Tensoni.com Review – Is Tensoni.com Scam or Legit? ‘Tensoni’ Review!

By | January 30, 2019

Review On What Is Tensoni.com – Is ‘Tensoni’ Fraud or Genuine? – SCAM ALERT!

Great job to find this Tensoni.com Review that answers all about www.tensoni.com. What Is Tensoni com? Is Tensoni.com a scam, fake, dishonest, fraudulent or is www Tensoni com legit, real, safe, good, genuine? This review is going to flip-the-lid on that site and alert you to their real intentions. They are not selling bikes with $1000 reduced prices but only trying to scam you and others. They have other identical sites and they are ForSeni.com and SenMok.com! Those scammed are asked to please help others by leaving your own reviews and scam reports below – thank you.

Those that handed over payment information need to contact your bank soon as you can. They may recommending cancelling your card. Nudge them for a refund and see what happens. Many fake sites that sell are coming out of China. We will see if that is the case with the aforementioned ‘Tensoni’ website. Many times they appear able to produce low quality items, shoddy, inferior, even may sell you on stolen or counterfeit goods. 

Those expecting a delivery may find out that you do not get anything for your hard earned cash, get an item(s) that is not what you ordered, damaged and otherwise not satisfactory in general. You scam reports will help others not to get scammed by their sites. They have many and is only one scam network that we cover daily. Those that know of others then we want to speak to you. Please leave all URL’s of suspected sites and we will expose them for you.



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Tensoni.com Review – Why You Should NOT Buy From ‘Tensoni’.

OK, so you know they are not good and have identical sites pulling the same con on everyone. They could have dozens to 100’s floating around online and so if you know of one then feel free to alert us below. Having answered the question on Tenson.com in terms of them not being good and legit, it is now time to show you why you have to stay clear of them. We begin with the founder of the site, location of their real world business and contact info.



Beware of www.tensoni.com!


‘Tensoni’ was registered online in 2011/01/09 and only a year is all they have paid to do this. So, they are trying to convince us they are legit and trusted online seller of high quality merchandise, but the problem is, legit sites of this nature will usually register for many years to come. So they are now and already fallign into a scam pattern. That is just the beginning of things that we will find that are a little ‘off’ about them.

Founder Name is Salas Frederico and actually we can not find the real ‘Salas Frederic’ but only the 49th President of Peru. Sure, there are some Facebook profiles but there is no way which one, if any, is the owner here.

Capellania 31, Garzia Garcia, Nayarit, 6620, MX is the location they have supplied. Many times such scam sites will put a different address on their sites usually from Canada, USA or the UK to garner trust and legitimacy. Do not fall for it. Where we find multiple addresses is where we have a sign that your order could be coming out side of your country.

Incidentally, that address is also being used by their other scam sites. And so, how can seemingly different companies be using the same data? Well, they can not be and that is another sign of a scam.

Heading to their site now I can see that they nothing for their address, no email or phone number for customer support and that is 100% deceptive behavior! There is no reason to hide this information unless of course you are a scammer and afraid of being caught. So, that is enough alone to call them a fraudulent site and not to buy from them at all.




‘Tenoni’ Scam Signs.

  • Beware of scam ads circulating on pretty much every social media platform online. The platforms themselves will not do anything if you get scammed through them. You may complain but they may reply that they are not breaking their Terms and Conditions. I kid you not, they are doing nothing!
  • Anyways, ‘TENSONI’ has many identical sites selling bikes and other items. They may not even own those images and not have permission to be selling those brand names. Where we have copies online, not disclosed from each site to their own respective site visitors, then we can classify that as suspicious. Again, there is no need for such secrecy unless you are up to no good.
  • No information whatsoever on where they are from. 
  • No founder name – that is a huge scam sign!
  • Zero contact information via phone number, email etc. It is a complete shut-down for their own identity. Not good for customers that have a problem with their orders that may never arrive.
  • Prices are just too-good-to-be-true and I have said the very same thing about their other sites as well.





Please Leave Your Own Tensoni.com Reviews and Scam Reports Below To Help Others – Thank You.














Final Thoughts.

Well, I already knew they were a scam site soon as their sit loaded! I had reviewed copies of their sites before and so knew how their scam operates. They are going into this sites List of Internet Scammers for the long haul. Those with reports and or reviews are very welcome here to leave them below. Thank you.


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Thank you all for coming by and that is all we have time for What Is Tensoni.com. Those with questions, reports, views are welcome to comment below. Those that want to rant and rave are particularly welcoem to comment as I am sure you are a bit upset right now, so no worries, go ahead and let it all out. No one will be ignored but please no swearing. Looking forward to seeing you sound-out in the comments below and take care for now.




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