Reviews – Is ‘TheNewSides’ Scam or Legit Online Footwear Store?

By | February 14, 2020



What Is – Our ‘TheNewSides’ Reviews / Real Customer Reviews.

Why has removed their customers Facebook Comments on the first four posts we checked? That is very suspicious and now I am thinking that perhaps ‘TheNewSides’ is a scam site. If you are experiencing difficulties with any e-store then why not report them here to our List of Scam Websites Fake E-Stores 1900+ and counting. Put in for a refund and cancel your card for a new one if you lost cash to an online scam.

You can also use our SCAM REPORTING TOOL HERE to upload images to prove you were duped out of your hard earned cash. Of course our comments are just below this article and really you can land your reviews anywhere on our site. Lets begin our ‘TheNewSides’ Review and see comments for real customer reviews. If none then I hope you will be the first.



Registration for www thenewsides com was in 2019-10-22 and it was done so for a year. That is very short and typically we all know that businesses do not go into business for just twelve months. That is considered to be a suspicious time line. See for basic registration info like this.

We see also they did not want to leave their founders name as that is missing. Why would you not want to become known for your own products? So that also is suspicious. 

There is no completed address either for their sites registration URL in WHOIS and that is another thing going against them, apart from deleting their own customers Facebook comments, which always looks bad as we never expect a legit company to remove 33 comments on the one post – as an example with ‘TheNewSides’ Facebook Page.

While they have failed to leave a completed address upon registering their website, which hosting providers need to be made accountable for as they are allowing millions of scam sites to be uploaded daily without proper verification of identity, and so their general location is China.

So that is another bad sign I am afraid, as most of you probably know by now, that most e-stores come from this region. This is very unfortunate as China as proven itself to be have a superior manufacturing capabilities and now this regions online reputation is very damaged. I feel sorry for the legit Chinese E-store Owners.

And so we can not possibly say all e-stores from China are bad but we just need to be careful and look out for reviews for any new e-store, wherever they claim to be from.

Since we found no info there we have to go to their site and see what they have submitted for their own customer base.

Sadly there is next to nothing and so there is no way I could give them now my payment info no matter how enticing their offers may be. And so they have an email address of Their email does reflect their sites URL and brand name and that is always a good sign.

However, where you find that there is a randomly named email address on a site, not reflective of their URL and or branding (as I have seen all three be different) then probably your on a scam site. Please report them here to us and we will always expose all scams you want more info on.

Where we find limited forms of communication is a very bad sign and security industry experts hail that as a big scam sign. Even so much so that it could indicate a scam as why would a legit company hide everything about themselves? Very suspicious. 

The only time, the very much only time, where we see no business transparency that is considered to be OK, is when we are dealing with someone working from home. I have to say this in every post now for it is possible that ‘TheNewSides’ is such a person.

However they have utterly failed to declare everything of this nature and so now they are an unknown. A suspicious unknown at that…










list of scam websites.



4 thoughts on “ Reviews – Is ‘TheNewSides’ Scam or Legit Online Footwear Store?

  1. Sara

    I am convinced this is a scam. I purchased some shoes in the middle of January and was never given shipping or tracking information. After I contacted the company and Paypal, the company gave me the run around and said they had sent the package to the post office, but that it had “gotten stuck.” So a month and a half later, Paypal has denied my case because this company sent out a tracking number that said the package had been delivered on February 8th. It absolutely had not, and the shipping data was not even provided until days after it was supposedly delivered. Definitely stay away from this site.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Why don’t you report PayPal then to the then Sara because they are being convinced too easily at times by this tracking number trick scammers know is a bit of a loop hole for that particular payment provider. I am sure they won’t be long about having another look at your case and also TrusPilot is another site to leave a review to get their attention.


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