What Is TotalLifeChanges.com – Is TotalLifeChanges Scam or Legit?

By | February 6, 2019

Find Out What Is TotalLifeChanges.com In This TotalLifeChanges Review. 

You are very welcome to this article on What Is TotalLifeChanges.com found at www.totallifechanges.com. Is TotalLifeChanges com a scam, fraudulent, bogus, deceptive or Is TotalLifeChanges legit, real, safe, genuine and a good way to make your financial dreams come true? This www TotalLife Changes Review is going to answer if they are safe and also try to answer what are your chances of real financial success with them. Are multi level marketing companies good? How many actually achieve their financial goals? You may also be interested in WorldGN.com which we have confirmed as legit and safe.

Those that have experience with this company are more than welcome to leave your own reviews below. Would you recommend them? If yes, why. If not, why. Thank. The sad truth is most MLM’s see most of the profits rise to the top leaders in their network. That is overwhelming impression I get from past research into MLM’s as a whole. Not saying this is the case with the site in question.

There is a nasty practice of presenting newbies with the most outlandish claims of riches, by people who are extreme examples of success, and so many can be misled to becoming broke with them and also being garage approved. ‘Garage Approved‘ means you have bought so much product you can not shift you have a full garage’s worth. I am not saying Total Life Changes is making unreal claims, but I have seen it done by other opportunities, and so it is something to watch out for in general.





TotalLifeChanges.com Review – Is The Grass Really Greener On The Other Side Of This MLM Company? – Lets Find Out.

We are going to begin by doing a quick background check on this company to make sure they are transparent on a few things. Legit and honest businesses, no matter their niche, will have clearly displayed founder name, location and contact information. Well, scam sites have a nasty habit of hiding all of that information or producing incorrect information etc. Where we find this then we can automatically assign them into the scams category. No honest business is this mysterious about such things.



Security check on www.totallifechanges.com!


Registration for their website was in 2003/07/04 and registered right on through till same date in 2026. Typically scam sites will register their sites for only 1 or 2 years, scam the heck out of people, and run off with piles of cash. This is not the case with the site in question and is an excellent start.

The address is 14455 N. Hayden Road, Scottsdale, Arizona, 85260, US. I can tell you with utmost confidence that is not their address. That address is being used by countless other sites online, most I wager, are scam sites. This address is favored by ‘scammersters’ right across the net in every area of interest. Does this mean ‘TLC’ is a scam? No, it is only an address that triggers my suspicions given how may times we have viewed it in connection with so many bad sites.

I do not see a founder name and that is very typical of fake sites or an email address. However, it is also a way to probably stop people from spamming the founder to kingdom come! And so we will now see if they have supplied this information on their site.

I can see that the founder is Jack Fallon and they do have their addresses and contact information listed. Their address is 6094 Cooperate Drive Fair Haven, MI 48023-1422. Customer support number is 810-471-3812.

Now we can not worry anymore if they are fake or a legit site. Now let us take a realistic look at your chances of succeeding with their company as one of their distributors.





The ‘Greener‘ Side Of Things – Can Total Life Changes LLC Make You A Wealthier Person?




The short answer is YES!

They most definitely can help you make good to excellent cash online for the long term. This is all dependent on your own level of determination and participation in their program. However, most people that join any MLM Structured business fail to ever break the $50 a week mark! The extreme cases of success are not what to expect when you first start out.


So, if MLM’s products are so globally desirable, it does beg the question, why do so many people fail with them? 


One Word:- Training. People are not properly trained to reach a global audience that anyone can do with the right set of tools. Its all good sharing link your links on social media, but that should not be the main drive of your own campaign to financial freedom, but only a 30 minute a day (if that) task to help with your marketing out reach program.

Some people, and all credit to them, make a fine living from doing just that. BUT! Those with websites are more trusted and end up making most of the sales. But how? 

Can you imagine talking to someone over coffee about the products/services of the site in questions and making a sale? Yes?! Good, now times that (oh, I don’t know) about 72k, 100k, 200k, 500k visitors a month to your recommendations! Would you not think you could make some serious cash?

Well, this is the opportunity being presented from ‘me’ to ‘you’.

Those of you that get products from TotalLifeChanges can learn in no time how to do product reviews. We have an 18 minute how to review tutorial and you can sample it right HEREfor free, on how to do product reviews. And so, you will learn how to rank that review on page 1 of Google consistently. Now, your works will be indexed for the whole world to find and click on thus bringing them to your site and to your recommendations.

Beats Spamming Facebook All Day And Still Get No Or Little Sales!



Don’t Have A Website?

We have you covered there as well. Click HERE to claim two free websites for life courtesy of Wealthy Affiliate. So it costs you nothing to make a site and learn how to add your own affiliate links leading to sales. The more product reviews you do of then the more you can potentially earn. You only need to do a review once that could end up getting you traffic to your site – potentially for life! That is what is called ‘Evergreen’ content 🙂 .


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And know since they do not want even a credit card to begin, you are out of reasons, not to be a very successful person online in a reasonable amount of time. This is all great news if TotalLifeChanges.com allows its members to do product reviews. So do check with your up-line referrer and see what they say.



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They do have some complaints online but even good businesses have complaints from time to time. They are BBB Accredited and that is a huge achievement in terms of their legitimacy. Those that have reviews, scam reports (be specific, why do you believe they are not legit) are welcome to have your say below. SOUND-OFF IN THE COMMENTS BELOW why you would or would not recommend them. We are taking questions also on our own recommendations as well. Looking forward to hearing your views on What Is TotalLifeChanges.com. 



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