– Is ‘ToysMini’ Scam or Legit Toys E-Store? Review of a SCAM!

By | May 26, 2019

Beware of – This ‘ToysMini’ Is Not Legit and only a Scam.

Glad to see you are looking up for reviews on sites like Is ‘ToysMini’ fraudulent or safe? This short ‘Toys Mini’ Review is a scam alert to warn you against that site. Their prices are too-good-to-be-true. We will look deeper into their site and relate the scam signs to you here. 

Those with customer reviews are welcome to let us know your own experience with that site. When a forum has many reviews about a site then many people may be saved the hassle of being scammed. But also, it can help to highlight honest sites who work hard for their commissions.




  • We start off by saying is far too cheap to be real. They have shaved off $$$’s from the original price from high quality and well know toy brand names. People that may have given this site their payment information are advised to contact your payment provider at your earliest convenience. 
  • There is a high risk of fraud from such sites, and so check you statements to be sure you are not being randomly charged. If so, contest those payments and get your bank to put a stop to it. You are welcome to report any additional information that may be unique to shopping online with ‘ToysMini’ in the comments.
  • WHOIS shows us their site was registered in 2019/04/26 and only 1 year they have done this for. Why do they set up a business for just a year when normally we expect a business to online for longer than this. 
  • As normal with fake sites, there is no founder name or business information. Only a PO BOX number as their business address when they first registered their site. Their email address is Also, their email address is not their site name and that is another scam sign to watch out for.
  • In their FAQ’s section we see another site link. That site link leads us to We have exposed that site already as a scam and you may view our Review Here.
  • Finding that link is all we need to know they are not a legit site. Those sites layout and template are identical as well.




Final Thoughts.

We hope this short scam alert helps you out by saving you some of your cash. You are welcome to complain about them in the comments to help warn others. 

That is all there is on and feel welcome to share this warning with your networks. 




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