Beware Of The ‘Coca Cola Asian Promotion 2019’ Lottery Text – SCAM ALERT!

By | April 12, 2019

What Is The ‘Coca Cola Asian Promotion 2019’ Lottery About – Ignore These Texts!

You are welcome to our exposing all things about these texts from the ‘Coca Cola Asian Promotion 2019’ Lottery Text Message. Scammers are saying you have won $500 000 but this is only a phishing / advanced fee fraud scam. Even, they may try to get you to send them a ‘processing’ fee and so you will never hear from them again if you send any money. 

Perhaps you fell for this scam and gave these cyber crooks your card details to pay some kind of fee? In this event you must now contact your bank to cancel your card in case they randomly charge your card. Those that have received this text, or got this message via email, are encouraged to report them in the comments below this article







New ‘Cola Asian Promotion2019 ‘ Lottery Scam.

So with some research we can see that they are sending out this outrageous message via text messages and also by emails. Never respond to any company that says you have won millions in lotteries you have never actually entered. Clearly, your email and or your cell number, was phished (data harvested) by a scam site. 

Fake sites will then sell on this information on a list. When that list is full of personal details from innocent people then they go to the deep web. From there on an auction site such information is sold. These lists are very valuable.

Scammers may mass-text (into the millions) of mobile numbers. If only a fraction of people fall for this scam, since we are talking about millions of people, then they can still make big money.


The messages says “Congrats, Ur mobile number has won $500, 000.00.USD in Coca Cola Asian Promotion 2019. To Claim, send name, address, age, mobile No, gender via”

Do not respond to any such texts or emails saying this. Please report them below in the comments.




Why Did ‘I’ Get This Message?

It is possible you have have mishandled your personal information online. This can happen if you are convinced by a site they are legit and hand over some personal information, like your email address or number.

Only you can know where you were online. Cyber-crooks can harvest personal info for years, and so that is almost impossible, to trace back that long.

Perhaps your social media accounts are not set to ‘PRIVATE‘ and so if not then that is worth doing. Personal information within social media accounts, if not set up properly, may end up showing your mobile number. Be sure to hide that info.

Did you complete a phone survey recently? So, I got a phone call once to my cell and I stupidly spent 15 minutes doing their verbal survey. The reward was some free ‘goodies’ to my address that never arrived. So it is possible you could have done this and supplied them with your email address.



Security Measures.

The cell number reported to be sending out these text messages are from 940774253954. You may have a read of LifeWire’s tips on how to block unwanted numbers from harassing you.

Those that received an email then may have to be on the watch-out for any further attempts. Just report and delete all mails you do not know. If too many then you may have to start up a new email address. PCWorld shows us all how to block spam to your emails and so you may read that as well.

Do Not Respond To These Kinds Of Messages!!

  • If you have not entered the lotteries like this then it is safe to assume no one else has entered you randomly into such draws. There are all manner of fake lottery draws doing the rounds pretty much the whole time. 
  • No matter how sincere the messages you will never get a cent. They may ask for varying amounts, but if you send any cash to such cyber-crooks, then it is likely they may never contact you again. However, they may say their system crashed when you sent the fee and so may promise to send you the winnings if you pay again.
  • Whatever their ‘script’ just do not send them a penny. This trick of a scam has its roots when Spanish Prisoners used to send out letters to the world. They would say they are in prison. They know where treasure is and that they have been locked up unfairly.
  • These clever scammers would say they know where there is treasure buried, but they need to bribe the guards, and should you send them some cash, they will share the treasure with the sender of the money.
  • As time passed by Nigeria adopted this scam by sending letters out to the World. We all know the Nigerian scam from Nigerian Princes, from generals, from people who have millions but need to get it out of the country, and so if you receive these millions into your account, you will get a handsome share.
  • Typically, they will say that there is a processing fee to send this kind of money and so they may ask you for $99 or slightly more. Once paid, scammers will never keep their end of this fake deal.
  • This is known as the advanced fee fraud, or, 419. ‘419’ is to mean the ‘Nigerian Scam’, that has got so bad, they have created an article in law labeled ‘419’. In the early 90’s  Nigerian Scams amounted to 2% of the countries GDPR. 
  • Olden days it took many letters to send out to make profits because only so few would fall for it. The scammers would have to pay for letters and stamps not to mention the time to write all of those letters.
  • Nowadays they can send out MILLIONS OF TEXTS in one go and so this whole scam has come full circle and more dangerous. When sent by text it is known as ‘Smishing’. This is a variation of SMS and Texting.





Final Thoughts.

Another time, I received a text message to my cell saying I had won 1.8 Million Euros in some random obscure Euro Football Lottery Draw. I was stunned! The blood really did rush to my head and I have to admit I was foolish enough, for about 60 seconds, to think this was real.

I was careful enough though to Google that draw and sure enough it was a fraud. I laughed because it was a good scam. I had been thinking that I may have left my number online somewhere and so some random person may have entered my number.

That of course makes no sense, but when we receive messages offering us free cash of this level, it is hard not to get a little excited and so easy at times to make mistakes.

We are convinced and certain this ‘Coca Cola Asian Promotion 2019’ Lottery is fake and only they want your cash. Please report them below with the full message as they have sent it to you, if you have time. This scam is going into our List of Internet Scammers and we look forward to your comments below.


List of Internet Scammers Websites – Don’t Work with These Sites!




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