What Is TopHotMall.com – Is ‘TopHotMall.com Scam or Legit? – Review

By | March 2, 2019

Find Out What Is TopHotMall.com Here – The ‘TopHotMall’ Review. Also, What Is ‘SuperBuy’ and What Is ‘Hot Shop In Web’?

Good work on your part to find this review on What Is TopHotMall.com situated at www.tophotmall.com. Is TopHotMall com a scam, a fraud, deceptive, bogus and fake or Is ‘TopHotMall’ legit, genuine, safe, real, good and honest? This ‘Top Hot Mall’ is a scam alert. The answer there is also the same answer for What Is ‘SuperBuy’ and also What Is ‘Hot Shop In Web’. Those that handed over payment data to these cyber-crooks are advised to contact your payment provider.

You payment provider will probably advise you cancel your card. Seek a refund at your earliest conveniece. Many of these fake e-stores are coming from China and so we will do that background check as we proceed. We have exposed these sites before as the owners have other copies. Any e-store that looks like theirs is a scam. All are welcome to report what you know in the comments below to help alert others.



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TopHotMall.com Review- Reasons Why They Are Fake.

Their fake power tools sites are many. They have already been exposed by two other online resources and it is only a matter of time before others expose them as well. It is important visitors to such places leave their experiences below because it pressurizes such sites to shut down quicker. This is a very effective tactic for all our online safety. We will now look into their site.







We are after basic information you would expect to see on legit and honest selling sites. Such things as owner name, address, contact information and registration date. The date is not a problem to get as we can go to WHOIS for that. However, I anticipate there will be nothing else left that will be truthful.

2019/01/14 is the date of their sites registration and it is only registered for 1 year. Who sets up a selling site for just 1 year? Most honest sites will invest a significantly longer for greater potential for long term success. I see they have become quite popular fast. This is so because fake sites will lie about their prices and many unwary customers will believe them.

It should also be noted that some sites that set up for just 1 year maybe doing so just to see how things go. They always have the option to renew their site.

We have an address from China but it is not easy to know if that is their real address or a proxy address. A ‘prox address’ hides their real location. That is a bad sign but also it could be to stop the founder from being spammed. So those considerations should be noted for all sites going forward.

    • MPay Thang Long Company Limited
    • Floor 4, No.110 Nguyen Ngoc Nai
    • Street, Khuong Mai Ward, Thanh Xuan District, 
    • Hanoi, Vietnam
    • +84 58 4771489
    • service@maingmail.com

That is the address left on their site and comparing it to the WHOIS business address left it is different. Where we have multiple addresses is a bad sign and it tells me that they are not being truthful about their real location.

Most crucially founder name is nowhere to be seen. Now we have no real contact name, we do not even know if their address is real or if their phone number even works. Those that received packages are welcome to leave any addresses that they see on them in the comments below.



‘TopHotMall’ Scam Signs.

They are copies of this sites fake power tools scam online elsewhere. You may search this sites archive and you will eventually find them. They all look the same, same template, similar to identical items, addresses may vary etc. It is a copy and paste job from old sites to make new ones.

Why So Many Copies Of The Same Site?

When old sites are forced to close down, whether they are now too many complaints about them or they could not make it viable, then they make new ones. These new ones will then make up for the loss of illegal earnings from the older sites. This way they are always recycling old scams into new domains with new site names.

‘SuperBuy’ and ‘Hot Shop In Web’ you will always see on their site and that is their ‘call card’.

Too-good-to-be-true-prices is nearly always a sign of a fake site. While I see they have not made the obvious mistake of giving away too steep discounts, however, I see some of those tools are more costly elsewhere.

If they are from China, why then, are they charging in USD? Why are they charging, and therefore giving out the impression, they are from the USA? So, that is a common trick and one I see often. They is so people will trust them and may lead to more purchases.

Other sources online are calling them a scam site. However, as said, since we have already exposed several of their sites before, it is not hard for us to see why they are not good.

Their other copies have had complaints on them and so it is only a matter of time before people come to realize they have had their cash stolen from them.

Is Your Tracking Code Real?

Check the code they give you to track your order. If it is fake take a screen shot of it. You are going to need that as evidence. Should they produce a legit code then keep an eye on the weight of the package. They have shipped out something next to worthless relative to your payment. I anticipate it will NOT be what you ordered.

Such fake sites, if they send out anything at all, make their profits from shipping shoddy, cheap, damaged, useless, thrift store items out to their customers. Even be careful with these sites because they could send out replica and even stolen goods. There really is no way of knowing what they will send out.

Taxes Paid On Your Purchase – E-Receipt To Your Inbox?

Many times such fake sites won’t calculate for the taxes on your order, and quite startling, will not bother to send you out a recent or some kind of confirmation for your order. These are all very good scam signs that you maybe dealing with a deceptive site.

Delivery Times.

No matter what they say on their site about when you will get your order, no matter what scam site it is or your region, it is very common to wait 6 weeks, 2 months, 3 months and even up to 4 months for your order, if anything is coming that is.

Personally, anything past 2 or 3 weeks is far too suspicious to me. Make reasonable attempts to contact them to see what is happening. Your payment provider may ask you to do this so do take screen shots of your efforts to save you time going forward.


Perhaps your order is late due to a Tsunami? Logistics Problems or Delays? Holidays Backlog? Processing Difficulties? Design Delays or Technical Problems? Weather? Perhaps your item was destroyed in a vehicle accident?

I have heard them all reported to scamwitness.com, and each excuse, buys them weeks more time.

When you have a supplied asking ‘you’ to be ‘patient’, ‘sympathize’, to ‘understand’ then you know you are in trouble in with a scam site. Professional sites will work with you professionally and will never speak to you like that.

What Has Your Experience Been?

Let us know in the comments below to help alert others and shed even greater light and scrutiny on that site. The pressure online we come to bear on these scammers the liklihood of them shutting down increases. That is the responsibility we all bear if we want our Internet NOT to be overrun by cyber-crooks.

Seems like that would never happen, but then again, nearly 40% of advertisements you see online are from scammers! 


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Final Thoughts.

They are a scam! File for a refund and PLEASE expose them below with your own reports on them. Those that know of other copies then we would deeply appreciate you letting us know. Please use the EXACT URL so we do not confuse with other sites.

That is just about it now on What Is ‘TopHotMall.com, What Is ‘SuperBuy’ and What Is ‘Hot Shop In Web’ Review. They are going by all those names and so this is a review on each one. Thank you for choosing us for your researching needs. Looking forward to all of your comments to come.


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