Tatucco.com Review – What Is Tatucco.com / Is ‘Tatucco’ Scam or Legit?

By | April 12, 2019

Welcome to our Tatucco.com Review.

Tatucco.com is a new store and so we are asking a few questions. What Is www.Tatucco.com? Is Tatucco com a fraud and a scam or Is ‘Tatucco’ real and safe? There are far too many fake e-stores and so we decided to review them to find out if they are real or dishonest. 

Fake e-stores may not send you out anything. Where they do then the quality of the goods is radically sub-par relative to the rice your paid for your goods. Since so many fake e-stores come out of China, then we can see, they may have the means to manufacture low-grade goods. Lets find out more below if ‘Tatucco’ falls into this situation.




Is www.tatucco.com a scam?



Tatucco.com – Genuine or Deceptive?

We will not make this a long review on Tatucco.com. We are concerned that they are able to give away up to 70% discounts when they only just registered their site in 2018/12/19. They did this for one year. So 12 months is no time at all and it could mean we are dealing with a site that could close down over night.

It could be the founder is honest and just wants to see how their first year goes with the choice to renew and continue.

With 70% discount, where customers spend over certain amounts, they will then receive further discounts. Any amount over $59 then gives customers further savings of having free shipping. Where is this companies profits coming from? This has to be too much to be giving away and still expect to be financially successful with your own biz? 

This can be true if they are selling sub-standard products, perhaps. Otherwise, they really are doing amazing deals.

They have not left any address in WHOIS and we see that they are from ‘CN’ – China. They did not leave a founders name with WHOIS. On their site we see that they only have a CONTACT FORM. No email address, founder name, business address.

This is all very bad news because when you hand them your payment information you simply do not know who you are giving them to. This is bad practice. Watch your card to make sure you are not being over charged or charges randomly occurring.


Final Thoughts.

We are not recommending them right now. We will wait on your reports but we find it suspicious that they have not left any information surround their business. That is all on What Is Tatucco.com and we are looking forward to your reports below.




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