Review – Is ‘Top Shop Line’ Scam or Legit?

By | June 13, 2019 Review Guide  – Our ‘TopShopLine’ Review. is 13 days old and already we believe they are not a legit site. What Is ‘TopShopLine’? Is ‘Top Shop Line’ Safe and Legit? Our www TopShopLine com Review is to answer why we believe they are not trustworthy. They are referring to themselves as ‘Penningt Legacy’ and so that is conflicting with their own URL’s name. That is a major scam sign and no legit site gets confused about its real name.

Those with customer reviews are welcome to detail your experience below in the comments. This will help others avoid the scam site above and save their hard earned cash. People that may know other fake sites are also welcome to leave the full URL’s in the comments section provided. We will then do our best to expose them quickly.






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  • So we see they are another scam site at and we will see more why this is so. The reported recently that fake online shopping sites has turned into an epidemic and so the more you complain about them the more people you (‘YOU’ PERSONALLY) can help save from losing their cash. 
  • WHOIS displays a registration date of 19/06/06 for just one year. That is a horrendously short time frame for any business to start up for. This is characteristic of a fake site, however, there are cases where these time frames are being run by new e-store founders. In this event they may want to see if their new biz will do well before renewing. 
  • They are using a proxy address which in effect is hiding their real location. This is never good and they also have not left a founder name. So people maybe handing over payment information to a person whose intentions may not be good, generally speaking.
  • Legit companies tend to gush over their founder telling us everything super-amazing about that person. So it is always a very bad sign when we do not see something like this.
  • We see an email address of which has nothing to do with the sites name. This is never a good sign and that email maybe connected to another scam online. Let’s check and see…
  • Nothing on page 1 complaining about that email. So it is always a very good idea to research such pieces of info to see if there are any reports. Where there are too many then not everyone can be lying and so just stay clear of such sites.
  • In their ‘ABOUT US’ section they have yet another email of and that is another that has nothing to do in name with their URL. Very bizarre. 




  • After Googling that email address we see a site called So when scammers are lazy or in a rush they will make these absolutely horrendous mistakes of not removing their old information.
  • Here we see evidence that they have or may have simply copied and pasted from an older site, set up a new one with same ‘everything’ including old information like emails, and that is where we can find other sites they will clearly own.
  • Maybe we have stumbled upon yet another scam e-store network. They certainly have our attention for sure.




  • So when we ‘click’ on in Google we are immediately taken to Very bad and 100% damning sign of a fraudulent site. We have now clearly proven them to be a fake site because legit sites do not redirect like this.
  • Clearly, their old site maybe was too heavily reported on and so they have redirected to a new URL they own. New domain means new and clean reputation slate with Google and no attached scam reports.
  • Well, I am going to index in Google their email addresses etc, so if anyone researches it, then hopefully they will find this article to warn them.
  • We see no founder name anywhere on their site, no customer support phone number, no business address and so that is evidence they have expertly hidden their identity. This is a very bad sign and as said legit companies simply do not suppress this info.






Final Thoughts.

They are going into our List of Internet Scammers Websites Hall of Shame. We hope this article has saved you some cash, if not, then at least now you know what they are about. Please spare a moment to reveal what you know about them to help warn others. Thank you.

What Others are saying about them:- Report.

Not many reviews about them online at all and so this should encourage you to expose them even more.



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17 thoughts on “ Review – Is ‘Top Shop Line’ Scam or Legit?

  1. Jay

    I spent 69.99 on 6-19-19 for a wheel chair for my poor wife that never arrived. I emailed topshopline’s contact number and email address ( with out getting any response. There does not appear to be any customer service associated with these guys.
    Scams that prey on the ill or weak are the worst. May they rot in hell!!!! Give me back my money!!!!

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Jay,

      Sorry to read this Jay. Contact your payment provider, so if you paid with your bank card, contact your bank. Explain to them what you have said here. They hopefully will get you a refund. Let us know how that goes anyways Jay, and to be 100% clear, I hope you know I do not work for

      Regards, Philip ~ ‘Scam Witness’.

  2. youlanda artis

    I ordered this folding electric tricycle scooter June 18, 2019
    I have not received it yet. but you have long ago taken the money from
    my account It is now November 8,2019 and you company has not sent me a response
    as to why I have not received my scooter

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hello Youlanda Artis,

      I do not work for I wrote about them to inform other people. Please read the article above Youlanda. Hope you get this sorted soon by contacting your payment provider and alerting them to this situation. You are welcome to let us know how that goes sometime also.

  3. C JAMES

    I ordered one scooter more than 30 days ago. I was so excited to give this to my 87yr old mom who has great difficulty walking. I have not received the scooter and it seems I never will. So with money lost, I may see if I can find a used one. SCAM….SCAM…..SCAM!

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Thanks C James for your report. It is appreciated and make contact with your payment provider for a refund.

  4. c

    Guys, I order this scooter over 30 days ago. And they do not have a contact number. Instead an email that does not connect. I guess my 87yr old Mom will need to wait for another opportunity. But they kept the money. SCAM, SCAM

  5. Valerie Smith

    I’m glad I read about this cuz I was going to order one for myself and yes they keep directing you to other sites. I also found it on my Facebook and also see it in commercials on tv. Something should be done ✅

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Commercial TV? That is very interesting indeed. Perhaps they maybe legit? It can be very hard to know, and so do look elsewhere online Valerie to see what they are saying. Thanks for your comment as well.

  6. Kini Evans

    i ordered the battery tricycle and with in hours I contacted my payment provider and stopped payment from going threw. Once i received a text message saying no shipping. I knew right then it was a scam. and today i got another text message with a tracking number to a bogus website

  7. Steven Dickinson

    I too was interested in the electric scooter /3wheel folds up by pushing a button video that shows a person demoing the model lifting it from the back of a car trunk or station wagon it weighs in at 58 lbs when a notice of this was in facebook I took interest as I have a need to replace my scooter that has broken down the first price was 199.99$ free delivery within 7 tlo 20 days with youre own tracking number that could be posted in 5 days.I checked the companies name which hasd changed 2or3 times and now posts a new priced that is now 69.99$ thed owner permission does not show? have you located the company that this is attributed to ?? I was about to order is this for real or not?? would nice if a w3arning is prescribed for my elderly friends?? IS IT A SCAM????

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Steven,

      I deleted your personal information because scammers would love to have that info. I advise never to leave those kinds of personal bits of information, because if I approved the commented as it was, anyone could of stolen it to forge fake ID’s in your name etc.

      Yes! 100% They are a scam. You only have to share this article with your friends Steven and so your friends can read this article and the reviews left by others. This will help alert them to this scam.

      Hope that helps Steven and thank you kindly for your comment and question 🙂 ~ Philip (Scam Witness).

  8. Ritsuko Bragg

    I trying to call a my order 6-13-2019(folding electric tricycle scooter $69.99)paid by my visa you please e-mail me ?when yu sending to me
    Please e-mail me ?

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hey Ritsuko,

      Please read our previous reply. If you have questions you are welcome to ask us, and if we can assist, we will be glad to 🙂 .

  9. Ritsuko Bragg

    I order a (folding electric tricycle scooter $69.99 free shipping )paid by visa card ,I trying to call a your topshopline I coudnt get a answer and you hang up for me .what going on?can yu e-mail me please ?is this is a jock ? or when have a answer for me ?

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hello Ritsuko,

      I do not work for If they are ignoring you, and you have tried to contact them for your goods, then contact your payment provider. Please read the review above to know why we are saying this.


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