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‘Fgmnbaer’ Reviews – Is Fgmnbaer.com Scam or Legit PowerTools Online Store?

  What Is ‘Fgmnbaer’ – Our Fgmnbaer.com Reviews / Customer Reviews. Kudos to the Ladies and Gentleman who took the time to question the too-good-to-be-true prices at ‘Fgmnbaer’! Fgmnbaer.com is a nonsense website and sadly we believe they are a scam. Those that fell for the prices of those power generators should learn to be… Read More »

‘Kdtmemall’ Reviews – Is KdtmeMall.com Scam or Legit Portable Generator Supplier?

  What Is ‘Kdtmemall’ – Our Ktdmemall.com Reviews / Customer Reviews. Kdtmemall.com claims to be selling Portable Generator’s offering free shipping, cos-prices, and tax-free! Really?! Do not believe it folks. The prices for one are too-good-to-be-true and would sink any business. Also, we will list out many scam signs surrounding their site. Please report any… Read More »