What Is TopHats.Farm About – Is ‘TopHats Farm’ Scam Or Legit HYIP?

By | March 20, 2019

Find Out What Is TopHats.Farm – The ‘TopHats Farm’ Review.

This review is to inform you on What Is TopHats.Farm at www.tophats.farm. Is TopHats Farm fake, a scam, fraudulent, bogus and deceptive or Is ‘TopHats Farm’ legit, safe, real, genuine and paying out? This ‘Top Hats Farm’ Review is to warn you against this kinds of money games. We will reveal that there is no such thing as a good and fair HYIP! High Yield Investment Programs is just another term for a Ponzi Scheme. 

Your reports on investments made and yields or no yields are asked of you. You may place your stories below in the comments to help shed light on this relatively new and bogus business opportunity presented by them. There are ways to earn online, but when you think you can chuck away money in the hopes of unreal returns, is when you may find yourself in trouble.



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TopHats.Farm Review – Why They Are Not Even A Legal Enterprise!

There are many reports online now that are not recommending them. What Is TopHats.Farm Really all about? Well, they are not a legal way to earn online business their business model is illegal in most parts of the world. Such schemes will leave over 90% of their members out of pocket. People can lose thousands at such websites and it is only by chance you may earn anything at all.



Detailed answer to What Is Fivebuckx.com




We will first start by doing a background check on their site. Given they are an illegal online Ponzi Scheme, we are not expecting to see legit and true information on founder name, business address or contact information.

We begin to see that their site was registered in 2018/10/13 and they have registered up until 2023 same date. That is ambitious! This kinds of schemes tend to collapse at any moment in time. You could make an investment and then see that their site is gone in the morning. That is how fast it can happen and we have exposed many sites like them before.

WHOIS shows us that they are from ‘PANAMA‘. That is all they have submitted for their business address. That is clearly incomplete and a purposeful way to hide their true location. That is not a good sign and so we have to source that information from their own site.

We can see that they have failed to leave a founder name when they registered their site. We were expecting this black-out of identity given their illegal nature.

Their Companies House Certificate does not even make any sense. The ‘certificate’ says that the TopHats Farm Ltd was incorporated in 2006. OK. Then it says that their certificate was issued to them in 2018. That makes no sense.

We have seen this very easy to disprove ploy many times with many other fake HYIP sites. Most people do not bother, or even not know, how to check the validity of that cert. We simply go to beta.companieshouse.gov.uk and we can see the CERTIFICATES DO NOT MATCH!

The real companies house certificate gives us an address of 5 Canada Square, London, United Kingdom, E14 5AQ. The companies house cert on the TopHats Farm site has no address. That is a blatant fraudulent claim they have made.

You may compare the companies house company registration number of 11626213 and that is all that matches with those certificates.



This is clear evidence they have stolen a legit companies details. Companies House is a business registry for the United Kingdom. Sadly, and fatally flawed, you do not even have to have your business located in the United Kingdom. It costs about £125 or even less to get a real cert, and so when you see a real certificate of this nature, then that still does not make them legit given how cheap it is to get one.


Typical it is for fake companies to buy those certs to pretend they are from locations in the world that are known for business success and all that positively connotates with such addresses.



How HYIP Scam Websites Work – DO NOT INVEST!

There is always a ‘story’ of what they are about and why you should invest with them. It is anything from robotics, bitcoin, investing in shipping, and in this case, they want you to invest in the poultry industry. 

That is so bogus! They have image icons that are linking to their ‘sponsor’s. Those are not their sponsors as they would never align their brand names and reputation with such illegal business models. So that is another easy to prove lie. If you do not believe us then you can simply contact those ‘sponsors’ and ask them yourself.

Anyways, once we look past the superficial images and generic statements on what they are and what they are about, we can easily determine their scam by the unreal returns.

Unreal Returns – Why They Are, Unreal.

So, even with the most advanced software’s, and the most intelligent human beings on this planet, there is no one that can promise you 110% R.O.I after five days. Those websites that brag about ‘most advanced investment software’s’ are only receiving signals from Wall Street on where majority investors are placing their cash. It is not real. And we all know how badly that can go wrong.

Actually, when you invest in any opportunity that is considered legit, then your chances are no better than 50/50!


If we humans were so good are predicting R.O.I with investments then our planet would not be financially crashing like it’s in fashion… think about that… then think about what ‘Top Hats Farm’ are offering ‘you’.




The Money Flow And Why You May Lose All Of Your Investments!

First off! These are not ‘investments’ in the traditional senbse whereby there is some real good chances of realistic returns over a much longer time period. These operators are working on human greed and pure laziness. Am I Wrong? – Let me know in the comments below.

No, these ‘investments’ are just people gambling with their own cash. That is all.

Anyways, we need ‘investors’ to make this scam work.

Investors then will give-away-their-money to strangers online based on spurious statements of riches in quick time style. The reasoning behind how and why you can get so much money back is not based on any provable logic. 

Please check their website for their own White Paper with evidence that their system works. Look for payment proofs as well. Granted, some people will get paid. That is normally a given as in the start of such schemes the owners will want to generate some proofs.

Shortly thereafter, maybe after two weeks eve, payments to investors will reduce




But Why?!

An image of a pyramid scheme.



You may take a look at our own interpretation of how a Pyramid Scheme Works. AND YES! Where the cash flows upwards, to some top level investors and most to the founder, then we have a classic Pyramid Scheme setup. Do I really need to tell you that Pyramid Schemes are illegal as well.

So we see that they are illegal twice over!




Who Really Earns From These Schemes – And Who Loses? – Legal Stuff.

I am not a lawyer and so you must ask one if you want to know the legal ins and outs of these schemes. What previous research we have read that it is up to you if you want to invest in these schemes. They are illegal but its up to you. That is an odd legal stipulation and I was surprised to read it.

Those that actively promote such schemes, and where schemes have proven to be particularly damaging to a local economy, then could face the law. Be warned.

Those that invested knowing it is a scam then run the risk of losing their earnings. Problem for me is that you must prove that the persons mind set did not know they were investing in a scam.

Those that were absolutely oblivious to investing gin such scams, yet again – oddly enough – are allowed to keep the earnings. This is all from memory and so you must consult a lawyer to verify before taking action based on these words.

The Losers!

Almost everyone!! But in particular, are the people who genuinely do not know they have landed on a Ponzi Scheme Scam Site. These people typically will invest with thousand of dollars of their own hard earned cash. 

They cyber-crooks play mind games by giving these investors some earnings back quickly and then we see that greed kicks in, coerced or not. So they reinvest and keep going until they have been royally fleeced.

The ‘Winners’.

Then we have the professional HYIP investors who are always looking for these kinds of scam sites. They know that most HYIP sites will normally pay out before 2 weeks. So they find a bunch and place their bets across a lot of them. They know that they are entering into an illegal online money game.

Per past reports, those that know what they are doing, can do very well indeed at the expense of the less experienced investors.

The Founder!!

Of course the founder, and whomever else is with them, will keep most of the cash invested. At first they maybe happy to make pay outs as first wave of investors pour some cash into their illegal venture. 

So now they must get another wave of investors to pay the first wave of investors. Now they may offer an affiliate program to incentivise people to flow them free traffic hopefully leading to more investors.

So lets say another wave of investors pour money int their site. Now they have enough money to pay first wave of people. But maybe already the founder only pays out to relatively few people. So we see this trend will continue.

Finally, the traffic of investors dwindles to near nothing and complaints pour online about being scammed. SO now even less people will invest.

I hope you can see how their site can crash at any time?



One Of The Biggest Scam Signs Of A Ponzi Scheme.

I see no documentation on their site to verify that they have anything to do with the poultry industry! Not one shred of evidence of what they say. 

How are they earning all these cash to pay back to their investors? What are the instruments they are employing to defeat the odds this entire planet has some demonstrabl failed at so many times? 

So you see, where there is no clarity of product in exchange of cash, then that is the greatest hall mark of a Ponzi Scheme. 


If you are still reading this post then you deserve a medal… here you go 🙂 







Final Thoughts.

So they are not legit and only the founder and maybe a few more will earn good money from their scheme, potentially. Over 90% historically speaking lose all of their cash. That is bad odds! Ultimately, it is up to you and certainly there are legit and better ways to earn online.

Those that find all of this news to you are welcome to rant and vent below in the comments. I’d be mad as well if a site fleeced me of cash. They are going into our sites List of Internet Scammers based on their highly illegal business model. 

All are welcome to add to this article by leaving your TopHat Farm Ltd Reviews below to help alert, or even, to share your experiences – positive or negative. That is all on What Is TopHats.Farm and I am very much looking forward to hearing from many people below about your experiences.


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