What Is Trendstord.com / What Is ‘Tyvekone’ – Is ‘Trendstord’ a Scam?

By | April 9, 2019

Find Out What Is Trendstord.com about – Our ‘Trendstord’ Review Scam Warning. Also, What Is ‘Tyvekone’ about?

Hello and welcome to this short review on What Is Trendstord.com at www.trendstord.com. Is Trendstord com a scam, fake, fraudulent or Is ‘Trendstord’ safe, real, genuine and legit? This www Trendstord com Review is a scam alert. We are not convinced by those very generous discounts, among other reasons, we will cover. They also go by ‘Tyvekone’ and so we will answer what is ‘Tyvekone’ as well.

Those that have given this site their payment details could not be receiving sub-standard products or nothing at all. If nothing shows up, or shoddy / inferior products, contact your payment provider for a refund and possibly to cancel your card. Cancelling your card will stop random charges by cyber-crooks.



scam or legit





Trendstord. com Review – What Is Trendstord.com really about? ‘Tyvekone’?

We will do a background check, check online for reports, to come justify our early determination. Ideally we need to see website owner name, business address, contact information. This info can be sourced from WHOIS and their own website, among a few places. What is Trendstord.com actually about? Let’s find out more.

  • Site registration began in 2018/09/20 and it was registered for a mere 12 months. What companies have you heard of that registers their online business for just 1 year. Hit-and-run sites typically register for just one year, or two, and then run off with all the earnings without warning.
  • We see in WHOIS they have not submitted a founder name. No business address and only say they are from Guang Dong, CN – China. That is a very bad sign as most fake e-stores are from this region. Of course, not all e-stores from this region are scams.
  • Given how relatively new they are they are able to give away quite big discounts with their products. I see one product that was $299.99 reduced to just $55.90! If the original price is to be believed then they have plain-straight made a huge loss on that one sale!!! That pricing is for the Earths strongest remote control off road vehicle i.e. toy remote control truck.
  • So why are they calling themselves ‘Tyvekone’ when that is not what their URL says? That is a classic scam sign and always a great clue something is wrong.
  • No legit and transparent site makes those errors. It could be that the scammer was in a rush setting up his site and simply forgot to change some parts, usually, from copying and pasting from an older site. I see this error often.
  • They have an email address of service@trendstord.shop. So, we Googled that email address and see that another site called TreasureGo.comStore is using the exact same email address. This tells us these cyber-crooks are running other scam sites. So, our suspicions of copying and pasting may turn out to be true.
  • We also Googled ‘TyveKone.com‘ and see that is a exact duplicate of the site we are exposing now. So all of our suspicions have born out to be true.



No founder name or customer support number.

No business address and apparently they are somewhere in Guang Dong. 

Prices are far too-good-to-be-true! That is usually a great sign of a scam.

Those that have scam reports on them are welcome to expose them in the comments below. The more reports the more that will save their cash. Our online world is Governed by mega-social media sites that simply do not vet these scam-ads but indeed get paid advertising fee’s.

We have ads running wild across the net scamming people, to such a point, that around 38% of advertisements you see are from scammers.

The only real shield we have is what we all together. Pool that info together in a forum like this and we can certainly save lots of peoples cash from being defrauded out of their local economies.

Thank you. That is all on What Is Trendstord.com and hope to hear from you below. Those that know of other sites you deem to be suspicious then you are welcome to report them below.

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