What Is ‘TeeShopee’ – Is TeeShopee.com Scam or Legit Online T-Shirt E-Store?

By | February 14, 2020



What Is ‘TeeShopee’ about – Our TeeShopee.com Reviews / Real Customer Reviews.

Hi and thank you for visiting our website in this moment. This is to answer What Is ‘TeeShopee’ and we hope to be definitive. TeeShopee.com sells T-Shirts, as the name would imply, all priced at $23.00 discounted to $16.00. Why is everything discounted? While their site offers Visa and Master Card Transactions as displayed by those icons, when we go to Check Out, the only option is PayPal. Bad sign. Please report any e-store that has defrauded you to our List of Scam Websites Fake E-Stores 1900+ and counting.

If ‘TeeShopee’ was one of them then we would really appreciate any reports you may have. Also, if you have images of goods received from any e-store then you can use our SCAM REPORTING TOOL HERE. You can as well use our comments to leave any relevant additional information.

Time to begin our ‘TeeShopee’ Review and see the comments for real ‘TeeShopee’ Customer Reviews, if you see any at this time. If not then you are invited to begin this forum by adding your own experiences, stories, questions etc, in the comments area. 



We always start off simply and so we go to WHOIS.com that houses all sites registration details. If the founder has no reason to hide then they will have submitted their founders name, business location and possibly some contact info. If not then it is a bit of a bad start, in my view, as I do not understand the need to hide such info from their customers.

And so we see that their site was registered on the 2017-08-04 for three years. One or two years online is deemed suspicious as it can easily take about two years before your e-store, or any kind of business, gets established and trusted. 

So three years is good but I have seen businesses register their businesses up to twenty years and so, online anyways, it is not that long. Of course, if we are dealing with a work from home entrepreneur then they may want to see how things go before re-registering their domain.

And so they have failed to leave their own business location and the address we currently see in WHOIS is not theirs. I have seen that address claimed by other companies online so many times and so that is provided by their hosting provider as part of their privacy service. 

Their site is saying 290 Artemisia Ave Ventura CA 93001 is their address for their business. It is their offices, their warehouse and also their retail store. So if we Google that address then we should find all three facilities in this location? Lets find out.

First off, we found some reviews at the BBB.org and so the common complaint is the sizes are small and the quality is poor. At least we know they are delivering products to their customers.

We have found the very same exact address at the website called houzz.com also referring to themselves. as ‘Teecola‘. SO when site brand name / URL is not the same that typically this is a very bad sign.

There is Google Maps Globe View and so it looks like to me anyways a residential property. I can’t really tell. The properties around it are close and so they definitely look like houses. You can click on that link and let us know what you think. The link will open in a new tab so you may choose to come back here if you wish.

Their email is info@teeshopee.com and I am surprised to see they do not possess a phone number for their customers. 

In their Privacy Policy they have branded the words ‘Fashion@Style‘ and said ‘Shirts was born‘ as if to give the impression ‘Shirts’ is their name. It does not seem to make that much sense when we think on it. What is wrong with using their sites name?

I find this suspicious and I nearly missed. I am still looking for their phone number that should be in their ‘CONTACT’ section.

In the same section they say they started in 2013 and yet their e-store is clearly registered in 2017. So that is suspicious. 

Close approximations to that business address also appear to be definitely residential properties and so if anyone has any additional info on that address then we welcome it in the comments. 

Perhaps there is enough information now here to make up your own minds? For me, I am waiting on reviews so as to avoid any giving out the wrong conclusion.









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