What Is Trend Kings Shop – Is TrendKingsShop.com Scam or Legit?

By | January 31, 2019

Find Out What Is Trend King Shop About at TrendKingShop.com – Why So Many Complaints?

Nice work on finding your early warning on What Is Trend King Shop at www.trendkingshop.com review. Is TrendKingShop.com a scam, fraudulent, bogus, crooked or Is TrendKingShop legit, honest, genuine, real and safe? This Trend King Shop Review maybe a warning to you not to buy from that site. Those that were scammed are asked to report them below to help warn others

People who handed over payment information need to contact your payment provider (bank) to alert them, if defrauded. They may decide to give you a refund and cancel your card. Many fake shops on Facebook and online in general coming out of China. We will see for that and many other scam-factors. Many times these fake shopping sites will send you out nothing, something other than you ordered, damaged, shoddy, inferior, counterfeit and perhaps stolen goods. Even if you got ‘something’ other than your order, you have still been scammed, and should put in for a refund.



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All About What Is Trend King Shop – How It Works To Defraud.

Yet! ANOTHER SCAM-PAGE hits Facebook with piles of complaints of fraud and it is still up on their platform!! (Correction – we found complaints against ‘TrendKings.com’ and so does not apply to the aforementioned site, whom we will be looking into also. Apologies). Incredibly because usually their algorithms will ‘cite’ you for just about anything other than stealing from people. This is working out just fine for all social media platforms not to vet advertisers, take as-fees, and do nothing when one of their own members complains about such ads. Not very professional and also not very caring, considering Facebook, is all about ‘Community’ and ‘Community Safety’ etc. There is not doubt the answer to What Is Trend King Shop is that they are very fraudulent and they need to be shut down for good!



Use Caution with www.trendkingshop.com!


Registration date for their site is 2018/04/12 and shutting down same time in 2019. So, that is very soon. Usually legit and honest selling businesses will set up online for years to come and so one year is always considered suspicious. By the time the internet comes to realize they are not legit then they have already scammed many people. This is why it is paramount you report scam sites here, to other places online that expose them as well, and always leave the exact URL!

This way they are exposed far sooner and therefore many people will be saved their cash and all the stress that goes with being scammed.

Their registration business address is pure bogus because they say it is 96 Mowat Ave, Toronto, ON, CA etc. Well, that address is being used by many other fake sites online and so they can not own it. This is only to hide their real location below and make them look good on the surface. 

Address hidden away in their returns page is 2000-1066- West Hastings St. Vancouver, B.C V6E3X2, Canada. There is some interesting information about that address you may check at offshoreleaks.icij.org for those interested. That link will open in a new tab so you may come back here if you like 🙂 .

No founder name is listed anywhere online and that should always be a huge concern to one and all. I do not even see a phone number on their site or an email address. More glaring signs of a scam. There is no reason to be hiding all of this information when you have customers that will want to call you about their orders. This is deceptive behavior and is common among scam sites.




Trend King Shop Scam Signs.

There is a site called TrendKing365.com. So, this is how scammers work themselves into Google rankings, and then they confuse people with the slight URL variation. People may not click on their site thinking they have landed on the site they really wanted to go to. Below are the scam signs on their site and online that will convince they are not to be trusted.

  • First Off, Their Facebook Page <- linked to it -> is piled with very unhappy unwary customers. One lady just called them ‘thieves’ and other complaints range from not getting what they ordered, from being ignored to getting nothing, and others have put in for a refund successfully. There is even one bbb.org report that someone did not get anything for their cash. So, be warned. Do not buy from these cyber-crooks.
  • The prices on their site are a little cheap. But worse than this, they are giving stuff away for $0! Obviously, that simply can not be true, but that is the prices they have on some of their items = $0! That is clearly a mistake but no honest and legit site makes mistakes where they would have to give away free stock from their own errors. Huge scam sign indeed.
  • The have an address that is different to the one in their WHOIS registration. The WHOIS one is already taken by many other fake sites and the other one has very interesting information attached. Either ways, legit sites do not make it this hard to know where they are from when they are online to sell. Where we see multiple addresses is a sign that your order could be coming from outside your own country
  • Anyone have a return address from any of your packaging?
  • No founder name listed anywhere online and that is always cause for big concern. Do you know of any well known legit site that DOES NOT list their founders name, real location and proper contact information? If so, I would love to hear from you in the comments.






Do You Have A Trend King Shop at TrendKingShop.com Review or Scam Reports? Please Leave Them In The Comments To Help Warn Others – Thank You.








Not Recommended







Final Thoughts.

They are closing down in a few months, or even sooner, so do hurry to get your refund before they are gone fro good. Please do report them below to help warn others. Thank You. (Correction – the reports on Facebook against this company was about ‘Trending Kings’ – a different. Our apologies.


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Thank you very much for coming by and checking out the research above. I hope it has saved you some time and your cash. Those that were scammed now know to contact your payment provider for a refund and perhaps to cancel your card. Looking forward to all of your comments to come below – don’t forget to sound-off in the comments below! But also, if you have a good experience and wish to give a positive review – then please let us know! Thank You.




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