What Is TopBestSotre.com – Is ‘TopBestSotre’ Scam or Legit?

By | February 22, 2019

Find Out What Is TopBestSotre.com – The ‘TopBestSotre’ Review.

You are welcome here to know more on What Is TopBestSotre.com at www.topbestsotre.com. Is TopBestSotre com a scam, fraudulent, deceptive and bogus or Is ‘TopBestSotre’ legit, real, safe and genuine? This Top Best Sotre Review is to warn you against that site. Those with scam reports/complaints on them are welcome to leave them in the comments below this article. They also go by ‘Creative Products Online Shop‘ as well.

Those that are convinced they were scammed by ‘Top Best Sotre’ should contact their payment provider. Also keep on an eye on your accounts as scammers may try to take random charges from your funds without warning. Your payment provider may recommend to cancel your card if there is no doubt to a sites nature to scam. 




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TopBestSotre.com  Review – Why They Maybe A Scam Site.

It is very common with scam sites to make a deliberate error in their URL. You may notice that the word ‘store’ is spelled as ‘sotre’ in the URL of TopBestSotre.com. So, it is possible that some people behind that site found good traffic expected for such an error and hence the possible mispelling in their online address. We begin to find out more about this site by seeking who the owner is, where they are from, contact information and when the site was registered.




www.tobestsotre.com real or fake?



The point of this is because legit sites do not hide that information and are very open about all of it usually. All sites must register their site online and WHOIS is one such site to go to find out what site owners left upon registration of their site(s). 

We can easily see they registered their site for just 1 year in 2018/12/25. 1 Year online is actually a very short length of time to invest in any online business. It is only the beginning. So that is typical for fake sites to set up a business online, for just 1 or 2 years, and then run off with much illegally garnered earnings, typically speaking.

However, it could also be someone ‘testing the waters’ online to see what will happen and if it is worth the effort to run an online business. Those interested by the way in starting up their own business may want to read about #1 Recommendation Here. Only for those that always wondered.

No founder name listed at site registration and actually there is no information on their site either. Where we find all of that basic information hidden then, at the very least, we can say not recommended. In time, reports will tell us if they are a scam site or not.

Quickly Listing Off A Few Scam Signs.

  • It is the prices I want to mainly draw your attention to. I see a design drawing board that was priced at $499 reduced to $81.00does that seem real and legit to you? Well, it is a little too-good-to-be-true and really it is a huge scam sign to always watch out for.
  • But also, they are still a relatively new site, and so, how can they afford to make such big reductions to their customers. Surely, they have to be making huge losses when they discount so heavily without any special cause.
  • Point is, even though you may pay $81.00 for one of their products, you may run the risk of getting a $5/$2 item being sent to you instead of what you thought you were ordering. That is the bottom line when you are dealing with new shopping stores online. Advice is to do your research and approach with caution until they have proven themselves over a relatively longer period of time. 
  • I see another store online that is exactly just like (Identical barring URL and site logo name) as the site in question. Nowhere do we information on any of those two sites (there could be more) detailing ownership of each of those sites. Why do scammers set up copies of sites?
  • When one gets shut down, whether by negative reports or they just could not get it to be successful, at least setting up new ones does help them keep them in earnings.






Final Thoughts.

There is far too much information that should be available hidden unnecessarily. That is too huge to ignore because honest sites don’t hide that… simply no good reason for it! For ‘me’ personally they look like a scam. WHOIS shows us as well they are using a proxy address used by many other sites online. This is only OK if they provide an address on their site, of which, they do not. For the reasons stated, they are going int my sites List of Internet Scammers.

That is all on What Is TopBestSotre.com, and those that were scammed by this company, are urged to please speak up and help warn others. Simply leave a few details of your experience. recommending them or not, and why. Thank you for your time and I hope this article has helped you 🙂 .






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