What Is Treasure Box 54 – Is Treasure Box 54 Scam or Legit?

By | January 3, 2019

What Is Treasure Box 54 About? – Use Caution When Making Purchases At www.treasurebox54.com.

Welcome and here is your short review to answer What Is Treasure Box 54 located at www.treasurebox54.com. Is Treasure Box 54 fake, scam, bad, dishonest, crooked, sham or Is TreasureBox54 good, legit, genuine, real, safe, trustworthy, honest? This TreasureBox54,com Review is going to do a little investigation on their site. Right off of the bat, if you are thinking of buying something right now, just wait until you know some of the reservations I have about their site. All fake sites have common scam signs. I have spotted a few already regarding the site in question.

Those that were undeniably scammed by this site are welcome to report them in the comments below, if any. First things first, there are very few complaints online about the site in question. I did come across one. 1 does not make them a scam site – far from it. So many fake shopping e-commerce sites are from China. We will be seeing if that is the case with them. Also, those that ordered may find that their order is messed up some how, and so even though you received something, if there is something wrong then you were still scammed. Report them below and elsewhere. 

Those that had a good experience with the services on their site are welcome as well to let us know. Right now, I am not sure if they are scam or legit at this moment in time. Lets do a little digging first in this Treasure Box 54 Review.




What Is Treasure Box 54 Really All About – Your Reports / Reviews Are Needed.

I would like to say first that there is a remarkably low level of complaints online about this site. Common with scam sites are enough scam reports to leave us in no doubt to their true intentions. I feel at this moment that some help from those that have bought from this site is needed. Those with positive reviews or scam reports are welcome to leave them in the comments below this article. to help clarify What Is Treasure Box 54.


TreasureBox54.com Review

Use Caution at www.treasurebox54.com!


Like I said, there are some scam signs that have me worried. We begin right now to find out who the owner is. If indeed they are legit then I don’t see a problem with finding the founders name online or attached to their site, as it should be anyways.

www.treasurebox54.com was registered online on 2018/04/12 and up for just 1 year. Scam sites follow a pattern of registering for 1 or 2 years and then vanishing without a trace with much illegal earnings. Should the site in question be a real and legit site then 1 year is just not enough time to make a go of it in the online world.

Let us consider that they have already made huge investments in their real world biz, and so why then they do feel it is a good idea, to only register for one year online? That is not making sense to me, but, it must also be said that it does happen.

Listed address is 14455 N. Hayden Road, Scottsdale, Arizona, USA. That is an unfortunate address to find because it is one that is attached to many (perhaps 1000’s) of scam sites online. I keep on coming across it. How can so many companies be using the same address? Of course, the answer is that they can’t be. And so that is an almost fatal blow to their online legitimacy.

Furthermore, regarding their address, an online complaint does reveal that on their order the address was from China. And so now why would a company have two addresses? Multiple addresses is a sign that your order come be coming from outside your country. In other words, its a bad sign.


You may view that complaint below:-

TreasureBox54 Scam Reports

Taken with thanks from the BBB.

Lastly on this issue of identity and contact info, there is no email registered. Looking to their site I can see zero info on who they are, where they are located, contact number and just an email for returns as support@treasurebox54.com – that is it!




Scam Signs – Why I Don’t Recommend Them.

1). There appears to be very little of anything on their site. That is alarming. Why build a site with so little content on it and products to sell? Here are a few things that concern about their actual site:-

2). No Founder Name. No names at all on their site. People are buying from a website with near-zero identity attached to it. Now if something goes wrong you have to one to turn to fix it. Invariably, this is intentional with scam sites as it follows the same patter of operating.

3). Zero contact data barring an email.

4). Their Frequently Asked Questions Section says they are based in Canada. What is wrong with that piece of info? I will tell you what – Arizona is the United States of America. Why register your site with one address and then say you are from somewhere else on your site? And then send out a package from China? That is now 3 locations we have connected to their site. ALL VERY BAD SIGNS!!



Do You Have A Treasure Box 54 Scam Report / Reviews? You Are Welcome To Leave Those Reviews and Scam Reports Below In The Comments Box – Thank You.





Not Recommended






Final Thoughts.

There are too few scam reports about their site to fairly call them a scam site. However, due to conflicting location data, and only having one form of contact on their site, then I do have severe reservations about buying from them. What are your thoughts about them? I would love to hear from you about your experience – good or bad. 

That is all on What Is Treasure Box 54 and I really do hope that you will comment below if you were scammed by the aforementioned site. Conversely, since we have not labeled them scam with some good reasons, then I would also love to hear from you if your experience was positive. Thank you for stopping by to find out What Is Treasure Box 54 and looking forward to all of your comments to come.


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22 thoughts on “What Is Treasure Box 54 – Is Treasure Box 54 Scam or Legit?

  1. JS

    I ordered the magnetic phone case and the bluetooth headphones for a total of $47. Both took over one month to arrive, they definitely ship from China and not Canada. My magnetic phone case broke within 2 weeks and the bluetooth headphone came not as described – without the charging port. When I disputed the case it was denied on the basis that the item was similar to the one I ordered. I’m not sure what to do now. I don’t recommend this site and I wish I had researched it before I ordered. I normally do but they looked reputable on Instagram. I’m sure more of these comments will come flooding and I think everyone who has a problem should request a refund.

    1. Scam Witness

      Hi JS,

      Thank you for reporting Treasure Box 54 for the scammers that they are. I am sorry you were duped by them and are you saying you were denied a refund by your payment provider? Even though you got dirt-rubbish products for your cash and the item is not as advertise? There really is no justice sometimes. Thanks again JS and I wish you well going forward.

      1. JS

        Thank you. Yes I was not able to get a response from Treasure Box so I went through the Resolution Center, after review my refund was denied and now the case is closed. So I actually spent $47USD and all I have are a pair of cheap headphones to show for it. Thank you for reviewing Treasure Box 54, I hope others check here first.

        1. Scam Witness

          That really is disappointing to hear JS and I hope others find this or other reviews like it exposing TreasureBox54 before too many have your experience. Thank you for getting back to us on this JS and very sorry to hear this news.

  2. Ann McKenna

    I received my I-phone case today after waiting 3 weeks was of very poor quality and feel as if I have been misled also why does Instagram and Facebook allow these scam sites to advertise

    1. Scam Witness

      Hi Ann,

      Many people are asking the same question as you and I don’t even know how it is legal! Thank you for your report and I appreciate your comment. Oh by the way I believe you have a case for a refund.

  3. Amelita Alvaran

    I ordered earphones last Dec 24 and up to now i haven’t receive it!!!! What happened? Is this a scam??????

  4. Amy Tyner

    I placed an order for the magnetic iPhone case from Facebook site on 12/4/18. I had to email repeatedly to both treasurer54 and support email finally after saying I was considering canceling my order did I get action. I received the case today 1/14/19 from China. No instructions or warranty documents and a set of black stickers I’m not sure what to do with them. The case also is rattling back and forth when typing. I sent an email to address both those issues and I hope to get a response. The case looks great and does snap on but the finger print proof back doesn’t hold up.

    1. Scam Witness

      Hi Amy,

      So you received a lower quality version and so in this case you were still scammed. I believe you still have a good case for a refund.

  5. Stephen C. Hall

    I guess I was a Mark for the Treasure Box 54 also. Ordered that magnetic phone cases also and it took about a month and the case fell apart coming and going. My question is: I also purchased there 64 GB Flash Drive that is advertized to correct all the music on your i phone so you can move it to your computer to take the load off your i phone. I haven’t used it yet because after getting the case I wasn’t sure it would work like they advertized it would. Have you heard any feed back on there Flash Drives?

    Thank You,

    1. Scam Witness

      Hi Stephen,

      No feedback as yet on their actual products but don’t hold out much hope they are of high quality. Thank you for your comment Stephen.

  6. T Fiddelers

    This company su… Don’t reply to my question on how to return a broken item and get a refund. Forget this shop.

  7. Jackie

    I purchased 2 of themagnetic phone cases. I did finally receive them. Very disappointed, very flimsy did not fit the phones I ordered them for. I sent 3 emails asking about their return policy. I receive a response back with a number and advising me they will get back to me. That was 3 weeks ago. As of to date I have heard nothing.
    Very dissatisfied!

  8. Tory Hardin

    Purchased a wine bottle opener for Christmas for my girlfriend and I have no received anything. Reached out 3 times with no reply. It’s sad and now I have wasted $25 bucks with no refund, item or solution from Treasurebox. Is it possible for me to take further action.

    1. Scam Witness

      Hi Tory,

      Yes, only to make contact with your payment provider and hopefully they will give you your refund. Let us know how that turns out if you have time Tory. Thanks for your comment Tory.

  9. Janina

    Treasure box 54 is a joke. I ordered AirPods in the end of November 2018, 2 pair, paid $55. Didn’t get them until after Christmas and they were so cheaply made that they didn’t even last a day. Didn’t come with the charging box as described in the ad. I have emailed them NUMEROUS times and about once a week I may get a short reply. I’m requesting a refund but that seems to getting ignored.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Janina,

      Sorry to hear about this Janina. Maybe you should apply for a refund and would love to know how that turns out. Seems to be they sent you out an inferior version and that is how they make their cash. Thank you for reporting them here and I wish you well in 2019. ~ Scam Witness.

    2. Frank Groach

      I ordered a phone case that was advertised through Facebook on November 25, 2018, and received a confirmation of the order. Never got it. The bank says “tough luck.” I’ve sent over 25 emails and continue to send one per day. Criminals, thieves and liars…

      1. Scam Witness

        Sorry Frank, hope you don’t mind me interceding, but your bank hardly said to you “tough luck” – did they? Sorry to hear about this and I will let you get back to Janina.


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