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By | February 3, 2019

Find Out What Is Transcend.Store (www.transcend.store) In This Transcend.Store Review. 

Welcome and here you will find out What Is Transcend.Store found at www.transcend.store. Is Transcend.Store a scam, fraudulent, fake, bogus, deceptive or Is Transcend Store legit, good, real, safe and genuine? This www Transcend Store com review is to alert you to a scam site. They are not safe at all. Those that handed over payment information need to contact your bank now. Get a refund but also get them to cancel your card to stop any unauthorized transactions. Please report them here and elsewhere online.


Scam Or Legit Reviews


Big thank you to scam-detector.com to alerting us to this scam site. Many fake shops are coming out of China where they may send you fake, shoddy, replica cloths, inferior goods, damaged goods and even stolen items. So they are mainly targeting women and doing so successfully. We will be seeing if they are indeed from China and be doing a quick background check to show you why they are not a good site.





What Is Transcend.Store all about – The www.Transcend.Store Review.

In this Transcend.Store review we have already told you What Is Transcend.Store. Per the above mentioned site, they are fraudulent and there is a mention of a report of one of their unwary victims. SO, we begin to find out who the owner is, if there is listed a real world address (many times there is not) and look for legit and working contact information. Where we find that this data is withheld, untrue, then we have cause already to shout ‘SCAM’. Let us find out more in our review.



beware of www.transcend.store!


  1. The registration for the site in question began in 2019/01/25 and one year is all they have wanted to stay online for. That is already a bad sign as legit sites have a habit to register for years to come. Fake sites like to defraud online for 1 or 2 years and then vanish at any moment without warning.
  2. Address:- MA, US! That is bogus and obviously the start of us saying they are just another scam site. Already, I DO NOT TRUST THESE GUYS! There is no reason to hide that information unless of course you were intending to be doing plenty harm online. 
  3. Founder name is nowhere to be seen as they have not left that. That is intentional and only another layer of deception. Since we now do not know who the own is, when they go missing with all of the illegal earnings, no one can get in touch for refunds or support.
  4. We have to go to their site now to see if they have left any addresses, phone numbers and emails. Where we find this information, we are going to be Googling it to see if there are any reviews, scam reports, other online scam sites using the same information.
  5. The only ‘lead’ we have is transcend1shop@gmail.com There is no real world address, no phone number and that is that. SCAM!!!!!!!! No legit and honest business will hide the owners name, real world address and so  now all else after this point is only going to further prove why they are fraudulent.
  6. In their about us section they state they are from Sweden, but that is all. If that were true, why did they say MA US at their sites registration? Multiple addresses is sign that your order maybe coming outside of your own country. Any addresses on any packages you may have received guys?




Transcend.Store Scam Signs.

  • The only thing at the bottom of their site is the copyright date. Usually that is packed out on selling sites with ABOUT US, CONTACT US, PRIVACY POLICY PAGE, COOKIE POLICY etc. There is nothing. Even for a scam site, that is very unusual and something to watch out for.
  • Office Hours is Mon to Sun:- Varied. What does ‘VARIED’ mean? You do work those days or not? Makes no sense.
  • Oh, so I see they have only one payment method that is only through PayPal. That is bad news. They do not even have options for any other payment methods. That is your cash straight into someone else’s PayPal account free and clear. Those that paid via PayPal have 180 days to put in for a pay dispute.
  • So, in their ABOUT US section they are talking about Website creation and Clothing Production. When you click on the find out more on the clothing product option then you are sent away from their site to Wikipedia. Same happens for the other option. No legit site does that when they are imply it is how they do their own production and sites.
  • Their site is very empty on content.
  • Their Facebook page has one like and that is all. They must still be at the stage of fleshing out their social media tentacles to drive even more traffic to their site.





How The Scam May Run – Does Any Of This Sound Familiar To ‘You’.

Once you land on their site, make a payment, then if PayPal is the only way to pay you will get your receipt. Often times they will take payment too far ahead of delivery date and that is not a good sign. Also, many times as well they will fail to send you your receipt or add taxes for the purchased items.

Check your tracking code as soon as you get it. You can check the status of your own tracking code at postnl.com or usps.com. If your purchase has been received by them they will let you know. If not, and the aforementioned scam site said they have received it, then you know that something is very wrong.

Should you be fortunate enough to actually get through to someone somehow, then they maybe unhelpful, ignore you, ask you to be patient, understand and sympathize with their difficulties to get your order to you.

Also, it may 2 or even 3 months for your order to arrive, if anything does. Rarely if ever they will deliver within 2 weeks or whatever their promised time frame is.

Watch your PayPal account or any cards you may have used to make sure no unauthorized transactions are occurring. If they are make a note of the company names that are taking the cash. If it is coming out of your bank account then please contact your bank. They may advise you to cancel your card to stop this from happening again.







Final Thoughts.

Only way to pay is by PayPal? No Trust Seal to ensure your payment information over their network is safe? No information about the owner, where that person or people are from and also they have not provided adequate means for customer support. They are going into my sites List of Internet Scammers for good. Please report them below to help warn others. All shares of this warning to others is appreciated.


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Thank you all for stopping by to know What Is Transcend.Store and I hope you do report them below. This forum is created to give people who have been scammed by the site in question a place online to report on the aforementioned site. So do SOUND-OFF IN THE COMMENTS!

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