this Chinese losers, open dispute with PayPal and claim your money back.

            If somebody is interested, their address is :
            Shiding Community, Longqiao Street, Chengxiang District
            351100 putian city

          2. Scam Witness Post author

            Thank you Stan for all of this information. I have no doubt it will will others caught up in it as well. Much appreciated 🙂 .

          3. Scam Witness Post author

            To see that video and hear the disappointment, it is not nice, really feel for the guy. It was good of the person in that video to show what was sent as well. Thanks Stan for leaving us that video which is even more proof of Trendswa.com’s scam. Thanks again Stan.

  9. andrea

    anche io ho ordinato un smartphone e ieri misono visto arrivare delle cuffie pure di pessima qualità, vera truffa ignobile intimata la restituzione totale dei soldi pagati e intanto avviato reclamo con PayPal

  10. QuocHiep

    I ordered a phone for $49 dollars. I have mail asking something abou product but i dont recieve any reply form trendswa.com
    Can i get cash back ? i payed by Paypal

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      You can apply to your payment provider and get them to investigate your claims. Then they will decide to refund you or not. Thanks for your question QuocHiep.

  11. Kulwant Singh

    I ordered a phone for $49 dollars and received some cheap headphones instead. I thought this site Trendswa was reliable because they only took payment through PayPal.

    I have informed PayPal who have opened up a case for it. Let’s see what happens.

      1. Kulwant Singh

        Paypal have been in touch to say that I will be refunded once I have returned the earphones to the company in China. PayPal have given me address which is the same on the original label.

        However I have had to send it tracked which has cost almost £10, which is over 1/4 of the original cost. So I am spend 10 to reclaim £38. I have returned the earphones and given paypal the tracking number. They will also monitor it. Let’s see how it goes.

        Will keep everyone updated here.

        PS PayPal have had so many of these cases by now, but they are still allowing themselves to be used as a payment method.

          1. VU

            I order phone for $48. I received the head phones like others received. Still don’t know how to get refund.. Payed through Paypal.


          2. Scam Witness Post author

            Simply contact PayPal and put in for a refund. Find your order and change its status to whatever is most fitting and send in your complaint.

  12. ND

    trendswa.com is a big scam… I lost around 80.00 dollars … they just send me headset instead of phone… no doubt it is big scam

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Thank you ND for your report on Trendswa and sorry to hear this. Certainly put in for a refund and I hope they do give your cash back to you. Thanks for helping to alert others online to yet another fake e-store.

        1. Scam Witness Post author

          Go to PayPal and tell them that your order did not come as you paid for it and something different arrived. That is grounds for a refund but that is up to them. I wish you well on that and thank you very much Roberto for reporting them here to us. Much appreciated.

        1. Scam Witness Post author

          Delighted to hear this ND and thank you kindly for getting back to us and letting us know. That is no doubt going to help others to take the same course of action. Thanks again ND.


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