What Is The Sprint World Apps intl Ballot Award Lottery – Scam Or Legit?

By | March 17, 2019

Find Out What Is “The Sprint World Apps Intl Ballot Award” Lottery About – Are You A Real Winner Of $400,000? Also, What Is Host@SprintBallot.com?

This short review on What Is “The Sprint World Apps Intl Ballot Award” Lottery text-email ‘stunt’ will let you know all there is to know on this text-email-scam. The cyber-crooks behind this phishing, advance fraud fee scam, may have mass-text or email-blasted potentially 100’s of thousands or even millions of people. Even if a tiny proportion of those numbers respond, given the numbers of people could be so high, they may stand to make relatively huge sums of cash. This article will also answer What Is Host@SprintBallot.com.

Those that have received a text message, or an email attempt on you or others from “The Sprint World Apps Intl Ballot Award” Lottery, are welcome to report them below in the comments. Did you send a fee to release your earnings? The cash the cyber-crooks may ask for could be nearly $200 or thousands for you to get  your winnings. Just Know:- Real lottery organisations will never ask you to pay for your winnings up front. If there is a fee then that is just taken out of your overall winnings from legit lottery organisations and that is all.



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What Is “The Sprint World Apps Intl Ballot Award” Lottery Really All About and What Is Host@SprintBallot.com – The Full Scam Exposed!

First things First! There is no such thing as ‘The Sprint World Apps Intl Ballot Award’ lottery nor is ‘Host@SprintBallot.com’ legit! I have had some small experience with a completely different text scam once where I was tempted to fall for it. more on this later. So just know for now the answer on What Is “The Sprint World Apps Intl Ballot Award” is that it is just a scam.



The Sprint World Apps Intl Ballot Award Scam

“The Sprint World Apps Intl Ballot Award” Scam Alert!



Once you fall for it then this is how it may transpire.

You maybe asked to forward all of  your banking information in order for you to receive your winnings. NOW! That is called phishing and when they have your personal banking information then they may have the capacity to randomly charge your card any amount they want.

Here is how your text or email message may look as reported at OTA.



Your mobile number has been selected as the asuspicious champ of Four

Hundred Thousand Dollars (400,000 USD) in the Sprint World Apps Intl Ballot

Award. Payment Ref:- sptus – VB / Apps937822.

Please contact host@sprintballot.com to receive your own won prize fund.

Thank you for being part of our community and for helping to connect the

world for free.

ITS YOUR LUCKY DAY HURRY!! Please contact host@sprintballot.com for your

payment – winnings!

I am sorry to say not one word of the above is actually real! 



What To Do If You Fell For This Scam?

Quite a rush to the head when you feel, if only for a moment, you could of won $400,000?

That ’emotional’ reaction to such a message is what causes so many to take action impulsively ‘just in case’ it is real and legit. However, once you hand over your payment information, then they may ask you for some relatively small feel.

So $200 or even $2000 or slightly more is not a lot relative to the amount ‘won’.

Once you send them the fee to release your winnings then you have fallen for a type of scam known as the Advance Fee Fraud. They are typically rampant within emails but of course they have been migrating to texts as well also known as Smishing (mix of SMS and phishing). 

Those that do not know, ‘Phishing’ is when cyber-crooks pretend to be e.g. your bank, super market, a business of any type, in order to get information out of (or cash) fraudulently or for fraudulent purposes.


Your Personal Banking Information!

Those that handed over your own personal banking information to this fake “The Sprint World Apps Intl Ballot Award” Scam via their email at Host@SprintBallot.com need to contact your payment provider now. 

You will probably be advised to cancel your card. This is to stop random charges from occurring on your own funds. Funds already illegally extracted without your permission should contest your charges by asking for a charge back i.e. refund.

You can simply share this article with your bank adviser if they have not heard about this new scam doing the rounds right now.


Action To Take Should You Be Contacted By ‘Host@SprintBallot.com’.

Its easy, just delete all of these communications! Always do research on any text or email that you are tempted to believe as true – especially when it comes to too-good-to-be-true sudden lottery or inheritance winnings.

Personally, our email at our site, gets dozens of these types of scams in our inbox. They are only reported as spam and deleted. Typically, they are asking for my age, full name, home address, mobile, telephone numbers etc etc in order for me to inherit millions of dollars from a long lost relative, or from someone that left so much money in their account some kind bank worker wants to share it with me. 

All nonsense!

Should I hand over all of my information per their request then they will ask me for a fee for some reason. Never pay anyone to get your earnings in anyway shape or form. Only scam sites and cyber-crooks ask for this. 


What May Happen To Your Personal Information.

Once they have your:-

  • Name.
  • Email address.
  • Mobile number.
  • Telephone number.
  • Copy of your passport and or birth certificate.
  • Home address.
  • Work address.

They could end up having your social media passwords in no time! From there they can pretend to be ‘you’ and ask family and friends for a personal loan. That is only one example of how you could end up being used to defraud others.

Very commonly is that cyber-crooks will mass collect personal information as detailed above. This information could then be placed on a list.

Such lists are then sent to the deep web/dark web (same thing) where they are or could be put onto an AUCTION SITE. Here they will have their ‘lists’ of 1000’s to millions of peoples personal information up for sale. 

Those that bid for the lists will get them depending on their ‘bid’. The highest bidder gets the list and now they can further re-target ‘you’ and others for future fraudulent attempts.

The reasoning for this is simple enough. Since you may have already fallen for one scam then it is possible you can fall for another scam and so it is worth their while to try to tempt you once again.


What You Can Do To Safe Guard Your Own Online Security.

  • To a four digit password there are a possible 10,000 combinations to your exact pin number. Incredibly, the scammers will sit at a phone and input potentially all 10,000 combinations until they have are granted access to your account.
  • To be safe it is probably be best if you changed your pin number to safe guard your own bank account thus securing your funds.
  • If you handed over your email address then you can simply change your Gmail Password for peace of mind. 
  • If they re-directed you to a website that asks for your email address and also asks you to sign up to them then just change your password for that
  • Those that have all the same passwords as they use for all other accounts then you must change those passwords as well. Most people who sign up to anything will tend to use the same password for all accounts. Cyber-crooks know this and so it is best to use 9 passwords across all online accounts.




Final Thoughts.

I once received a text message saying I was the lucky winner of 1.8 million euros from some Euro Football Lottery Draw. They said my mobile was entered into this draw and it was drawn as the lucky winner. It seemed pretty plausible but I still had to wonder how they got my number as I had not entered into any draw.

So it is possible you got phished online, the same way I did back then as I got phished on a scam site, and so that information was clearly sold on for this fraudulent attempt.

Cyber-crooks will sit on this information, called data harvesting, for years and then sell it onto other fraudsters. This is more than enough time for anyone to forget they entered their mobile online.

Where you use sites that are not ‘HTTPS’ protected could have been another way that your phone number, and or email address, as hackers can intercept that information without sender or receiver knowing anything had occurred.

Maybe you accepted a friend request online from someone that you already know is accepted. From here you could have handed over your personal information think it was a friend or a family member, or you disastrously have it openly displayed on your profile, and so that is just another way.

And so sorry to inform you that you are not the lucky winner on this fake draw and I can only hope you did not send any cash to the cyber-fraudsters. 

Please do not hesitate to leave them below and I am looking forward to all of your comments below. Good luck and that is all for now on What Is “The Sprint World Apps Intl Ballot Award” Scam. They are going into our List of Internet Scammers for good.


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