What Is ToonClan.com – Is ‘ToonClan’ Scam or Legit Platform?

By | May 17, 2019

Beware of ToonClan.com – ‘ToonClan’ Review.

ToonClan.com is a new online platform that appears to generate you coins. Problem is, ‘ToonClan’ may not be legit and potential for malware is suspected. I tried it out with a fake user name and it allowed me access. This is the first step to know if a site is safe or a fraud. What has your experience been?

Users of this platform are welcome to leave what you know in the comments to help everyone understand more about ‘Toon Clan’. Did you find after ‘Verification’ something ‘strange’ happened, like for instance, the site disappeared? Scam Finder reckons they attempted to download malware to that persons device. We will leave his video in this article.







ToonClan.com Review.

  • Let us find out more about ToonClan.com. It is not too much to ask who the founder is, business address, contact information and when that site was registered online. Where we do not know this information then that is a concern. Legit sites no doubt are all too proud to give credit to the founder and other co-founders.
  • WHOIS is a great resource that shows us the data the owner leaves registered with their site. We can see it was registered in 2019/04/09 and for 12 months they have invested in this platform. That is a short amount of time to invest in their own site and typically, where sites are honestly trying to make it online, will tend to register for longer. 
  • They maybe a hit-and-run site and how they are generating money is unclear right now. Perhaps they have malware to download to steal sensitive data from your device to sell on for a profit. Or, find passwords to your bank account PayPal etc, to defraud. 
  • There is nothing on their own website to let us know who they are and where they are from. They appear to be a game where they give you lives and coins for verification for who you are.
  • They ask you click on IOS or Android Device. I clicked on neither but still it continued to ‘connect my’ account to my fake user name. Another bad sign something is wrong here.
  • When you first land they ask you how many coins and lives you want. Finally, when you click on Verification then your anti virus may be triggered. Expect pop-ups, perhaps re-directs to potentially suspicious sitesand malware downloads. 
  • I simply do not trust this site. What has your experience been?




Final Thoughts.

They are not legit and only a fake game. Their motives are questionable to say the least. Here is the video we spoke of earlier to further explain why ToonClan.com is not legit and only a fraudulent site. We welcome your views about them in the comments below. 





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