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www.loracmoon.com SCAM

  ‘LoracMoon’ Real Customer Reviews Here – Scam or Legit? Loracmoon also doing business as Loracmoon also doing business as Angelvic & Chen or Chen Zhen or Angelvic CS. AVOID THIS COMPANY!!! Save yourself the stress. I ordered over 500€ worth of items from this company over several months in 2019. Yes, you will receive… Read More »

What Is Loracmoon.com – Is ‘Loracmoon’ Scam or Legit?

Loracmoon.com and the AnnyChloe.com Connection – Beware of ‘CHICV HOLDING INTERNATIONAL LIMITED’. Loracmoon.com is a recent e-store with some worrying scam connections to its business name and to ‘AnnyChloe.com’. We will soon explain why they may not be trustworthy. We see prices and goods that are similar / identical to ChicNini.com. We will quickly explore… Read More »