What Is TimberlandKShop.com -Is TimberlandKShop.com Scam or Legit?

By | January 24, 2019

#1 TimberLandKShop.com Review – What Is TimberKShop about?

You have found TimberlandKShop.com Review that answers What Is TimberlandKshop.com at www.timberlandkshop.com. Is TimberlandKShop a scam, a fraud, crooked, dishonest, bad or Is TimberlandKShop legit, good, safe, real, genuine and honest? This Timberland K Shop Review is a warning folks. They have not endorses association with the brand name Timberland. Those that have made a payment on that site are advised to immediately contact your bank for a refund and to cancel your card. Please spare a moment to leave your scam reports below to help warn others, thank you.

Typically fake shopping sites work out of China and we will see if that is where the owner of that fake site is operating from. I am very concerned about that site as it does look very professional and I believe they could end up scamming a great number of people. Sometimes the owners of these sites can manufacture cheaper versions of the goods they are advertising, inferior versions, shoddy and poor quality. Whatever they deliver to you, if they deliver anything aside from an empty envelope (that happens with some scams in order to produce a valid looking tracking code classically in payment disputes) you will have been significantly over charged. Please do get a refund now and put seek advise from your bank to perhaps cancel your card, as said.


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TimeberlandKShop.com Review – Leave Your Scam Reports on www.TimberlandKShop.com!

I am sorry for this bad news if you have already paid cash on that site but now you know how to get a refund and cancel your card. I must go ahead now and give full credit to OnlineThreatAlerts.com for initially exposing this site. I will leave a link to their report bottom of this article. We will begin now to look deeper into their sites information. This data is who is the owner of TimberlandKShop.com, where are they located and how do we contact them as a customers? If the scammers have done their job correctly, we won’t find any transparent information of this nature.


TimberlandKShop.com Review

Don’t buy from www.timberlandkshop.com!


Registration of the above site began in 2019/01/22 and registered until same time in 2020. Timberland is a legit brand, but why then would one of their associated sites only register for 1 year online? Now you see that fake sites will only stay online for 1 or 2 years and run away with all the money, illegally earned, when they have been exposed too much. Already, even though todays date is the 24 January 2019, the are getting pretty incredible traffic! Scam sites will become popular sometimes very fast when people believe in the too-good-to-be-true prices!

Their address is ‘PANAMA’. They have a PO BOX address of 0823-03411 and a Phone Number of +5078365503. Wherever you find seemingly legit phone numbers and addresses then run a Google search to see if there is additional information connected Look out for too many complaints and so if there are too many then stay clear of such sites.

Founder name is missing along with any customer support email. Very bad indeed and no ‘Timberland’ site would be this hidden about their location and founder.

Looking on their site and then we can see if they have left any information of this nature. 

Nope – nothing. Not a name, email or an address. OK, that is a pure fail for online transparency and already that is enough to stay clear of them because no legit business hides this data.



TimberlandKShop Scam Signs.

  • I went straight to their about us page and there is nothing about them that lets us know anything of where they are from and who they are. Very generic in nature and so that is a good scam sign.
  • Privacy Policy Page is hard to read with no headings to separate their sections. That is to put people off reading the whole lot. I scanned the whole lot and did find two errors – 1 was a fatal mistake, just what I wanted to see to further prove they are not legit. First error is they said you can contact them with “The Email” – it is just weirdly phrased way of saying ‘contact us by email’.
  • The Second Mistake in their PPP was when they say you can contact them by the address below. There is no address below. You can check it out yourself and it is on their very last paragraph.
  • Their prices are so low they are only getting themselves into terrible debt if they were real prices. I saw a pair of boots for around $170 reduced to $31! Really, that point alone, is enough to call them a scam. I mean that site is 2 days old and so how can a newbie site afford to make such reductions already?!!! HUGE SCAM SIGN!
  • They are offering up to 80% OFF! NOPE, that is not real. No website that is this new can afford to be so generous. They are also offering FREE SHIPPING for orders over $40 – how are they making a profit if any of this is real?! They are simply giving away too much of their profits.
  • Their social sharing icons are only linking to the respective platforms and not to a group, page of theirs. I see that often and it is only to make their site look that bit more professional to the glancing eye.






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Final Thoughts.

So I really hope you have found this article before buying from that bad site. They do look very professional and really is hard to tell the difference sometimes from good sites and bad sites. Please take a few moments to report them below. They are going into my sites List of Internet Scammers for good.

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Thank you for choosing us for your researching needs regarding TmieberlandKshop.com. Those with questions, more information such as addresses from packages you may have received, reports about other sites that you know are scams, and perhaps even to let off some steam in the comments. No swearing please but otherwise I would love to hear from you about anything written here today. Thanks again for stopping by looking forward to your comments to come. Here is the report from Online Threat Alerts Here.


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