What Is TreasureGo.Store – Is ‘TreasureGo Store’ Scam or Legit? – Review

By | April 9, 2019

Find Out What Is TreasureGo.Store Here – Our ‘TreasureGo Store’ Review Warning.

Well done for looking up What Is TreasureGo.Store at www.treasurego.store. Is TreasureGo Store a scam, fraudulent, deceptive or Is ‘Treasure Go Store’ safe, real, honest and legit? This www TreasureGo Store Review is a scam alert. The prices are too good to be true. Other sites using their email address of service@trendstord.shop are Tyvekone and Trendstord.com.

Those with customer reviews are welcome to leave what you know in the comments below this article. When people see proof of what we see then they will have no doubt to stay clear of that site. Most fake e-stores are from China and so we have already seen from WHOIS they are from this region. 




www.treasurego.store scam alert!




TreasureGo.Store Review – Scam Signs.

TreasureGo.Store registered online in 2019/03/28 and 12 months is the time they have registered for. That is very short. What business have you ever heard of that registers for 1 year in biz? So that could signify a hit-and-run scam website. It could also allude to a founder that wants just to see how things go with the choice to renew.

There is no founder name listed in WHOIS and also there is no legit address for their business. Only Guang Dong, CN (China). So that is another bad sign. Of course, not all e-stores from China are fake. It is a scam-monitoring point because most fake e-stores are from here.

There is no information on their site either. All we can locate is service@trendstord.shop. No customer phone number and no business address. This is all very bad news. They are claiming to be a business and yet they are not providing this info.

The prices are far too-good-to-be-true. I see a watch for $430.00 reduced down to just $129.00. That is a huge discount and so, if the original price is true and accurate, how are they not making a loss on that sale. That is only one example. Most of those watches on their home page have relatively huge reductions.




Final Thoughts.

Those with reports are welcome to leave that info below. Please check the comments for additional information, if any. 

That is all on What Is TreasureGo.Store and we hope this article has helped save you some cash. If so, we would love to hear that as well 🙂 . They are going into our List of Internet Scammers.

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