What Is The Wealth Network – Is TheWealthNetwork.com Scam or Legit?

By | February 25, 2019

Review On What Is The Wealth Network Here – TheWealthNetwork.com Review, ‘TWN’ Offer.

This ‘no-fluff’, no stones un-turned review, is going to answer ALL of your questions on What Is The Wealth Network situated at www.wealthnetwork.com. Is The Wealth Network a scam, fraudulent, bogus, fake or Is The Wealth Network aka TWN legit, real, safe, genuine and viable? This www TheWealthNetwork com Review is here to answer ‘SCAM’ or ‘LEGIT’. We will do a background check as well, a point other reviews have missed out. 

Those that have positive reviews, negative reviews etc, are welcome to add to this article by placing such in the comments below. In order to verify that their opportunity is legit and not another scam we need to find out some basic information. Who is the Founder of ‘TWN’? Where is their business actually located? Is there contact information and is there support for their members? Even registration date will tell us about them as well.

Furthermore, I have not signed up to the site’s offer in question and have researched available information online. We have condensed this data so that it answers your questions to help you to make a decision for yourself, and also, to save you hours of researching.




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The Wealth Network Review – Background Check – Are They Trustworthy.

Furthermore, we will be looking into their free sign up offer, up-sells, the biggest mistake people make in this line of work, and ultimately, how to to promote online any product/service to achieve a full time income and beyond. Right now, let us answer this – is The Wealth Network a fraud or safe and with great potential? They are NOT a scam and indeed there is real and achievable potential for all. More on that later.



The Wealth Network Review



For now, we begin our background check that will answer us some very important questions. As mentioned, we want to see founder name, location, contact information (most important 3 points) and registration date of their domain. Where we find this data missing then we have to use caution. Scam sites will always hide their info to stop authorities from locating them for fraud. So, its a bad sign for obvious reasons.

Registration date for for their domain of www.thewealthnetwork.com was in 2008/09/29 to 2022/09/21. That is a very good sign of a legit company! Fake sites will set up for only 1 or 2 years and that is just plain suspicious. Their registration period implies that they intend to stick around, defraud as many people as possible, and make off with illegal earnings. Not so with ‘TWN’ 🙂 .

WHOIS contains the information for websites online when they register. There I see an address of 14455 N. Hayden Road, Scottsdale, Arizona, 85260, US. That is a proxy address and is not a good sign. However, I see legit sites use proxy addresses and so we must seek that information elsewhere online. We will list our sources end of this article.

The Founder Name is missing and really I genuinely do not understand, why a legit company as the one we are reviewing, does not leave that information at their sites registration. Let us check on their site to find this data as it is common to find it there.

Please email thewealthnetworkllc@gmail.com for help and support“. There is the option to sign in and that is all. Well, I am not impressed with that one bit. Seems like we must set up an account elsewhere online. How utterly inconvenient and I have to wonder how many sign ups they have lost due to this relatively unique situation.

The Founders of The Wealth Network Are:-

The Chief Financial Officer is Josh Jacobs.

Chief Marketing Officer if Jesse Singh.

Chief Operating Officer is Aaron Andrews.

Right now, it seems pretty hard to find the sign up ‘portal’ to their offer. Links on You-Tube promoting their site are broken for sign up. There is a Facebook Page promoting them but again there is no sign up link. I give up… haven’t got time for this.

Still have not found their address of their real world business. Moving on to the products and the offer of success…



Sign Up





The Work On Offer:- Products and Prices.

The work is to work from home promoting your own e-commerce business. They offer you the training, resources and support to help excel your earning potential. 


Their tools to achieve this with the TWN Platform are:-

  1. Facebook Mastermind Group to network with like minded people for help, information and support.
  2. Sales Page on Google Hangout.
  3. Training Tools and Training for the E-commerce niche.
  4. Profit Spy.
  5. Sales Funnel that is ‘Automated. I am not a fan of the word ‘Automated’ because, per our research, you must put in the effort to achieve success. The only your site runs ‘automated’ is when you put in many hours of work and sheer determination. Then you can break-away for a while and still it generates a profit. 
  6. Builder for Landing Pages.
  7. Customer Support.
  8. Marketing Training.
  9. Webinar Training Weekly.
  10. Click Tracking Tools – Advanced.
  11. ‘Wealth Blogging System’. Shows you how to attract audience for leads to sales. Seems like they are talking about SEO and you may find out more about SEO HERE in that Free Training Tutorial. Yes, Its Free!
  12. Auto-responder and Test Broadcaster Tools/SMS.
  13. They also offer the ‘TWN’ Blogging Package. They offer to set up your site that is set up correctly with all the right plugins to optimize your sites performance from the outset. That is important as it is a ranking factor for search engines.


How Much Are The ‘TWN’ Package Prices?

Per my research, I have read that it is Free to Sign Up. $1 To Sign up and also $3 to Sign Up, seemingly, depending on which website you land on. Anyways, let us assume it is Free to Sign up, the prices are~:-

  • $49.99 per month for the TWN Gold Membership.
  • $149.99 per month TWN Platinum Membership.
  • 1-Off payment of $997!

To gain access to the tools that will potentially help excel your online business, the best option, is the one that costs you the most to start. While that seems fair, those that pay the lower prices, may have to work harder and settle for less success. That is the idea of that those that have more cash get ahead quicker. But still, it is a very good starting price and worth it if it does intend help you attain your financial goals.

The Work.

It seems to be about drop shipping. This is where you make sales and you earn a commission. The company that you make the sales for will then take care of the shipping to the customers. There is also the advantage that you do not have to receive and hold the inventory etc. That is all taken care of.

From what I have read over time this is a time consuming operation and also very stressful. Perhaps this is different with their offer?

Commission per sale is 40% per our research. 




Sign Up




Cons – What I Don’t Like.

Sign Up Portal Anyone! So it seems, in my own experience, I could not for the life of me find where to sign up. Many places speaking about their success.

Some Promotional online outlets were a bit too ‘how much money you could be earning soon’ and that just puts me off. Tell me what it is, the work, the price and the sign up link. I will take it from there. There are enough videos and promotions out there that waste our time about how successful they are.

You-Tube about them kept showing up in the searches. I ‘clicked’ and tried to sign up via the links in the description. One page is broken but the video played. The other link did not work and yet another did not work. Not organized from an out side perspective and really confusing.

Terms like ‘Sales Funnels’, ‘Automated’ – I seriously do not like! I expose online scams and have been doing so successfully for some time now. Those words are notoriously associated with scammers! Scammers know that too many people are downright lazy and want to earn big bucks fast!


What Is a Sales Funnel?

We all know what a ‘funnel’ is? Well, you are ‘directing’ people online from Social Media (as many platforms as possible like Twitter, Facebook, You-Tube, Insta etc etc etc) to ‘1’ SINGULAR’ Point – your site/offers hopefully leading to sales. You may have a subscriber option on your site, and so when people sign up for your newsletter, you can ‘funnel’ them back to your site and offers.

You must work for your living as in the real world. No difference. However, they do make it clear you will reap reward per time and effort. That there is the real truth and I was happy to see it.


WHEN you have put in enough time into your training, application, effort and dedication – THEN- your landing page(s), sales page(s), e-commerce site(s), website(s) will operate to attract traffic (visitors) to such places online. There is a way to do this and we will speak on this shortly. 

Best part is, it does not cost a penny to get started!

To conclude this section, a sales funnel is when you have spent a real portion of your own life working online and pulling in your own audience from various sources online. Personally, Google is my main source and that does me just fine 🙂 . Why not – it is the biggest search Engine in the Known Universe!

Since prior works have been put into your own business venture (correctly), and you land page 1 of course, you will see ‘automated’ traffic to your site from many different sources depending where you concentrated your efforts to. That is the ONLY – ONLYYYY – time anyone can say ‘automated’. Otherwise is it highly misleading and unfair to newbies in this line of work.

That is those two highly over used and possibly most mis-perceived marketing buzzwords you will ever hear online cleared up. 




Despite everything, I do believe they are sincere and are genuine in their attempts to help the average person earn online for the long term. Other sources report they are legit, while some say they are a scam, and others still are ‘neutral’, for me – I RECOMMEND

Anyone online that has a product like theirs can INDEED make a full time income from and far beyond. It is really up to you how much you want to earn based on time and efforts. 

But how?

Well, those that have their own websites are trusted more and make more sales. It really is as simple as that. Or is it? 

NO! It is not. That is only the ‘keys’ to your own ‘shop’. Now you must fill your own ‘shop’ with products, services, information that real people are actively looking for right now. 

Once you fulfill that aspect then we move on to ‘the how’ of ‘getting’ people to your sites promotes.


What Is The ‘Mistake’ I Spoke Of Earlier?

The Wealth Network does run their own affiliate program, and the best and my most favorite part is, it is free to join that program and you earn when you make a sale from their products!

If ‘YOU’ are someone looking to promote a product (without investment) then you have found one with TWN! 

What you DON’T do now is:-

Get your referral link and spam Facebook, family, friends etc! That is bad news and actually you may spend all day every day, and make few sales if any. However, it does work for some people. Problem is, most platforms will flag your link if you keep on ‘dropping’ it all over their community. This limits your reach drastically… and most people fail without the tools and training to promote successfully online.


Would It Not Be Better If People Were Looking For You Instead?

The answer to that is a whole new section of our article. This information, that you are about to receive is for free, and if you avail of the free options therein, would of cost you $$$’s elsewhere online to get and use.


You Are About To See How ‘YOU’ Can Promote Any Product/Service Online And Earn Commissions – Potentially For Life! 






Welcome To Your Online Launch Pad For Beginners Up To Expert Level In Affiliate Marketing –

Entrepreneurs Gathering Portal 🙂 …

Our #1 Program is proven since 2005 to show ‘newbies’ how to promote any product/service online and earn a full time income from their own websites, from home. This takes time but is time well spent when you can quit your day job and work from home. That is the dream for many as most average jobs in the real world are not paying too well or disappearing altogether. 


How to Get Free Website Traffic/Visitors

Learn To Get A Stadiums Worth Of Visitors To ‘YOUR’ Site Every Month To Your Promotions!



No more long commutes and listening to ungrateful bosses as they try to drain all of your talents for their own personal retirement plans. Lets face it, most jobs pay enough that you can pay rent, buy food, save a little for holidays, cloths etc. It is not real and genuine economic advancement to better ones financial situation.


Offer Only A Portion of 4 Billion People a Service of Value Online and You Will Succeed – With Time, Effort and DRIVE! – Plus Training… 🙂 .


The costs of ‘breathing’ is rising in all parts of all our lives while the value remains the same or decreases. Why are ‘you’ settling for this kind of dictatorship of what you are worth? Well, I am here to tell you something quick shocking




Did You Know There Are Now 4 Billion (4,ooo,ooo,ooo’) Real People Online Weekly! 4 Billion! How Can Anyone Not Make A Full Time Income From That?


To begin your own journey at being at the end of 1 or 200k worth of ‘clicks’ a month (the potential is practically unlimited as the internet is always growing) of those peoples needs and desires – ‘you’ are going to need a website. And not any old free website that comes without some free training, personal mentor-ship, Live Chat and a 7 Day Free Trial.

No, you need those things to start!



You are going to Need the Very and Best Sophisticated Free Websites Online Today – Here Is Your 2 Free SiteRubix Websites!


2 Free Websites Giveaway!



That is from Wealthy Affiliate who will be showing you how to promote such products as TWN and 1000’s more products and services online. After some time, you will be head hunted by advertisers looking for the worlds top bloggers to promote their products! With over 1.5 Million other Entrepreneurs they are indeed the Biggest and Most Advanced Platform of its kind, and better still, tailor made for beginners for all niches.

Once you have claimed your sites, come back here! There is more you need to know. That image link above will open in a new tab so you can return with ease.

Trust me on this. I know. I gone from no experience. Being rejected from all worthwhile affiliate programs to being chased in my inbox by advertisers to put ads on this website. I decline. Too many third party ads kills the site in so many ways.

Anyways, moving on…


What Do You Do Now After You Have Your Websites?

Having personally sampled dot webbly’s, wix etc free websites, I found I was just left there not knowing what to do next. There was no training. I did not even know what ‘SEO’ meant (you will learn and become expert in this in a relatively short time span) and so just left it sitting online. 

The worst part is, it seems these free websites have the hosting providers ads on their! That means, whatever traffic you get to your site, they are being paid for you efforts. 

That is not the case with WA (for short). They come ad-free and ready for you to monetize anyway you see fit. Of course, you will learn how to do that as well by course’s end.




Without Further Delay – Here Is Your Free Training. Phase 1 For Both Courses.

Wealthy Affiliate Ten Free Lessons Give-Away!




Brilliant! But How Do I Get Free Traffic To ‘My’ New Sites?

This is a great question and a complete mystery to most marketers online. ‘SEO’ has been turned into some ‘mystical’ concept that only the ‘special’ (or those that got plenty of cash) are privy to. Almost like being granted entry into some ‘esoteric’ ivory tower.

That is the impression being deliberately portrayed by too many entrepreneurs online. It’s intentional as it creates a sense of ‘mystery around ‘SEO’ and therefore justifies the price of charging for expensive training packages etc. Sadly, too many people buy in on the high end of things and still may not earn their fee back! Beware.

SEO is really easy… that is the first thing you have to know for now.

It is all about ‘Keywords‘…


What Are Keywords?

What words did you type into the search engine to find this article? Whatever they were, those are called ‘Keywords’. We know what ‘words’ mean. The problem is people misunderstand the word ‘key’.


What Are Keywords


‘Key’ simply means the main, primary, important words. The words that carry the meaning, the substance, the idea,  the concept of your query.

E.g. Earn Money Online.

Breaking it down further in our example, ‘earn money online‘ means to – what? It does carry the whole idea of making cash online – does it not.

BUT! We can augment, vary those ‘keywords’, in various ways.

How to earn money online? -> The ‘How to‘ does not alter the main meaning of ‘earn money online’ but only puts it another way. A way that people insert into Google around the concept of making cash online.

Another way is:- best ways to earn money online. Again, ‘earn money online’ carries over 90% weight of the actual meaning of that query!! The ‘how to’, ‘best ways’, ‘top ways’, ‘easiest ways’, ‘free ways’ etc etc simply alters the meaning so slightly to content that the content is pretty of ‘earn money online’ is much the same. Different but the concept (end result) remains the same.

This can be applied to all keywords in all niches, and Congratulations – you have just learned SEO for Free! There is no mystery to it and with practice will come success. I will be with you to help you promote any product or service you wish to earn from for as long as you are determined to stay the course.

So when you use those keywords in your own sites content, and people type them into Google, your site ideally wants to be on page 1 so you get a fair share of all that free traffic online.



Great! How Do We Know What ‘Keywords’ People Are Using’ In Google 

Time to give you another Free Tool From Our #1 Recommendation:-


Welcome To Jaxxy – The Worlds Most Advanced Keyword Tool!





Simply insert into Jaxxy your own query. You will be re-directed to see your results to see if they are good keywords to go for to build an article around for free traffic. No cc to use the free version of this tool and also your results will be waiting to view.









Final Thoughts.

Whatever product/service/program etc you decide to promote online, you are absolutely, going to need the tools above from #1 Recommendation! Remember, those tools are FREE!! You may leave this page open, do your own research online to see how much what you are getting here free today, and then come back here to continue. The potential to earn online is practically unlimited with the right platform. 

Incidentally, our #1 Recommendation has one of the Very Best Affiliate Programs and it is Free to Join.

To finish off here now, I do recommend TWN. They are legit. Below you will see some links and they will or may possess other views about that platform. Watch out for ‘bias guys, that is all I am saying. Some are calling them a scam. That is harsh, in my view. Some are neutral, as said. Others are happy to recommend and call them legit. 

Never take one websites ‘word’ on any other site or platform. Always check and re-check before you part with any cash. Remember, I expose online scams, and so I am always critical of any opportunity until I see with clarity they are honest and genuine. That is TWN in my view. 


Wealthy Affiliate Review, Learn to Earn for Life


I had fun learning all about What Is The Wealth Network and I truly hope it has answered your questions. If not, you are welcome to pose them below where I, or another member of this forum, I am sure will be happy to help out. Corrections to this article are welcome and mistakes (if any) are not intentional. Combined with the research in this article anyone, driven enough, can combine both offers to make a full time income online a reality! I wish you well in whatever you decide and I thank you very much for trusting this website in your own research 🙂 .


Further Resources In Your Research:-









#1 Recommendation


6 thoughts on “What Is The Wealth Network – Is TheWealthNetwork.com Scam or Legit?

  1. Nina

    I really like your site and your content much more. I like how you post pictures. You are doing great job.

  2. Ann

    The wealth network has a lot of plus benefits that I would be looking for in a program, i like the fact that they utilise Facebook and Google hangouts, blogging system, weekly webinars to keep you motivated and up-to-date with the training, landing page builder..this is crucial these days to attract an audience and capture their details! All in all it sounds like they have thought of everything a marketer needs to run a successful business. Oh and the 40% recruitment commission sounds like the icing on top. Thank you do much for making this public knowledge! I had not heard of them before now.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Ann,

      Yes, there were a few things I obviously took issue with, but once you expand your vision out of those small things, and see the potential, that is when I can recommend to those interested.

      Thank you kindly Ann for your comment – it is appreciated 🙂 ~ Philip (Scam Witness).

  3. Ajiri

    Although this might not be a scam, I don’t think that they have gained the trust of a lot of people. I have not known much about them but from the way they were described in this post, it does seem that they don’t have some information on their site that would lead to more trust from visitors.
    They are Ok and before I join I might probably have to think twice before I decide on making that decision.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Ajiri,

      It was strange how I could not find the sign up page. I looked for sometime as well as I wanted it for my sites visitors. Had to leave only the site link for those interested.

      I hope someone will drop that sign up link soon.

      They are legit, but I took the same critical – maybe harsh view – that I would of taken against any site that I don’t know yet. But, rest assured, they are safe. There is not many online complaints or scam reports that were evident. Usually they will jump out at me when they are many.

      Even good companies get bad reports but not so many is not such a problem.

      Thanks Ajiri for your comment and I hope I have assured you of The Wealth Networks Legitimacy. ~ Philip (Scam Witness).


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