What Is ToAnyCity.com – Is www.ToAnyCity.com Scam or Legit?

By | February 7, 2019

Find Out What Is ToAnyCity.com in this ‘ToAnyCity’ Review – Scam Alert!

This is the one review that explains everything on What Is ToAnyCity.com found at www.toanycity.com. Is ToAnyCity com a scam, fraudulent, deceptive, crooked or Is ToAnyCity legit, good, real, safe and genuine. This www ToAnyCity com Review is going to layout why they are a no-good e-store trying t defraud others. Those that handed over payment information may have to contact their payment providers for a refund. But also, do cancel your card to avoid unauthorized transactions. Please leave your own To Any City reviews in the comments to warn others.

Many times it is plain to see that fake online shopping scams are coming out of China to target USA, UK and Canada citizens mainly. Time and time again most of these sites will get nothing but complaints about shoddy goods, randomly charging peoples cards under various company names, sending out inferior, cheap knock offs, counterfeit goods and perhaps even stolen goods.

Their real target audience are women also. Those who try to return the goods usually will find the returns cost to China is far more than what you paid for the goods in the first place.Payment providers are too easily duped by scammers when scammers finally produce a real tracking code to send out something shoddy or an empty envelope – even when its known to such payment providers such sites are fake due to the volume of complaints.





www.ToAnyCity.com Review – What Is ToAnyCity.com Really About? – Also, What Is Gediscount.com

Right now you know they are a scam and that is the quick answer to What Is ToAnyCity.com in this www.ToAnyCity.com Review. Below is to prove to you why that is so. Many times these kinds of sites will set up for a few years (if that), defraud and run off with all the cash. While they may send out people some deliveries, the worth of them is so poor, they in the end make huge profits while the customers are getting no help from Social Media (where they may have found the ad for such fake sites) and payment providers sometimes give the refunds. What is Gediscount? That is the other name they go by.



www.toanycity.com is a scam!


When fake sites take deliberate steps to hide themselves online then we can already call them a fake site and nothing but a scam. No honest companies will do this and it is a very important step to take in order to find out their levels of trust.

  1. So we begin with the sites registration and we can see they set it up on 2009/19/16 and shutting down their site same date in 2019. That is very suspicious already to see a business that sells things online to only want to last so little time. Honest sites will know it can take 6 months to 1 to get established online as a reputable and successful site. So 1 year is something that is ring alarming bells for me right now.
  2. Missouri, US is all they have left for their address as a contact. That is not a complete address and only a way to hide their real location. However sometimes they will leave that information on their site and that is where we are going shortly.
  3. But first, they did not leave a founder name and that usually indicates they are without doubt hiding everything that would identify them. This is so now when they are finished defrauding people they can shut down and run off with much earnings. Mostly they will may never get caught and truly they are earning free money online by doing this
  4. Their site has no contact information apart from an email called getdiscount.com. Well, that is not even an email address. Actually, it is one of their older scam sites hosted by Shopify that has been shut down.





‘ToAnyCity’ Scam Signs.

SO! They are complete and utter liars about their location. That’s right – LIARS! I know exactly which scam network they belong as well.

Check out their ABOUT US section. You see that drivel that goes:-…we love every passion and interest on Earth because it is a reference to your UNIQUNESS. To spread exactly that… is our core mission.”

I have seen those exact words dozens and dozens of sites that are proven scam sites. Check out one site, that may be close now, called ActionSallyhy.com – of which there were many identical copies off:



Aside from the sites name the wording is perfectly the same! Even look above and they made a mistake in the above version of their site by calling themselves Setcoming instead of ActionSallyh. Our Setcoming  Review is HERE or another one called Irelia.Store, Nest2Day if you are interested to see how far down the rabbit hole this whole network goes.

For an up to date list of all the sites we have covered you may read our most recent one called SoloPopGo.

Not only do they have too many to count identical sites operating that are undisclosed to their own traffic. They also run sites that are completely different to each other. However, I have become very well acquainted with their tell-tall-signs, and that ‘UNIQUENESS’ speech they love to spout is a dead giveaway. I mean, how can 100’s if not 1000’s of sites be using the same wording in the same sections of their sites if they were not all the same people!! 100% FRAUDULENT SITE FOLKS!

When I say ‘1000’s’ I mean queryadmin.com connects the email helpandserving@gmail.com to thousands of fake shopping sites hosted by Shopify. I see that they are not using an email address on their site that has nothing to do with an ’email address’.

Their prices are too cheap. The discounts are really too-good-to-be-true and that is something that screams scam most of the time. They are a new site and so how can a new site be so generous to giveaway so much of their profits. 





Do check out the links to our other reviews for lots of evidence as to why they are a major scam network infesting the online world. Many people are being defrauded by them. Those that lost money to this site or any other site are welcome to let us all know in the comments below. That is all on What Is ToAnyCity.com and looking forward to all of your comments to come. Don’t get to SOUND-OFF IN THE COMMENTS BELOW!


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8 thoughts on “What Is ToAnyCity.com – Is www.ToAnyCity.com Scam or Legit?

  1. Mike Kelly

    I also had ordered a One-Touch Netbook from Gediscount/ToanyCity and found out that the company was a online SCAM! I to also received that same little 2-3 inch mirror with a Apple logo on it. I had received a Tracking number for what I thought was the item that I ordered, but I just didn’t really read all of the information on the shipping information. The information said that the package only weighed .0001g which would have been my first clue that I was scammed. After trying to contact the seller I kept getting a notice from the mailerdemon that the email could not be sent because the address did not exist. After trying a few times I contacted my Card Issuer and I got my payment reversed within a day or two.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Mike,

      At least you got your refund which is a win for the good guys 🙂 . Thanks for taking the time to report on ToAnyCity.com – it is appreciated.

  2. Douglas

    I paid for a one-netbook from toanycity.com. However i received a 2 inch mirror in a shape of a notebook! I emailed K.R.meng@protonmail.com but didnt receive any reply. What a scam!

  3. Syed Muhammad Omer Iftikhar

    I also order a cheap laptop last day and I was very happy about the product but now I lost my 40$. Feeling very bad now. My hopes are broken.
    Please advise me what to do now? How can I get my money back??

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Just ring your payment provider and see about a refund. They will take it from there and let you know. Hope that helps Syed.


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