What Is ‘That Lovely Store’ – Is ‘That Lovely Store’ Scam or Legit? WARNING!

By | December 23, 2018

What Is That Lovely Store About – Beware of ThatLovelyStore.com.

Thank you for ‘clicking’ to find out What Is ‘That Lovely Store’ at www.thatlovelystore.com. Is ‘That Lovely Store’ fake, scam, dishonest, crooked, bad or Is ThatLovelyStore good, legit, safe, real, genuine, honest, trusthworthy? This www.ThatLovelyStore.com Review is written to warn you to have no doubts on their scam nature. Far too many complaints online about no delivery or an inferior product being delivered. Not only are these scammers after your cash but also your bank info. Contact your 

Scam Or Legit Reviews

payment provider to secure that info and also seek a refund. Please Report Them Below This Article, BBB.ORG and IC3 – Thank You.

The more ThatLovelyStore Scam Reports put up online then the greater the chances these scammers will be sough after. Those that paid with PayPal should most definitely alert them. The more complaints PayPal get the quicker they will run after them for defrauded monies. It is safer to pay by card online for future reference. Most shopping scams come out of China where they appear to have the resources to make knock-off, replicated, perhaps counterfeit, shoddy, inferior goods to deliver to their unwary customers.





What Is ‘That Lovely Store’ Really All About? – Scam Alert Regarding ThatLovelyStore.com!

The question of What Is ‘That Lovely Store’ is already answered. However, for those that require proof of that bold statement then we go dig deeper. It is always wise to find multiple sources that confirm our suspicions. All good and honest businesses online never fail to supply basic info about who they are, where they are from and all kinds of ways to contact them. Where a site, pretending to be honest and trustworthy, fails to supply this information then we should research them for scam reports.

The website at ThatLovelyStore.com was registered in 2017/05/30 up until same time in 2019. After the holidays they could just shut down and run off with all the profits. Two years online is actually a very shot time for an honest business, whom after making considerable real world investment, would ideally want that site running for life. So, 1 or 2 years is our first clue of a scam – but of course – we need more to paint a better picture of their real intentions.


That Lovely Store Review

DON’T buy anything from www.thatlovelystore.com!


At point of domain registration all business owners have the option to leave a real world address. They have simply put ‘Lancashire, UK’. You don’t need ‘me’ to tell ‘you’ that address is not complete. Another scam sign.

No Phone Number or Email for Customer Service. Those are the key areas of online identity and they are not disclosed. There is no reason for this other than they are intentionally hiding the real person behind that site.

No Founder Name disclosed. Already I’d almost have proven they are not legit. But, there is more.

Heading to their actual website sometimes scammers will leave false details of their location, email etc.

Same as above, no identity information surrounding who they are. All bad signs we are dealing with a deceptive site.




The Operations Of A Dishonest E-Store – Scam Signs.

There is one report found online from TrustPilot where a lady says she got a “cheap piece of glass and tin junk from China”. That most of been the return address on the packaging. Yet, we already know they have submitted Lancashire, UK as their address. That is an invaluable piece of evidence they are lying about their location.


Here Is Typcially How Such Fake Stores Online Scam People – What To Look Out For.

1). Social Media has become a safe haven for scam advertisers, who are not vetted, and simply fee the advertising fee to mass-target potential unwary customers. Even when people complain to the platforms about this there appears to be nothing done. So, watch out for any advertisement on such platforms. Those unsure of sites then should always get into the habit of looking up reviews and scam reports.

2). When you go to their site then you will see some very low priced items that look high end. That is the biggest tell-tale sign of a fake site. They don’t appear to have made that mistake and so the prices look reasonable. This makes them all the more believable and dangerous.

3). After payment for your order then perhaps you saw payment taken very quickly from your account? That is normal for scammers to take payment way ahead of the time they said they would. Watch out for several unauthorized charges! Contact your bank/PayPal etc and get those charges reversed. Take screen shots of everything to ensure a smoother refund.

4). Whatever they say about their seemingly delivery times, you should expect to wait about 2 months or more, before they send you out anything.

5). Perhaps you are still waiting beyond the agreed time? It might be you will receive nothing at all. That is the main complaint against them online.

6). Support Is Ignoring People the whole time. Where responses are given they are not helpful and generic. They just keep issuing the same response that your order is shipped, but they are ignoring pleas, for the Tracking Order Number.

Scam Signs Include the Following:-


I think that will do…



Do You Have A ThatLovelyStore.com Scam Report? You Are Welcome To Report Them In The Comments Below – Thank You.












Final Thoughts.

Don’t be surprised if they shut down before their sites expiration date. Insane level of complaints online about no products delivered or an inferior one, worth $1 from Amazon with the “piece of glass” order, and so put in a refund. They are going into my List of Internet Scammers.

Do you have questions on the site called ThatLovelyStore.com? You are welcome to ask below and also do leave our scam reports and reviews below. Thank you for visiting scamwitness.com and looking forward to all of your reports below.



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27 thoughts on “What Is ‘That Lovely Store’ – Is ‘That Lovely Store’ Scam or Legit? WARNING!

  1. Amanda

    Hello, I received a Hogwarts Acceptance letter as a gift from my room mate, she ordered it from That Lovely Shop in November of 2018 and a Christmas gift. It didn’t arrive until March of 2019. When she gave me the gift there was a couple code to get another letter for only the cost of shipping. So I ordered it for a friend of mine to be a Birthday gift, that was March of 2019 and it’s now March of 2020 and I never received the letter and completely forgot about it till I was cleaning the icons from my home page and clicked the link and was redirected to GoDaddy.com 😔

    1. Amanda Crusan

      Also.. even tho I thankfully did receive my gift of the Hogwarts letter, my last name was misspelled on the letter.. so even tho I got the letter I was a little let down that it doesn’t legitimately have my actual real name in the header

    2. Scam Witness Post author

      Thank you Amanda for this additional information. That is a long time for sure and probably your payment provider may not act on a refund. Worth a try though, maybe?

  2. Gina

    Purchased the Hogwarts package for young fan graduating high school. Paid and got confirmation In May of 19. After a million calls , unanswered email and 7 months I conceed they took me for a ride.

  3. Sam

    Ordered the Hogwarts acceptance package March 2019. Got the email saying my payment was confirmed and another a week or so later that the thing was being shipped out. It is now December 2019 and still nothing at all. Very disappointed and annoyed, since I was really looking forward to getting this. But thankfully I had only spent a little under 20 bucks so it’s not a massive loss money wise. But all the same, I was looking forward to having it 🙁 I still have the emais from the ‘store’ and clicking the link for the store sends me to a page claiming the site is under construction.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Thank you Sam for your comment here and also put in for a refund even on principle. Don’t let them a way with it. Let us know if you don’t mind how your situation turns out.

  4. Julia Kastenmeier

    Same here 🙁
    Howarts package ordered for daughters Birthday… never arrived, no Responses to emails or web form 🙁
    Crédit Card Company said they can´t help….

  5. Tim

    Same problem as everyone else. Ordered Hogwarts package back in Feb for my daughter sent numerous emails. No response. To anyone reading this DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY! 😡😡😡

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Thank you Tim for helping to alert others about the fraudulent nature of ‘That Lovely Store’. Much appreciated Tim.


    I am in the same boat. I ordered the Hogwarts package and hoodie for my daughter’s birthday and surprise surprise no delivery and no response to the emails.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      It is really terrible when it is for a child’s birthday. Thank you for taking the time to report on this site called ThatLovelyStore.

    2. Lauren Long

      I too ordered the hogwarts package and haven’t haven’t gone anything or heard back from the emails I have sent.

  7. Andy

    I ordered the Hogwarts pack in February 2019 and still have no product.
    I have emailed several times and unsurprisingly have had no reply.

  8. Zuzana Zuraw

    Hello, I was so excited to order the Hogwarts acceptance package for my daughter’s birthday.
    I read reviews and even though they stated it may take a while to receive it, I figured that if I order early enough
    I will receive the order on time.
    Placed on order on January 25, received an email on March 4 that package has been sent, without any tracking number, and after multiple emails sent, I have never heard back from them. It is now April 19, almost three months later and still no sign of any order, or email.
    It just breaks my heart that my daughter is already excited knowing she is supposed to receive a surprise from England for her birthday to see her dissapoinment when I will have to tell her this was a scam. Payment however went through right away. Not sure if I will be able to get anything back, since it has been so long. Beware!

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      I have done 3 Google searches to try to find this gift online. The first search we can see ‘That Lovely Store’ showing up this Hogwarts Acceptance Package Gift with product information and price.

      I do know one place online I can ask many other people for a legit place to locate this gift from a legit store. Please give me a moment to gather some responses from this group and my request is pending approval with admin.
      You can contact your payment provider for a refund.

      Let us know how this goes and I will be back in contact hopefully very soon Zuzana.

  9. Katrina Bardwell

    I ordered the Hogwarts acceptance package and never got it. It was ordered in the middle December. Still no package. It’s already into middle of March. Multiple emails have been sent out and I haven’t heard anything back.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Katrina,

      Thank you kindly for your customer review regarding this site. Put in for a refund if too much time has elapses because clearly that is not right. Thanks again Katrina and you are welcome to let us know how that turns out for you as well 🙂 . ~ Philip (Scam Witness).

  10. Gabriela Hopkins

    Ordered my acceptance package on December 8th. Didn’t ship out “supposedly” until January 3rd. I’ve sent a couple emails with no responses. It’s now February 18th and still have not received it. No tracking number. Everyone is better off ordering from harrypotterplatform934.com. I ordered and they shipped out the next day and it has a tracking number

  11. Eleanor Jimenez

    I am so annoyed! I order the hogwarts package for my brother Dec 3. It’s is now Feb 7 and no package. I have sent numerous emails and no response. Never again am I ordering from random places that seem okay. I’ll stick to amazon.

  12. Kimberly Brown

    I bought the same package at the end of November. No answers to the emails I sent and I received an international charge on my credit card. However I had received one when I ordered something form the UK before so I assumed that was why.

    So there is no way to get a refund I’m assuming since it has been so long?

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Why not ask your bank and see what they say. I am sure they would happy to help and investigate this situation for you. Thank you for your scam report on That Lovely Store Kimberly and do let us know how that refund goes sometime.

  13. Meghan Gautreaux

    I ordered the Hogwarts acceptance package and never got it. It was ordered the beginning of December. Still no package. It is almost February.


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