What Is TreasurePole.com – Is ‘TreasurePole’ Scam or Legit?

By | March 3, 2019

Find Out What Is TreasurePole.com – The ‘TreasurePole’ Review.

Welcome to our review to inform you on What Is TreasurePole.com situated at www.treasurepole.com. Is TreasurePole com a scam, fraudulent, bogus, fake, dishonest or Is ‘TreasurePole’ legit, safe, real, honest, good, genuine? This ‘Treasure Pole’ Review is a warning. Do not shop there. Those that handed over payment info need to contact your bank and report it. Please spare a moment to report them below in the comments also to help alert others – thank you.

Below is why they are a scam and not to be trusted. There are simply too many fake shopping sites doing the rounds right now, most of which, are coming from China. We have to see if that is the case with them or not. Not all sites that sell from China are deceptive, but since there are so many, it has become a serious point of contention. 




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TreasurePole.com Review – Why You Must Avoid Too-Good-To-Be-True Sites.

In this review on Treasure.com we are going to be taking a few easy-peezy scam-checking steps. These steps can be done by anyone on any site to help determine if they are trustworthy or not. For instance, wouldn’t you expect a business to have a real world address? Founder name? Plenty of contact options? Well, fraudulent sites fail dismally in this aspect. It can be that the founder does not want to be spammed.




www.treasurepole.com is a scam!



Fair enough. However, all I know is sites that hide this information can be called a ‘scam’ based just on that alone. So, we begin here now by looking up their sites age, for which, we can go to WHOIS to seek out all the aforementioned data.

Registration was in 2018/10/30 and 1 year is all they are in business for. They can of course renew their site but it is suspicious. Why? Ever heard of a real world shop opening with the intention to be in business for just a year? So that is why and actually honest and legit selling businesses will usually register longer.

Their business address is a PO Box address from PANAMA. So we can not even contact them properly now. That is not a good sign and now we must head to their site to see if they have left this information. Generally speaking, I do not trust selling sites that use proxy addresses.

Oh, no founder name registered.

So, on their site we see no address, no founder name, no phone number and only an email of support@treasurepole.com. FLUNK! There is absolutely no way I would enter my payment information into a site where they have intentionally decided to remain a stranger to me. 




‘TreasurePole’ Scam Signs.

Firstly, as covered, they have intentionally hidden all real information about themselves. How are we to trust strangers with our info now? That is too much of  risk in my view.

  • They have products that are giving away too heavy discounts to their customers. How are they making a profit at this rate? Certainly, those prices really are too-good-to-be-true. 
  • Their site is a little shoddily put together. That is not me trying to be rude but it is a scam sign worth noting.
  • Only have an email address for support.
  • Orders over $80 gets free shipping. So that is more money that they are taking from their own pockets to make sales. 
  • There are no Trust Seals from the likes of McAffee etc to tell us they have been inspected and that they are safe to use. We have no way of knowing now if our information is safe or not. Those that gave this information of your name, email address, home address, card data need to contact your bank.
  • You are not allowed to cancel your order after 24 hours. That is harsh for sure and really I am not sure if legit sites would be so stringent on this point.
  • Often I see fake sites giving a a delivery shipping time of 7-12 days. How long have you been waiting for  your order? It is typical with dishonest sites they often make people wait many months. They will use delay tactics like your order got lost, destroyed, ‘tsunami’, technical problems etc etc. 
  • Well, if you are waiting a month and still no product, make reasonable contact attempts to their company. Keep a record of all communications. You will need this as evidence for a refund.
  • Of course I can’t know your experience with their site, but, did they give you a fake tracking code by any chance?
  • That is common and a sure sign of a scam. They like to refer you to places like www.track17.net, whom, won’t have an iota of what you speak of. This is just another common delay tactic.
  • OK, so in their Terms of Use they have an address that was tucked away. Most people do not go near those kinds of pages on a site. They are just dull and boring I guess. So they have, in my view, intentionally hidden that address in a section of their site that people probably would not think to look.
  • That address is:-
  • c/o Shenzhen Shuofengda E-commerce Co., Ltd., Legal Department
  • legal@treasurepole.com <- anyone use that email address yet?
  • Also, their address does link back to their site but I do not see a real world location for it in Google. Now we do not even know if that is a real address of not. 



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Final Thoughts.

No founder name, contact number is not available with only an email for any real contact by customers. They are too-good-to-be-true as well. For me, they are a scam site. You are welcome not to take our ‘word’ about them and do continue your research if you doubt it. 

Those that have no doubt they were scammed are very welcome to report them below in the comments to help alert others. Had a good experience? We have been wrong before on sites and so you should bear in mind that human error could be at play in our own verdict. 

Ultimately, you must decide for yourself! That is all on What Is TreasurePole.com and I am very much looking forward to your comments below.


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25 thoughts on “What Is TreasurePole.com – Is ‘TreasurePole’ Scam or Legit?

  1. Steven gourley

    Do not shop with this scam. I fell for it. Ordered 5 months ago and all I get is excuses… Hurry run and never look back..

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Time to apply for a refund Steven. I am very sorry to read this and thank you for taking the time to warn others to help others save themselves from this experience.

      I know that is little solace to you right now. I advise to bookmark this webpage as currently working on an article with links to help people report this kind of fraud online. And also, how to put in for a TAKEDOWN request for malicious sites like TreasurePole.

      Thanks again Steven and hope to hear from you again. ~ Philip.

  2. Eduardo

    I ordered 4 months ago and they DID DELIVER!!!
    But quality is a shame.
    Too skinny,
    Too low quality,
    Too late they arrived.

  3. Jim Ritchhart

    I also ordered the Tactical Pants on March 5th and when they were not received by April 5th I sent them an email. They responded stating trouble with their delivery service and that the order would arrive within the next couple of days. It has now been 10 weeks and they don’t respond to any emails now. I filed a complaint with PayPal and am asking my credit card company to refund the money.

    This company IS a SCAM!!

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Thank you Jim for your report and sorry to read it was not a good experience for you. I wish you well with your refund and would be interested in you are successful or not. Thanks again Jim.

  4. Asha Rani

    I did not make payment through Paypal. Treasurepole is silent on my order. Payment was made directly though Card. What to do now; it is about 3 months now.
    Asha R

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Asha,

      Firstly, thank you for your question. Since you paid with card then you must contact your bank ASAP. Cancel that card possibly and also you must contest any charges. Your bank will advise you best.

  5. Asha Rani

    I had ordered a waterproof trausers (Order No.#TSP66154) on 25th Feb 2019.
    Payment was made on-line.
    No delivery received, nor there is any update.
    Is this the way Treasurepole works? Does it mean that I have lost the money?
    Please update
    Asha Rani

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      No, not necessarily. That will be down to your payment provider for a refund so there is still hope.

      So please be careful Asha where you leave your mobile number online. Scammers love to steal that information and so I deleted it from this forum for your own online safety. Same with personal emails etc. Hope this helps Asha and good luck with your refund, of which, you are welcome to come back here to inform us if you get it or not. Thanks again Asha.

  6. Tracey White

    Ordered goods on 10th Feb – did not arrive until I opened a dispute with Paypal, and then 4 days after getting Paypal involved, they suddenly got posted. Every time I emailed them, they said to give it a few more days. Anyone still waiting for their goods, open a dispute with Paypal. In my opinion the company are making money from the people who don’t bother trying to get their money back. Four months after ordering, I finally got the goods. Far too late to give as gifts to the people I had planned to give them to, but at least they arrived – even if it took Paypal to get involved to receive them. AVOID THIS COMPANY!

  7. Peter

    I have ordered the tactical pants as well. Tracking link provided went to a Chinese website, which gave no result for my tracking code. But after 3 months I finally received my package. So although their service is not what they claim, they are not scammers.

  8. Andrew

    I have the same situation!

    It’s fake site and they fool people and steal money of them!!!!!!

  9. Dennis Shelton

    I am in the same boat.
    I ordered in March as well.
    Going to try and get my money back as well.

  10. Per

    I bought two pairs of “Tactical pants” March 1th and haven’t seen any yet (April 17th). I’ve tried to contact them on several occations getting two different fake tracking numbers at two different mail services. After the first three answers, there are no returning mails from them since March 18.
    I filed for refund through PayPal today.
    Let’s face it, I’ve been scammed. 🙁

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hello Per,

      I am very sorry to hear this. It is always disheartening to hear when someone gets duped out of their hard earned cash. I appreciate your time here to help warn others. This is potentially going to save others their money.

      I wish you well with your refund and you are most welcome back here to let us know how that goes. Thanks again Per. ~ Philip.

  11. Dan Todd

    I ordered their tactical pants using PayPal. I’m very lucky I did. It took me a while but I got a full refund through enforcement. This company takes your money, sends fake tracking through China Post and then bombards you with spam adverts. They email you excuses for delayed shipping like Chinese New Year, weather issue, customs blah blah. They are thieves and will soon lost their PayPal certification.

  12. Pete

    I paid for an item using PayPal. I’m very lucky I did. It took me a while but I got a full refund through enforcement. This company takes your money, sends fake tracking through China Post and then bombards you with spam adverts. They email you excuses for delayed shipping like Chinese New Year, weather issue, customs blah blah. They are thieves and will soon lost their PayPal certification.

  13. Jim

    I ordered three pairs of “tactical pants” from them on March 4th, 2019 and have yet to get anything from them. I have sent numerous requests for updates or tracking and the tracking number and site they sent show no information for me. I also attempted to modify my order within minutes of ordering and have not received a response to that, 17 days later. I am afraid that I will have to seek a refund through PayPal. Thank goodness that I did NOT use my credit card.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Jim,

      Keep proofs of all the times you tried to make contact with them as it will show your payment provider that you are being ignored. If it continues then seek a refund. Thanks for your TreasurePole.com Customer Review.


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