What Is SwellShe.com – Is ‘SwellShe’ Scam or Legit? – Review.

By | May 17, 2019

SwellShe.com Review – Fraud or the Real Deal?

Nice work on finding us to know What Is SwellShe.com. A new site offering high discounts on ladies fashion for high quality goods. But, is ‘SwellShe’ a fake, scam? Or are they legit and trustworthy. First thing that strikes us as odd is the prices. They are very cheap. We will check out their business info, founder, contact data and scam signs.

Those that have had experience ordering from this site are welcome to leave your customer reviews in the comments. These reviews will help others before they make any purchases. In this way we can isolate scam sites and highlight good e-stores. 



scam or legit



SwellShe.com Scam-Check.

  • Legit businesses will have a business address, founders name and department heads clearly defined, contact information that works and responsive. Where this is lacking, or the information is false or being shared with other online companies, then that is a starting point to be worried. Let us see if SwellShe.com has left some legit data.
  • WHOIS shows us the date of 2019/03/13 with just 12 months for their new business. Why would you start a business for just one year? Typically we would expect to see longer as most e-store owners know it can take some years before they start to dominate their niches.
  • Clearly, there are times where e-store owners are trying to make money from home. If this is the case then they do not require to leave a business address as that would be their home address. It just would be helpful if such people would let everyone else know this to avoid suspicion.
  • When the site was registered they did not leave a founder name and nor is there one on their own website. That is very unusual for a legit business not to leave that info. Looking for a business address and only ‘PANAMA‘ is what they have put. Incomplete addresses is a worrying sign.
  • service@swellshe.com is their email address but there is no customer phone number for customer support. That is very unusual as well. Looking up that email address and we can see that Bellenovo.com is also using that email in their sites content. How can two businesses be using the same email address?
  • That clearly is an alarming sign and so the problems here are building up. No founder name, customer support, no business address and now we see their email address is being claimed by another e-store.
  • As mentioned, their prices are very cheap indeed. Anyone that tried to make money online will know that it is  not that easy, not impossible and once you put the work in, the results will follow. However, it can take some time and is the reason why so many quit.
  • So, how can they be offering nearly, and beyond, half price on so many of their goods? That I imagine is only making them a loss if we are too believe the original prices for the goods advertised?




Final Thoughts.

No business transparency and that is worrying. The point being, who are people potentially giving their card information to, and moreover, their hard earned cash? We should always know to whom we are giving such sensitive info to.

Those that feel they were scammed by this website should contact their payment provider without hesitation. This may stop random charges from occurring and so perhaps you will be advised to cancel your card to get a new one.

Given the reasons above we are not recommending this site right now. We will wait on your customer reviews before we can know for sure if they are scam or legit. There are not too many reports about them online currently, and so in the name of fairness, we will wait.

Looking forward to hearing form you and others about SwellShe.com and take care for now.




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