SwisCoin.Site – Is SwisCoin.Site Scam or Legit Investment Company?

By | October 23, 2018

Beware of SwisCoin.Site! What Is SwisCoin.Site – Must Read Before You Invest.

Seldom have I seen so many scam signs on one site! SwisCoin.Site is not what they say they are. What Is SwisCoinSite? Is Swis Coin Site fake, fraudulent, crooked, scam, dishonest or is SwisCoin genuine, real, honest, legit and paying out? This SwisCoin Site Review is going to potentially save you from a fraudsters website. In order to show you how much of a fake site they are then we have to start out by, finding owner inf, their work offer and how monies are generated, verifying their registration incorporation of their business and all the neatly placed scam signs (that once YOU notice them too) will 100% convinced NOT to invest with them. 

While it is possible to earn with them, there margin for profit is so tight, that most will just be scammed out of their cash. SO, there are many good and trusted ways to earn online, just not with SwisCoin. Those needing a real way to earn online and for the long term are welcome to check out my #1 Recommendation. With no prior training, experience or even credit card details to sign up with, you will have a free start up online ($0 sign up fee). 2 Free websites, plus 20 Free Training Videos, to help get you up and running and earning in a relatively short period of time. Let us continue with our Swis Coin Site Review.




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SwisCoin.Site – The Full and Shocking Truth!

SwisCoint.Site is a new site, despite what they are saying on their website, and are only a Ponzi Scheme. Ponzi Schemes are just plain illegal and for very good reason. Before I tear down any sense of legitimacy they have so desperately tried to garner from others online, we begin with founder info. Where we have websites offering investment opportunities, or work from home offers, then surely they will have such basic info as founder name, real world business address along with support channels. I don’t expect to find any though.

Their website was registered online on the 18/07/2018 and registered from 1 year. What legit online investment company only registers for 1 year online anyways? That is a good sign of a hit and run site that will only take your cash, string you along for more investments, and then run off with all the donations from their sites members. It happens all the time.


SwisCoin.Site Exposed!



The only ‘address’ submitted when they registered their website is ‘PANAMA’! Thousands of scam sites will use the word ‘PANAMA’ as an address. Honestly, I believe the registrars could be criminally negligent for not making sure of owner transparency. This is not applicable to bloggers, but only to sites that claim they are a real business that can offer others to make money with them. If bloggers submitted such details, then they are putting themselves at risk of having half the worlds nutters landing on their door step. I only say this as there can be confusion with some readers at times on this issue.


No legit company has the owner name hidden. However, let us try one more time. We now go to www.swiscoin.site and see if there is any info of this nature. Quickly scanning I can see an address. With one Google search of that address I see that 13 Fairfax Gardens, Whetstone Road, London, SE3 8PY, United Kingdom is an address of a now dissolved company!

I see this nonsense all the time online and the addresses are nearly always fake. They have simply robbed someone else’s address. I am convinced the owners are not from London at all but only low-level overseas scammers. Professional Scammers would never make the mistakes I see on their site as these people or person has.

It is also common, and very much so, that these cyber-crooks will say they are registered in the United Kingdom. This is nearly always a lie. When it is the truth, then they simply can buy a Companies House Certificate saying they are incorporated in the UK. This is a terrible mishap now as they don’t even have to be located anywhere in the United Kingdom to make this claim, but only, to invest little money to buy that cert. Oh well, another crack in an already shattered system of online security revealed!

OK, we have said enough on their identity and no wyo9u can see they are not legit professional investment people just scammers chancing their arm to get your money




Their Pitch To You and Why It Is Nothing But A Scam.

As with all of these fake scam sites, they are will tell you some fairy-tale story of how they have an assembled time of experts, who have combined experience of X-Number of years. However, did you see any names of these experts? Does that not strike you as odd? SO, they don’t have a team of experts and probably just a few crooks in a basement somewhere trying to trick you.

All the information they give you on who they are (no one knows), what they are about (something to do with ‘investments’) and how much money you can make (but no one really knows how). These are all shady and well marked scam signs of a Ponzi Scheme.

They have not provided proof of who they are. They are not provided proof of how revenue is being generated. You are simply asked to make an investment and sit back for your ROI relative to investment and time. This is all Classic Ponzi Scheme Behavior. Where you see no product or service exchanged for your money is also another sign of such a business structure.



Scam Signs!

Here you will find out how many scam signs we can find on their website. I find it is a fun game to play 🙂 and so you can most definitely apply them to any site online.

Look at their Companies House Certificate ‘Proof’! Bottom of their site you will see ‘CLICK HERE’ button – go ahead and click on it. You will find that you can not locate any proof of this incorporation of their company as its just a 404 error page.

The Companies House Logo next to that is also just an image and links to nowhere. All just attempts to look legit and garner trust to those that don’t probe any further.

Their real world business address belongs to another company that has been long since dissolved. As mentioned, it is almost a ‘must’ for these fake investment sites to rob other peoples info to make it look like it is theirs.

Their payment method icons of Payz, Bitcoin, Perfect Money and PAYEER (once clicked on each one) simply scrolls to the top of their website page. They are bogus and another reason not to trust them. Trusted sites don’t behave like this ever.

Their Support Page is simply a phishing form, I am guessing. I doubt you will ever get a reply back from them. All details submitted will likely be sold onto scammers. This is called Data Harvesting, Big Data and scammers can earn big and fast cash selling on your details. This is also how you could be getting emails from people you simply do not know.

Fake Review Endorsements from ‘Adam Smith’ and ‘Dikshan’. There are pictures of these guys and no profile info of any kind, anywhere online, that is connected to SwisCoin. Just more bogus nonsense to help you decide for yourself if they are legit or not.

They are saying they are verified by COMODO. That is just another lie!  There is no proof supplied they are verified by anyone of that high esteem and nature.

Again, they lay claim that they are verified by the UK Government. UK Gov are a little busy right now dealing wit the Brexit to verifying anyone, so that is just so ridiculously a lie – Well, I really hope you see now why they can’t be trusted.

Copy Right of 2016 Bottom of their Website. Yet! Their website registration details clearly show they registered in 2018. That is a wonderful sign you are dealing with liars, scam artists and so do stay far away from their fake investment site.








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Final Thoughts.

Within seconds on their site I could see the are only a Ponzi Scheme. They have provided no proof of who they are, how they are generating money and have shown signs they are out right lying to people. The money is generated by the donations of members. That money is now going to pay some older investors. Then the ones just invested must wait for other investors and so they cycle repeats. The cycle repeats until they are no more new investors and so they collapse. I doubt they will last much longer as these sites tend not to last the full registered year online. So the first couple of weeks they pay out – after that, then its anyone’s guess if they will ever pay out again.

Have questions on What Is SwisCoin.Site? Everyone is welcome to ask any questions they may have below in the comments section. Those tired of running into online scams are welcome to find out how you can start up for $0 right now with my #1 Recommendation. Work From Home Business that could be earning your a full time income in no time. Not for lazy people but only for those that have ambition to be the next big thing online! Thank you all for stopping by and looking forward to all of your comments to come.


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