SWAA.CN – Is SWAA.CN a Bogus OutLook Live Chat Support?

By | May 18, 2019

Beware of SWAA.CN – Suspected Crooked OutLook Live Chat Support.

You are welcome and if you are wondering about SWAA.CN then  you have come to the right place. Is www.swaa.cn fake, bogus and only run to defraud people? Perhaps it is a real OutLook Online Live Chat Support and therefore legit? Unfortunately they are not legit and you should not trust them at all. 

Those that may have passed over payment information are advised to immediately ring your payment provider. Since this site was set up only to defraud contacting your payment provider will help ensure you do not defrauded. If so, then dispute those charges ASAP.








  • So we begin to bring you the truth about this site by looking up for information that are common with legit sites. We can research the founders name, contact information, where they are located or are they only based online. Where this info is lacking, falsified or missing, then this is a great indicator you could be dealing with a deceptive and fake site support.
  • There maybe other copies doing the rounds under several different names. So any site that looks like the one in question, or bears too much of an uncanny resemblance, you should probably pass by.
  • Registration for this site we can find out in WHOIS. Here we can see their site was registered in 2017/04/20 and for 3 years. Why is an Outlook Live Chat Support only intending to provide support for just 3 years? Given the service this is a sign that something maybe off here.
  • Founder name is not listed for the site but only an email address of sky@188.com. I have hightlighted the word ‘sky’ as that is how they have it displayed when they registered their site. 
  • Per website.informer.com, they have a listing for sky@188.com since April 2015. They have also listed the associated domains and now we can see a clear picture of what these cyber-crooks are up to. That link above will show you this information.
  • So why so many domains with the same email address? Clearly, one business for one email. What really is going on here?
  • When one site gets its reputation ruined by too many bad reviews, or by scam-busting sites us, they may tend to run and shut down the site and start a new one.
  • We believe they are based out of China for the simple reasoning that much results are in this language. Also associated with their sites name is Chinese writing to denote company name of 杨信 <- translation please!
  • Having gone to their site there really is no information. Only we are told that support will be with us in ten seconds and not really much else. Beware of sites that have no information about them, founder name, phone number etc, as that is zero business transparency.





Final Thoughts.

We said this already, but it is really worth repeating! CONTACT YOUR PAYMENT PROVIDER IF YOU HAVE BEEN DUPED OUT OF YOU PAYMENT INFORMATION. Please make this a priority as we can not know if they intend to defraud your account randomly for any amounts.

Those that have reviews about the site in question are very welcome to share what you have experienced below in the comments. Thank you for your time in this matter and hope this article was of use to you.

Looking forward to your reviews below in the comments about SWAA.CN. We will put them in our List Of Internet Scammers.




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