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SMTJGStore.com – Scam or Legit? ~ ‘SMTJGStore’ Real Customer Reviews Forum!

  SMTJGSTORE.COM REVIEWS – YOUR REVIEWS CAN SAVE OTHERS THEIR CASH! An new site that uses the cs.choogogo@gmail.com contact mail again. This time poses as a Swiss-German goods and toy store. No physical address, no phone number and the website based in the US that was opened recently (14/03/2020).   PLEASE SHARE WHAT YOU MAY… Read More »

BobertOnline.com Reviews – Is ‘BobertOnline’ Scam or Legitimate Shopping E-Store?

  What Is BobertOnline.com – Our ‘BobertOnline’ Reviews / Real Customer Reviews. Welcome to our short BobertOnline.com Review where you will be 100% confident in knowing why ‘BobertOnline’ is a scam. Their email of cs.choogogo@gmail.com has replaced the following emails on all of their fraudulent e-stores:- service1@vinayotap.com, service2@vinayotap.com, service3@vinayotap.com, service4@vinayotap.com, service5@vinayotap.com, service6@vinayotap.com, service7@vinayotap.com, service8@vinayotap.com, service9@vinayotap.com,… Read More »

SshocsOnline.com Reviews – Is ‘SshocsOnline’ Scam or Legitimate E-Store?

  What Is SshocsOnline.com – Our ‘SshocsOnline’ Reviews / Real Customer Reviews. Hi and welcome to our short burst review of SshocsOnline.com and we are saying they are 100% scam! Why is ‘SshocsOnline’ a fraud and not genuine? Their email address of cs.choogogo@Gmail.com is attached to countless other fraudulent e-stores. If you have ever seen… Read More »


  What Is CS.CHOOGOGO@GMAIL.COM – Our ‘cs.choogogo@gmail.com’ Reviews / Real Customer Reviews. Hello welcome to our quick review all about the email address of cs.choogogo@gmail.com. This email of cs.choogogo@gmail.com is masquerading as a legit email. However, any site you find that on then please do know that is a scam e-store. We have been doing… Read More »