What Is ‘Tokblk’ – Is Tokblk.com Scam or Legitimate Online Lego Shopping Store?

By | June 19, 2020



What Is ‘Tokblk’ about – Our Tokblk.com Reviews / Customer Reviews. Exposing Sketchy ‘ToyHouse’ Lego Online Stores.

Hello and welcome to our quick answer on What Is ‘Tokblk’ Review regarding Tokblk.com and Stores.Tokblk.com. There may be many ‘Tokblk’ E-Stores, AKA ‘TOYHOUSE’ sites, masquerading as legitimate Lego Vendors. We see the prices, the lack of legal affiliation or endorsement, the dodgy email and so many more scam signs. If you gave these cyber-crooks your payment info then just put in for a refund. How did you pay, if so? Then that is the company you call for a refund. Please report all such fake e-stores to our List of Scam Websites Fake E-Stores 2000+ 2020 / 2021 Section for possible reviewing.

Your customer reviews are the bedrock of online safety for others. Where many take a few moments to share their own experiences then this will give impetus to others to put in for a refund faster. Do not wait! Certain cardholders only have sixty days for a refund and so scammers will try to run the clock on you.

Time to detail our research regarding all possible ‘Tokblk’  / ToyHouse’ Fake Lego Stores and see the comments for real customer reviews. Should you view the comments area and there are no reviews then feel welcome to share what you may know below.



www.tokblk.com was registered 2020-05-14 for a year. As you may or may not know, Lego Goods are the most stocked item on planet Earth. In this case why then set up a business selling such highly sought after goods for just one year?

Actually, one or two years for a business online is deemed to be very suspicious as it may indicate a hit and run site. Not always can we say that a site is a scam based on this one metric, but it is a very bad sign!

You can go to WHOIS.com to see this info. And so there is no founder name, the business address is absent and there is no contact for customer support. This is now the start of a very common scam pattern well trodden by many crooks over the years. Genuine companies simply do not hide this data.

However, those that have viewed this WHOIS data may see an address. So do not be fooled by this as this is an address we have seen many times for other websites. It is provided for privacy protection and so in effect, the reallocation of anyone using that address is cloaked.

Looking to this scam site for some legitimat3e information is going to be futile. However, it is always helpful to point out the scam signs for your own future reference.

So there is no business address. No contact name. The phone number is clearly absent and the email looks to be a personal one,  not a business email address. All very common and very alarming scam signs. How can a real company, e-store entrepreneur, operate like this.

Well, they can not in truth. There are times, of course, there are people, like me, working from home for commissions. That is fine and is called affiliate marketing.

However, most e-store owners have the sense to provide their first name, a real image of themselves, and certainly an affiliate link going to the legitimate vendor’s website verifying their business agreement.

We do not see this here. We do not see a shred of evidence they are in any way connected to the Lego brand name. However, I have seen many copies of this scam site and so always know immediately such copies are not real.

You may enter the words ‘Lego’, or ‘ToyHouse’, to our site’s search engine to the right and you will see some returns of past research into these e-stores. We are not going to repeat the same research here for their entire network.

Their prices are quite hilarious! Such prices actually scam-bust their own website. There is a howling scam sign for the item (note I did say ‘their item‘) of Lego Creator Expert Detective’s Office 10246 priced at $164.99, reduced to just $25.92.

Random prices is also another scam sign – ’92’? Anyways, that is too good to be true! Along with their other pricing as well. These cyber-crooks do not need to be able to trick everyone. Only enough to make their illegal activities worthwhile.

Their ‘CONTACT US’ section is just blank. That should always arouse you to suspicion. What real company does not provide any images of their people working their, number, name, etc, and so that easily could be a phishing form. Cyber-crooks at times will gather as much personal data to sell onto other crooks for quick and easy cash.

We do not see any social media and that is always alarming. Social Media is a huge branch into new revenue streams such as Facebook, which has about Two Billion Active Members. So it does not make an iota of business sense not to have a Facebook Group / Page.

Also, why are they branding themselves as ‘Tokblk’, ‘ToyHouse’, when the actual product they are selling is Lego? Always suspicious when scammers do not who they are. 

Their email of jamesok789@outlook.com. That is a personal email. It has no business connection to the site in question. It is clearly generic enough to possibly be found on other fake Lego e-stores. So, let us Google that now to find out if there are others.

Yes, there are some. There are also other sources online that have exposed this email address in the past three days (see the date of this article). So they are a new scamming email to watch out for. 

If you have encountered other Fake Lego E-Stores using that email address then we would love to hear from you in the comments below. The full URL is all we need to expose more copies that may not have been exposed as yet. So feel free to land your report below, with any lists you maybe possess, and we will do our best to share it with others.













list of scam websites.



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