What Is TheWorkPay.com – Is ‘TheWorkPay’ Scam or Legit?

By | March 1, 2019

Find Out What Is TheWorkPay.com – This Is ‘TheWorkPay’ Review.

Great work on finding out What Is TheWorkPay.com website in this short review. Located at www.theworkpay.com, we want to advise on questions like Is TheWorkPay com a scam, fake, fraudulent, deceptive or Is ‘TheWorkPay’ legit, safe, genuine and real? This ‘The Work Pay’ Review is a scam alert. Do not work on that site. Do not give them your email address. And whatever you do, do not pay to cash out your earnings- they are fake! 

Those unfortunate enough to hand over payment information are advised to contact your bank to get a refund and perhaps to cancel your card. The cyber-crooks will now have your pay info and so this is the first course of action we advise. There are many fake sites online promising big and quick cash for easy to do work. This is not a real job offer as it can take some months to even earn a a little money with legit offers. This is so because it takes time for search engines, and the population of the internet to get to know you, and trust you.

We will reference our own #1 Recommendation <–> through out this article for those interested in real and safe online work that does pay out.




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TheWorkPay.com Review Guide – Why They Are Not Real.

The work is all done online, however, legit sites that offer paid work from home should have information like their whereabouts, contact information, the founder name and also when they registered their own site. We can already say they have multiple copies online and they are also running another scam network. The aesthetic of their site is a new version of an old scam (by the same people it seems) stemming from 2014 originating from Russia.



StartPartTimeJob.com Site




Such sites you will see such as YesMyPay.com, but also, AtMoney. You can go to either one of those sites and you will see that they look completely different. However, go to their fake reviews, copy and paste all of those reviews into Google at once, and you will endless pages of returns of identical reviews for 100’s to 1000’s of these sites.

That is the ‘link’ that connects them. Since we know the ‘AtMoney’ sites are notorious for scamming people then it is easy for us to say the ‘TheWorkPay’ sites are the same in nature. Those that know of more copies are welcome to report them below this article to help alert others – thank you.

Website Credentials:- Do They Stand Up To Scrutiny?

Whether you own a site that offers paid work from home opportunities, investment opportunities, digital downloads that must be paid, i.e. anything that requires the exchange of cash, then there is no reason not to have an address for the company business clearly visible to their sites traffic.

Registration date for their site began in 2018/09/03 and 1 year is the length of their online business. Sure enough they can renew their sites registration but 1 year is a scam sign. It is historically indicative of sites that stick online for 1 or 2 years, scam many many people, and take off with all of the earnings. This scam network does not share any of its revenue.

There is a PO Box address stating they are from Panama. There is no address on their site or founder name. 

So, as you can see, they are a referral scam. You share your link and then you are said to get big money relative to your time and effort. That is not true. You may notice that they do not even have a phone number on their site and that for sure is not right. You are being employed in essence by that site.

However, they only want people to share their referral links to drive them free traffic. And so you are working for free for complete strangers.




The Scam – How It May Occur.

So once you hit the cash out threshold you will be or maybe required to do some additional tasks in order for you to cash out. That in itself is a scam as no legit and honest sites would ask you to pay to get your own earnings. 

Perhaps, in your experience, that nothing happened and they referred you to another one of their sites? That can happen as well. Or maybe when you go to cash out absolutely nothing happens.

However, it is common for cyber-crooks to ask you to complete offers, surveys and any other action that may earn them some commissions. That is how they are earning from their sites. Once you complete that task, they may try additional tricks like asking you to upgrade to cash out, or pay a processing free for your own money.

All of that is complete nonsense and you still will  never get your own earnings. Those monies were never real anyways and so you must learn to find a Real Online Opportunity.



Scam Signs.

  • Their sites home page says nothing about how to earn with them. They say a few things about clown suits, walking dogs etc. Its all very generic. That is a classic scam sign where you are still unsure on the ‘how’ then look for reviews.
  • You can sign up to their site with a fake email address and that is surely another big sign of an online scam site. Legit sites will of course require an email address that requires you to confirm via your inbox. Not so in this case.
  • Founder name is missing and it is always missing from their sites. You can flick through this sites archive and you will see several of these sites we have already exposed.
  • Their sites in general have tons of scam reports of people complaining of payments to them after they have done the work. 
  • The work is unreal as well per the pay out. Someone that signs up through your link, and then you are paid all of that cash that can be earned very fast, does not add up. Why? Because someone signing up through you does not actually generate any form of income yet. They must add value to a site in order for revenue to generate for you to capitalize on that. 




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Final Thoughts.

You may search the web and you will not find any legit payment proofs to their members. You can also copy and paste sections of their written site and Google will through up many sites with the same wording. Those sites all look the same and are all scams. Any site that looks like theirs should be avoided. Those scammed are welcome to report them below. That is all on What Is TheWorkPay.com. Looking forward to hearing from you in the comments below.



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