What Is Trends.Bargains – Is Trends.Bargains Scam or Legit?

By | February 9, 2019

Find Out What Is Trends.Bargains at www.trends.bargains about? – Buyer Beware!

Welcome to our Trends.Bargains Review all about What Is Trends.Bargains. Is Trends Bargains a scam, deceptive, dishonest, crooked of or is TrendsBargains legit, good, real, safe and genuine? This www Trends Bargains com Review is a scam alert to not buy anything from that site. Those that parted with payment information would do well to contact your banks. Get a refund and also probably you will have to cancel your card. Those with reviews about this site are welcome to leave them in the comments below to help warn others.

All the time we find that fake shopping sites are coming from China and there is not a darn thing the authorities can do about it, it seems. Many times, when you purchase from dishonest selling sites, you will end up with an inferior product, shoddy, damaged, not anything like what you ordered or nothing at all.

Incredibly, in order to produce a legit tracking code, cyber-crooks may just send you out an empty envelop or an empty parcel for your hard earned cash. I can not impress upon you the importance of ‘YOU’ leaving your scam reports in the comments below this article. The more that report, the less will be scammed.


Scam Or Legit Reviews




Everything You Need To Know About What Is Trends.Bargains To Save Your Cash.

Those that have already paid to that website then don’t panic and only contact your payment provider. They will advise you best. We have already stated the answer to What Is Trends.Bargains – they are fake. Several other sites have reported on them already and, thanks to them, we have a head start in our own research. Instead of taking others word for it though, to avoid possible mistakes, we will be conducting a background search on www.trends.bargains ourselves.



Scam Alert for www.trends.bargains!


We are looking for ownership info, where they are located and contact information. Where fake sites hide this basic information is when we know they are not legit and indeed to beware of. So, their registration date began in 2018/07/05 an done year is all they registered for.

1 year online is no time at all and is the time allotted to build up your own online presence. Honest sites tend to register for many years knowing what I just said to you. Reasons why fake sites get so popular very fast is because they lie about their products.

Typically they do not own the products they are promoting. Not having permission to be even using the images is common with dishonest sites.

The prices tend to be too-good-to-be-true and we will be looking into that as well. There is no owner name. No support email at site registration. Address is only PANAMA. That is all very bad news for legitimacy and already we can call them a scam site.

You may find this info at WHOIS. So, yet again, no honest company hides who they are, where they are from, as they will normally and proudly present a whole section of their site with this data.

1 Research Ct Rockville, Marland, USA seems to be a virtual address that you can buy. That is the address they have supplied on their own site. That clearly is not a real location and no legit company substitute a real address for a virtual one. Another bad scam sign right there.




Scam Signs of Trends.Bargains.

Knowing a few scam signs will likely save you, and others, from future scam sites should you encounter them. At the moment we have two conflicting addresses for the same company. One address says ‘PANAMA’ and that is all. The other is a virtual address. So they have intentionally hidden their real location.

But also, 90% OFF! REALLY??!! No, that is not real and that would sink even the most successful online business. I mean, how are they earning any revenue to survive as a business if they are giving a way too heavy discounts? 

No founder name and there is no other reason for that other than that person or people do not want to be known for the reasons we are stating. They are being fraudulent.

support@trends.bargains seems to be the only form of contact. Anyone get a response from that email address? Usually customers are just ignored or you will get the most unhelpful replies.

There is an annoying pop-up showing the most recent sale. Problem is, it is far too frequent and too well timed. This is common on fake sites and I see it almost daily with online scams.

Their very small Facebook Icon does lead to Facebook, but, there is no content. Many times scammers will leave those icons without having set up any form of social media tentacles for their marketing purposes. So its worth checking those icons. But also, it is worth checking them because if they were real, it is common to see many complaints by their members on their social media pages or groups.

Trying to check out your items with their cart system and you will see that their Norton and other seals of trust simply do not work. A verification of authenticity and trust is meant to open to state the site you are on, has been checked for phishing/malware/spamming etc, and is safe. This is not so and many times scammers will put up all sorts of images that are simply not clickable or lead to no content.

Since there are no seals of trust on their site then your payment information may have gone over an unsecured network. This means that their network could have been breached by something called The Man In The Middle Attack. Basically, data being intercepted – decrypted/re-encrypted – without sender or receiver realizing.





Final Thoughts.

90% off is a joke and only screams scam to me. That is clear switch-and-bait tactics. That is where you are shown one thing for a cheap price, they take payment super fast, and then send you something worth like say about $2 or $5. Far less then what your ‘good-deal’ was even worth. They are going into my sites List of Internet Scammers and I hope you do take the time to report them below.


List of Internet Scammers Websites – Don’t Work with These Sites!

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10 thoughts on “What Is Trends.Bargains – Is Trends.Bargains Scam or Legit?

  1. package was all smashed

    Trend Bargains is nothing but a SCAM, Beware to all consumers. I purchased a Power Factor Saver, something that gets plugged in and supposed to save on electricity. It cam to me poorly packaged, smashed carton. I called company and emailed them so I could return item. I told them how it was received and their response to me was “goods received to be in good condition are considered sold regarding this”. The package was all smashed and I don’t trust the merchandise will work. I don’t think I should be forced to keep something received in poor condition,
    These people are scammers. Read the reviews. Wish I had done so before I used this company.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Sorry to read this and I am wondering what did you order? Is it working? Let us know when you do sometime and thank you for taking the time to report about Trends Bargains.

  2. Tabetha

    I bought a 360 compression knee brace from this site, and I got it within 20 days, tracking was with China, and well after getting it I wore it twice, it tore at the elastic band. I sent them a email and after 2 weeks they finally got back to me and said well since you wore it and it tore.I sent them a not so nice email back. So I’m pretty much out of a knee brace thinking this one would actually help my knee since I’ve had knee surgery done twice. Wish I knew they was a scam before buying that product.

  3. Paula Graham

    I ordered 3 rugs but never received. They are not answering my emails. Their popup ads were all over facebook. Wish I had known they were scammers.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Simply contact your payment provider Paula if they have not delivered your goods, or delivered not what you ordered. Thank you for your Trends.Bargains Customer Review. It is appreciated as with all customer reviews left on our site.

  4. Joe Bretz

    Purchased a convertible double mattress/ bean bag chair. After weeks of waiting received an inferior product not as specified. It came shipped direct from China. It was advertised as large enough for two adults and we received a basic bean bag not even large enough for our 5 year old. They advertise a 30 day money back guarantee and after numerous emails we received nothing. This is a scam. Stay away!

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Joe,

      Sorry to hear this Joe.

      Please take a screen shot of your tracking information detailing your purchase order, and also, your e-receipt if given one.

      Take image of the information on the packaging if not already thrown out.

      Then present that to your payment provider for a refund.

      Thank you for your Trends.Bargains customer review.

  5. Timothy Caligiuri

    I ordered car wax on January 5th. Said the item is in a distribution center in new York since January 20th. I have sent trending bargains several emails about getting my order. Half the time they never responded. The few times they did I was told I would see my order in a couple of days. Wish I knew about this scam before I wasted my money.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Simply report them to your payment provider if they have failed to deliver your goods in the promised time frame. Thank you for your trends bargains customer review.


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