What Is TheBohoBoutique.com – Is ‘The Boho Boutique’ Scam Or Legit?

By | March 19, 2019

Find Out What Is TheBohoBoutique.com (www.thebohoboutique.com) Here – ‘The Boho Boutique’ Review.

You are welcome here to our review on What Is TheBohoBoutique.com found at www.thebohoboutique.com. Is TheBohoBoutique com fraudulent, a scam, fake, bogus or Is ‘The Boho Boutique’ legit, safe, real, genuine and delivering what they are advertising? This ‘TheBohoBoutique’ is going to call into question their legitimacy! Where we find too many reports online about them then we should use ‘caution’.

Those with customer reviews are welcome to leave that data below in the comments to help others decide if they should purchase from that site. Our initial research has given us some concerns. We have found two sources online with bad reports online.

They have filtered out many comments on their own Facebook, which could be construed, as censoring complaints. Of course, I can’t know that for sure, but it does not look good. Let us find out more in this review bellow.



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What Is TheBohoBoutique.com About – Have You Received What Your Ordered?

To save you time and worry we are now going to compile the information, freely available online, to try to answer What Is TheBohoBoutique.com. This ‘The Boho Boutique’ Review will start by asking who the founder is, where they are based as a business, is there contact information and when their site registered online.




www.thebohoboutique.com scam alert?



Fake sites will not make owner name, business address, available usually. Even, it may belong to other businesses. Contact information can be either fake or below to other businesses as well, either online, or real world. Let us find out what they have left online for us.

WHOIS website has the registration details of sites whose founders register domains. We can see that they have been online since 2014/10/04 up until 2020/10/04. This is a good sign! Usually fake sites only register for one or two years and then vanish sometimes after scamming many people.

So where we see selling sites with 1 or 2 years of registration then that is a little suspicious. Legit sites will normally register as above for significantly longer as it takes time to make profits for a business.

14455 E. Hayden Road, Scottsdale, Arizona, 85260, US is the address they have used when they registered their site. So that is not their address. That address has been, and is being, used by countless other sites online. Sites that are scams and legit alike.

So what do you make of that address?

Putting our ‘thinking caps’ on, and leveraging our extensive hours clocked up online researching websites, there could be a very good reason for using a proxy address i.e. an address that is used instead of your own address.

It could be that the founder does not want to be spammed forever. This is understandable in this even if that be the real reason.

However, if we can not locate this information on their site then that is a very bad sign. There are plenty online that where they can not locate such information will just call them a scam site!

Even if these sites send out your goods, are the goods the actual order you paid for? If not – you were scammed! Fake sites tend to send out shoddy, inferior, other than advertised goods, counterfeit and in bad cases even stolen goods.

Even we have seen reports of people receiving nothing for their hard earned cash. Or, we have seen reports of people receiving empty envelopes, empty bubble wrapped parcels, cheap earbuds, cheap USB cables with fake sites. What has your experience been?

In these occasions you must contact your payment provider and put in for a refund. You should also cancel your card in case cyber-crooks randomly charge your card anytime they want.

Looking at their website for this information we can see that they have NOT left a founder name, business address, no phone number for customer support either. They say they are from “Sunny Miami” and yet they say in WHOIS that they are from Arizona. This is a bad contradiction for sure.



TheBohoBoutique.com Scam Signs – ‘The Boho Boutique’ Online Complaints.

  • We have some sources with complaints about TheBohoBoutique.com. ‘The Boho Boutique’ has been extensively reviewed at reviews.io. There you can see that they have a rating of only 26% that recommend ‘The Boho Boutique’ – OUT OF 341 REVIEWS! You do not need me to tell you that is bad.
  • We also found 5 complaints left with the BBB.org i.e. Better Business Bureau. You may view that HERE to see what those complaints contain. Two of them were answered by the ‘Boho Team’. Also, the responses are pretty close to being the same i.e. placing fault with the customers. 
  • Heading over to TrustPilot.com we can see that there are 50 reviews. We see that 84% are labeled  as ‘BAD’. You may view those reviews HERE also. Last 3 links will open in a new tab in order for you to return here if you wish.
  • We found another complaint at hellopeter.com. This complaint calls ‘The Boho Boutique’ ‘thieving con artists’. It is unclear if it is to do with the ‘dot com’ website we are writing about now though.
  • As mentioned, they appear to be ‘filtering’ comments from their own Facebook Page. Why do this? That could be seen as ‘suspicious’ and a ‘cover up’ of customers comments.
  • Their Facebook Page URL is called ‘officialboho’. Boho.com is the real ‘boho’ and so that is a variation, some might say even a ripp-off, of a legit and well known sites brand  name.




Waiting On Your Order? – Know The Signs Of A Fake/Counterfeit/Replica/Shoddy Goods Site.

We are now going to leverage my own relatively extensive researching experience into online scams and what to watch out for. The following points below is to see if you are experiencing these difficulties with the site in question. If you are experiencing, or the following sounds too-alike what you are going through, then we will leave solid advise to give best chances for a refund below this section.


First Things First! Receipt/Confirmation Order Proof!

Remarkably, fake sites will sometimes (actually it seems quite often) not give a e-receipt or any form of confirmation for orders purchased. Where this occurs then ask them for it. If they do not – then that is something you must take snap shots of as proof.

Tracking Number Legit or Fake?

This is another point that fake sites fail sometimes with! Where the tracking code is fake then perhaps that means they have no intention in sending anything out to you?

Check the tracking information and also see the weight of the package coming to you. If you ordered a fryer, for instance, and the package is the weight of something like earbuds, then that is a good clue they have sent you out garbage! Take snap shots as proof!

Deliveries Past Due Date?

Typically, fake sites have the nerve to let people wait way past the promised delivery times per region. We have seen reports, about other sites that were not good and legit, of people waiting in excess of 4 months! That is clear grounds for a refund!

Customer Service!

Here we can see reflected the true professional level of the people working on fake sites. Sometimes they can be too overly familiar. That is not professional. Other times they will swear. Other times they will pressure to dissuade you to NOT put in for refund.

That is all very wrong!

They may ask you to be patient, understand ‘their’ problems with your order, ‘sympathize’ with them with their difficulties due to a ‘bus period’ i.e. holidays.

Even they may say that your order was destroyed while going to you. Check all sites Return Policies. I have seen one disgusting clause that states something like:-


If your order is lost, damaged or stolen during transit to you, then we are not responsible for that.

Read the fine print!


Free Delivery For All Orders!

It is relatively rare enough where a site will give out free deliver on all orders. Even suspicious is sites giving free delivery for low spend purchases. Where fakes sites are from China then I do know the Chinese Government covers most exports for businesses making it easier for businesses to offer this.

50%, 60% ,75%, 85%, 95% REDUCTIONS!

From left to right, that is too-good-to-be-true reductions for advertised goods. Typically, the images are stolen from other legit sites and so customers can be fooled into thinking they are getting what is in the images. Unfortunately, you get what you pay for, and for this, such goods are practically worthless – even for the price you paid for it.



Best Practices For Refund Success.

  1. Those that did receive confirmation of your order, with details of what exactly you ordered, should be used as proof. Simply take screen shots of this. If no confirmation, send communication asking for one. Snap shot that and any responses. We want them to admit the details of your order and ‘you’ having paid for it.
  2. Take images of the information contained in the tracking code page, if that is even legit. We want to compare the weight and product details to what you ordered. Again, screen shot this as proof.
  3. When the package arrives, if it does at all, then try to take a picture of any information printed on the packaging. Then take a pic of the contents. This is all good proof, from very start of your order, to the end. That is all. Submit for a refund to your payment provider where you believe you have been scammed.



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Final Thoughts.

We have no other option, based on the clear and provable research above, to call them a scam site. Even at points where they have made deliveries, there are just TOO MANY COMPLAINTS about their site.

Those with reports are welcome to leave them into the comments below this article. That is all for now on What Is TheBohoBoutique.com, also known simply as ‘The Boho Boutique’, and I hope it has of been use to you. Looking forward to hearing from yourself and others about that site. They are going into our List of Internet Scammers due to the research contained above.

Over to you…


List of Internet Scammers Websites – Don’t Work with These Sites!







2 thoughts on “What Is TheBohoBoutique.com – Is ‘The Boho Boutique’ Scam Or Legit?

  1. JStorum

    I ordered 3 items from the Boho Boutique on March 20, 2019. One scarf , two hair pins and every piece of this order (a proposed birthday gift for my granddaughter) is junk. The hair pins are made of tin – like something you would receive from a candy machine or a trinket from a child’s birthday party. Deplorable; embarrassing.
    Before receiving hair pins on May 1, (which completed my order), I kept emailing about the time frame. They responded to one email through FB messenger and for my “inconvenience” , gave me a 5 % credit. When the other items arrived U was furious: demanded a refund. They sent return policy: no refunds – just store credit. Now I am ready for WAR. Turning them into U.S. Attorney General. Facebook needs to remove them entirely. They are total scam artists.


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