What Is TonynSwish.com – Is ‘TonynSwish’ Scam or Legit? – Our Review

By | May 26, 2019

Welcome to our TonynSwish.com Review – Trustworthy?

Need to know if you can trust TonynSwish.com? We have found a number of these sites that appear t be owned by the same person or people. We will deliver our short review with the most vital info to decide if they are legit or just another online scam. Started 2018 by a founder from India.

Those with customer reviews are always welcome to leave your reviews below in the comments. This is a way to find out if a site is trustworthy or not. Where sites are scams, then we will place them in our Hall of Shame. Where legit, then they will be highlighted as such and so people will know they can shop online there in safety.




TonynSwish.com Review Guide.

  • There is a wild infestation online in all niches duping countless people of their hard earned cash. Having said that, mistakes can happen. This is where your reviews will come in. So to begin we have to find out some legit business information such as their address, contact information, founder name and when their site was registered online.
  • WHOIS shows us they registered in 2018/03/18 until 2020. Two years is not a long time but of course the founder has the right to renew if they want to. Uttar Pradesh, IN (India) is the location of their business. But no exact business address and no founder name listed.
  • Phone number is 9953117584 and email of info@tonynswish.com. We do not see a founders name and so we have to ask why not. 
  • We are concerned that they share the same ‘ABOUT US’ section as other websites. So that is usually indicative of a scam site. But, just because that is common with fake sites we can not say that the site in question is fake. We note a serious lack of scam reports online and so, and yes once again, your reviews are important.
  • One of their sites that has the same ‘ABOUT US’ section is a site called Prcedo.com. You may view our Prcedo.com Review Here. There are some customer reviews on that article and so it maybe indicative of all their sites? 
  • Their prices are not in USA Dollars, Euros or Sterling, so I can not gauge their prices as normal, too discounted etc. Those with a view on this are welcome to leave that info below in the comments.
  • So, here are a few things to watch out for when buying online. Not receiving an e-receipt is a bad sign. Also, no tracking information or fake data of this kind is another bad sign. Did you receive this information? 
  • Have you received your goods that you paid for? If so, was it as advertised?




Final Thoughts.

We are going to be depending on your customer review regarding TonynSwish.com. You are welcome to recommend them, or to not recommend them, and please be as detailed as you like. Thank you for coming by and we are looking forward to your reviews below in the comments. If we receive too many negative reviews about their site then we will put them into our List of Internet Scammers Hall of Shame.




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