What Is Timct.com – Is Timct.com Scam Or Legit Online Store?

By | March 13, 2019

Find Out What Is Timct.com Here – The ‘Timct’ Review.

This review on What Is Timct.com, located at www.timct.com, is intended to answer also Is Timct com a scam, fake, bogus, fraudulent or Is ‘Timct’ legit, good, honest, real, safe and genuine? This www timct com review is another scam alert of the day! This is the 3rd near identical store that seemed to be run by the same cyber-crooks as Nikect.com and also DRMFB.com!

Your ‘Timct’ customer reviews are welcome here if you bought anything from that illegally operating online store. It is possible you may receive nothing for your hard earned cash. Those that get deliveries then you may be disappointed to know that you may not receive what you ordered. Anything from shoddy, inferior in quality, cheaply made i.e. cheap materiels, perhaps counterfeit or stolen goods maybe delivered to your door.



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What Is Timct.com About – Fraud Alert!

Thank you for coming to our site to find out more on What Is Timct.com. As said, do stay clear of Nikect.com and DRMFB.com as those are considered potentially untrustworthy online stores. This time, they are pretending to be legit suppliers of Timerland Boots. That is not their 1st fake Timeberland e-store either.







  • They also have a Fake Dr Martens store as well. Their sites otherwise are identical. You may compare these 3 sites ‘CONTACT US’, FAQ’s and really anywhere else on their site and you will see the verbiage is identical. How can seemingly different online companies have word-for-word content? So that is a very bad sign and a sign of a scam network.
  • Why so many identical Stores?
  • When their older sites get deleted, maybe because they were not popular or they were exposed too heavily therefore ruining their online rep leading to reduced illegal revenue, they simply re-direct that old URL to a new site. Or they will just make more to replace lost revenue.
  • Attached Site Information.
  • So we must know whom we are handing over our payment information to, wouldn’t you agree? However, there are tons of people that hand over information without doing their ‘home work’ on such sites. This is only profitable for cyber-crooks and peoples lack of thinking or laziness (or impulsiveness) is actually perpetuating an illegal industry.
  • Who is the owner? Where is their business location? Contact data and is it legit? Registration date?
  • Those are the four key questions you must ask yourself anytime YOU encounter a site that is new or one you do not know of. It is PARAMOUNT you research all sites before parting with your own hard earned cash!!! N.B.!!!
  • Registration Date Can Potentially Tell ‘You’ Something Important.
  • Go to WHOIS and type in their generic site URL, in this case, Timct.com. Note:- no https or http required. Even just ‘Timct’ should get you the required attached site information.
  • You will see that their site was only registered in 2019/01/24 and actually that is the same date as the other two we have mentioned in this article. So they have registered for only 1 year. That could mean they are a hit-and-run-site. In this case they certainly are.
  • However, there are legit reasons at times why founders will only set up for 1 year, where they are not scams. It could be funds related, it could be that the founder wants to see how their first year goes online before reinvesting more money and time. So do also keep that in mind as well in your own research.

Business Address?

  • There is no trace of a business address anywhere online far as we can see. That is not a good sign. There are perfectly legit online businesses that supply this information and it is not a problem for them to do so. Why is it for the aforementioned site?
  • So they have expertly covered up fonder name, address, no contact information or very low customer oriented supply of those options.





Final Thoughts.

There are other sources online that are calling them a scam as well and so not everyone can have this wrong. There are copies as said and so do watch out for them. You can help spread the word on these sites by sharing this article with your own networks for others online safety.

They are going into our sites List of Internet Scammers. That is all on What Is Timct.com and we are looking forward to your comments to come.

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