What Is TheWizardOnline.com – Is ‘The Wizard Online’ Scam or Legit?

By | April 3, 2019

Our ‘The Wizard Online’ Review – What Is TheWizardOnline.com About?

Hello and you are most welcome here to our review on What Is TheWizardOnline.com at located www.thewizardonline.com. Is TheWizardOnline com a scam, dishonest, fraudulent or Is ‘The Wizard Online’ real, safe, legit, trustworthy and genuine? This ‘TheWizardOnline’ review is a scam alert! You are advised to keep your distance from that site.

There are a few things that have excited my curiosity and suspicions about their site. We will get into that shortly. They are a new site and already they have been found and exposed by several other scam busting sites. We will compile our own research to save you time and your cash.




www.thewizardonline.com is a fraud!





So it is likely you may receive nothing or receive anything else other than what you ordered. Perhaps you received a product that was shoddy, inferior and a complete waste of your cash? You are welcome to report what you know in the comments below. Lets take a look to further answer What Is TheWizardOnline.com.

  • Registration for their site was in 2019/03/19 and only until same time in 2020. Sites that sell online, and register for just one year, is typical of a fake site. It could be at times that some founders register for so little time that they are testing their new business and how it fairs.
  • However, many times it is a hit-and-run site and so that is our first little clue that something maybe off. Go to WHOIS and you will see all attached domain information on any website online.
  • So we can see that they have not left a founder name and only ‘Registration Private’ is written for that option. We can also see that they are using a proxy address, i.e. and address that is not theirs, with serves the purpose of hiding their real location. That is all fine for bloggers. Not businesses.
  • Where people are working from home with their own e-stores they really should let others know this. Otherwise, they run the risk of being called a scam and it would help enormously if they could prove it as well.
  • Looking to their site we can see an email of support@thewizardonline.com. No customer phone number or business location. Certainly no founder name. This means it maybe that their are people who have given their payment information to a complete stranger online who owns this site.
  • Bad practice and so always look for reviews. Where you do not find any then you should use good ole common sense. For instance, at the time of this short review, I can see that they have reduced all the products on their own home page all down to $00.00! HUGE SCAM SIGN! 
  • This happens when scammers, who can operate dozens, 100’s or even 1000’s of scam sites, are in a rush and so this is when they make such huge glaring mistakes. Anyways, huge price reductions on a site so young is another massive scam sign.





Final Thoughts.

We are convinced they are not legit and only a scam. They are going into our sites List of Internet Scammers. Given how utterly obvious they are as a scam site we have decided to only detail the most obvious ones and that should enough to make sense to you that they are not safe to use.

Don’t panic if you have purchased from this site. Simply contact your payment provider and let them know. Take screen shots of all the product information and amount paid from your e-receipt, if given one, and also from your tracking information page (if that tracking number was legit and working).


All are welcome to leave your own reviews below detailing your experience to help alert others.


That is all on What Is TheWizardOnline.com and I really hope it has helped save you your cash. Let us know if so, if you fell for this scam already, definitely let us know. The more reports on bad sites the less illegal earnings they will get from people. They are a young site and already have amassed very decent traffic. Looking for your comments to come.

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2 thoughts on “What Is TheWizardOnline.com – Is ‘The Wizard Online’ Scam or Legit?

  1. Rosyati Kemat

    I made a payment to purchase Urban Electric Scooter for £22.97 it’s about 4 months and I did not receive or hear anything from Wizardonline.com

    Please help!!

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Simply contact your payment provider and they will investigate. Do this soon as possible as some card holders do not have a whole lot of time to put in for refunds. If PayPal then you have 180 days. Take images of everything such as communications and any proofs of purchase. You are welcome to let us know if you are successful for a refund and thank you Rosyati for your report here today.


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