What Is TopSalewkx.icu – Is ‘TopSalewkx icu’ Scam or Legit E-Store?

By | November 17, 2019

TopSalewkx.icu Reviews – Is ‘TopSalewkx’ Legit?

Here is the TopSalewkx.icu you are looking for. We will ask Is www.topsalewkx.icu legit or is ‘TopsSalewkx’ a scam? This ‘Top Sale WKX’ Review will tell you very quickly that they are a scam and not legit. There are other e-stores that look theirs and so avoid them when you see them. Those that gave payment information should contact their payment provider.

Those that feel they were scammed ‘TopSalewkx’ are welcome to report them in or comments section. You may also report any work from home scam site in our List of Internet Scammers Hall of Shame and Online Work From Home Scam Sites List  – 2019 / 2020. If you are seeking online work then read our Ways to Earn Online From Home – Free Sign Up!



do not login into www.topsalewkx.icu!





Why Is TopSalewkx.icu a Scam?

Now we will detail why TopSalewkx.icu is a scam. We have to locate the date of their site, who the owner is, how to get in touch with customer service and who the owner is. Where we can not locate this information then we have to consider they have covered it all up. 

  1. So we go to WHOIS and see they registered their site in 2019/10/08 for one year. When we know it can take up to 2 years before any real earnings occur then we know that 1 year is not long enough. Legit businesses will usually register their business domains for about 5 years or greater.
  2. There is no owner name or a complete business address when they registered their site. We do see that they are from China but they have opted not to leave their location.
  3. We go to their site and we see that they have nothing there either. No business address for their offices, no warehousing address, no delivery company address, no name, email, phone number and actually nothing.
  4. This is the very same as walking up to the craziest person on any street and giving them your payment information! There is nothing to say that they person behind this site is not a real scammer will full intentions to defraud you and others.
  5. So I never entertain any e-store that has intentionally and so expertly hidden every scrap of info agbout themselves. I mean, what if something goes wrong with the order, then who do we contact? The people in China? GOOD LUCK!
  6. The prices on these fake sites are typically far too-good-to-be-true. Always do a product price comparison and then decide. If you find they are too cheap compared to the rest then you should probably do further research or stay clear of them.
  7. Typically these fake sites will steal the product images of others. If you are concerned then contact the rightful product owner and they will let you know if they are affiliated.
  8. However, any affiliate online always has proof of their affiliation to that which they are promoting or selling. So where we do not see such proof then the scammer is relying on the most non-tech-savvy people to fall into their trap.
  9. If you gave payment information then you really do need to contact your payment provider. Get them to give you a refund and to cancel your card for a new one. This will stop scammers from making further withdrawals.
  10. Watch out for company names you are not familiar with withdrawing from your account. This can happen when scammers have phished you and now have harvested your personal information.
  11. So when they sell on such lists of data they can make relatively huge sums of cash freely and quickly. It could also be that the company name could be the fake umbrella business name connected to many many fake sites. Google search everything you can find.
  12. We would of course if you would also share your findings with everyone in the comments section as well. In this way when we can share quickly what we know it does help to build a case against a site. This at times helps to make the owner get nervous and shut down their site.
  13. However, what commonly happens is that they set up a new one, normally it is pretty much identical, and start again with a fresh new URL from Google. This has the unfortunate aspect of Google granting that site a new clean Google reputation where there are no more scam reports attached to them.
  14. So they have about 3 months free-reign of defrauding people before the rest of the net catches up, typically. Even I have found that there are scams online for so many years and they slipped through the cracks.
  15. No one has reported on them, and what I constantly find as well when this occurs, those that got scammed – far too many did not report that experience online.  I can assure you that scammers are delighted when their victims stay quiet… report them everywhere if they scammed you.






Final Thoughts.

From sight alone I know they are fake as I have seen these scam sites before. Always look for reviews if you are not sure. Always Google their business info if the scammers were not too lazy to leave any. Many times this will throw up scam reports. Please leave what you know in the comments to help others. Thanks.




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