What Is TopTradeStore.com – Is TopTradeStore Scam or Legit?

By | January 29, 2019

What Is DriveSalesMall.com about? – Possible Scam Alert!

Welcome as we discuss What Is DriveSalesMall.com  found at www.drivesalesmall.com, or is it at www.BuyDealsmall.com – no wait – TopTradeStore.com! Arrggg, well, seems like the owners have redirected 1/2 or even many old sites to this new one. That is never a good sign and only scam sites (generally speaking) will do this when their site(s) reputation goes down hill. Is DriveSalesMall com a scam, fraudulent, crooked, dishonest, bad or is DriveSalesMall legit, genuine, real, safe and good? This Drive Sales Mall Review has found one disturbing report on them. Let us see if there are more, but also, we will be conducting our own analysis to see if this was just a ‘glitch’ or a possible outcome from buying form their site(s).

BuyDealsMall.com has shut down and is redirected to TopTradeStore! Bad sign as said. Many fake sites are coming out of China at a record rate, it seems, and so we will be watching to see where they are from, ownership info and legit contact information. Many fake sites will give multiple addresses but they can not or will not verify them. Most of the time it turns out the location is a residential area, phone number is not working and no response via email – if that works even.

As well, so many dishonest selling sites will or may send out shoddy, inferior goods, goods that are so different than advertised that they are worthless in monetary value and for use, and so you still have been scammed.

Even sometimes they will send out an empty envelope or a bubble wrapped parcel/some kind of packaging just to make a legit tracking order number and that sometimes costs unwary customers a refund. So do beware there are many fake shopping sites that may even send you out stolen goods and counterfeit goods for your hard earned cash.




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DriveSalesMall.com Review and also TopTradeStore.com Review – Both Scam Sites?

So, there is a BBB REPORT saying how a man bought from BuyDealsMall.com and now that is redirecting to TopTradeStore.com. He is being ignored and he also paid for his order. I see now that Top Trade Store is redirecting to DriveSalesMall.com This is all very bad signs of a cover up from former sites that may have done some defrauding damage on line. What has your experience been, if any, with the aforementioned sites? 



WARNING for www.drivesalesmall.com!


The above sites registration commenced in 2018/02/05 and shuts down in 2019 in the same date. So they have not long to go and so scam sites will typically only set up for that amount of time. Also, legit businesses will set up businesses online for much longer than a 1 year spell and may register for 5 years or even a decade. So now we see that one year is suspicious.

There is an address of Burlington MA 01803 US with a number of ++1.822274003. That address is not theirs as I have seen it elsewhere before. The address submitted onto their site is 3170 Upland Avenue, Holland, OH 43528. 

Phone number on their site is reportedly not in service and that is 4129-868-2357. NO FOUNDER NAME GIVEN!




What Has Your Experience Been?

  1. Typically, when a site is fraudulent, you will experience a few of the following ‘symptoms’ that should alert you something is up.
  2. You can not get through to support. If you can then they are unhelpful and may repeat themselves. Your tracking number may not be legit and so they may even try to give you another fake one.
  3. Or, they may try to send you out something worthless to produce a tracking code in order to win any pay disputes – that is a particularly nasty trick, and payment providers that should know better, fall for it. OR THEY DON’T CARE! I have my reasons for saying that last part.
  4. Products may take about 2 months to get to you.
  5. They may have charged your card immediately despite when they said they would. Contact your bank ASAP if you feel you have been scammed.
  6. Products delivered, if any, may not be as advertised
  7. No founder name and the phone number is not even working per that BBB report!





Have Your A DriveSalesMall.com Review? You Are Welcome to Leave that in the Comments Below – Thank You.














Final Thoughts.

Personally, after that minor research I would just go elsewhere. It is your choice but I am not happy saying they are legit. I will let you decide if they are a SCAM or not. Please leave your reviews in the comments below to help others decide as well.

That is all on What Is DriveSalesMall.com and I thank you for coming by. Hope to hear from you in the comments below.


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14 thoughts on “What Is TopTradeStore.com – Is TopTradeStore Scam or Legit?

  1. Donna

    Been scammed by this website. It would not accept my credit cards, and debit card. I emailed them and they told me to buy a Walmart gift card. I did as they asked, got the Walmart gift card, submitted payment on January 23,2019. Within a week all three of my cards were making fraudulent charges. I had to file fraud reports and replace all cards. So not only did I lose the $153.00 on the gift card, now my bank and credit card companies have fraudulent charges. As of today I did not receive my purchase. They even gave me a tracking number through a USPT post delivery. It updates once a day.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Sorry to hear this Donna and thank you very much for reporting on TopTradeStore.com. Are you in the process of claiming a refund as of yet?

      1. Donna

        I don’t know how to claim a refund, I used a Walmart gift card. If you know how I can get a refund please let me know.thanks!

    2. Marie

      I too have the exact same story. I tried to buy with credit card, it was denied. So I bought a $10 Wal-Mart gift card to get what I wanted. That went through. They confirmed my purchase and emailed me a tracking number through USPT. At first it stated the number isn’t recognized. But after a day or two, it came back with results. Like you said, it updates daily. Its been about 3 weeks now. Every day it shows something new. Getting to another state closer to my own, being processed in that state over the next couple days, then departing that state. It just now arrived to my state, but about 4 hrs away, the next day was processed, and just yesterday departed from there. My assumption, I’ll get a notice tomorrow saying it’s arrived to a processing facility in my city…but drag that out another few days to keep me pondering…lol. And eventually end up with nothing…or an empty package…who knows…lol. I believe they do this to give themselves time for transactions to go through that they are making with your bank info.
      But the credit card ended up being used on 3 Nordstrum purchases, which my husband and I both noticed and stopped. We reported to our bank and cancled the card, and also to Nordstrum. Nordstrum agreed it was a fraudulent purchase based on different bank and shipping address, and the person spelled their name in two different ways in their own email address and postal address. They wouldn’t give the names or addresses though. Hope others research before trying to use their card.

      1. Danielle Barnes

        Thank You for this Marie
        I have recently been scammed by “Drive Sales Mall”aka “Buy Deals Mall” My package being tracked actually made it to Magnolia Arkansas. Processed, Arrived , Departed and Out for Delivery to my house. Never saw it. They won’t answer the phone. Post Office say the tracking number is invalid. I am livid.

  2. Nancy Jeanne Shultz

    Looks like I got scammed by DriveSalesmall.com also. I first purchased some lockers on line on the 19th,. With PayPal because like you someone else said it wouldn’t take my cards. I had trouble printing the confirmation page, so I tried to call them. The number was not working. Their address was in Ohio. So I sent them an email because I missed the confirmation email they had sent me. I received a reply stating that if I don’t receive my order in 30 days they would express mail it. And to track my order at USPS. Well yesterday I tried to track my order and USPS said it hadn’t been delivered to them be to be shipped out yet. So no tracking was available. So today I go in to get my tracking number and track it and the web page no longer exists.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Sorry to hear about this Nancy. Put in for a refund ASAP and I would be curious to know the name of the company you made payment to on your banks transactions. Thank you for report them here, it is appreciated Nancy.

  3. Hollie Skowron

    Thanks for saving me the headache!
    Site resembles Walmart’s to encourage trusted sale transactions.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      So always check the URL because scammers are too clever to disguise themselves. Nice work indeed Hollie for noticing that and finding us. Also, thanks for taking the time to comment as well – most don’t. Much appreciated Hollie 🙂 .

  4. Donna Morales

    Definitely a SCAM! Buyers beware!
    Customer Service phone number is out of order and email was rejected. A fake site. After repeatedly trying to enter my credit card to order something, I suspected something was wrong. DO NOT try to submit an alternative credit card when you receive an error message that your order did not go through, as this will only result in increased exposure of your cards to FRAUD! I immediately called my credit card company to report any suspicious activity without my authority.- especially on-line orders. This is how these fraud sites compromise your card.

    Please spread the word!

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Thank you kindly Donna for your report on this bad company. It is appreciated and I know it will help alert others as well. Much appreciated Donna 🙂 ~ Scam Witness.

  5. Andrea

    I have yet to receive my refund I paid for merchandise I never received. According to them, I canceled the order. As naive as I am, I placed another order with them and purchased it with a gift card through Amazon as was suggested by DriveSalesmall.com since my credit cards were constantly rejected.
    Now I am out well over $100 and I guess I learned my lesson.
    Feeling quite frustrated!!

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Andrea,

      I only came across DriveSalesMall.com yesterday!

      Thank you kindly for your TopTradeStore.cmo Scam Report and I know it will help to alert others. Much appreciated and do put in for a refund. Let us know how that goes sometime. Thanks again Andrea.


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