What Is Support@jdonline.info – Is ‘Support@jdonline.info’ a Scam Email?

By | June 15, 2019

Support@jdonline.info Review – Notorious Email Appearing within Fraudulent Sites.

Support@jdonline.info email has shown up on so many fake sites we decided to pay it some special attention. Instead of telling everyone what site is fake and what is real, we just decided to tell you about support@jdonline.info. Is Support@jdonline.info a scam, legit? Now you know the answer to that question we are now going to prove why it is not a trustworthy customer support email.

Those that have encountered websites using that email address then we would love to hear from you. We wish to build the biggest list of websites using that email online. In this way, anyone that looks up that email, or any site using that email, we wish to help alert them before they lose their cash to cyber-crooks of such sites. So, please do help out and share all sites you see harboring this info. Thank You.







Support@jdonline.info – Do Not Trust Sites Using That Email!

  • Lately, we have come across quite a few websites using the email Support@jdonline.info, whereby when we look up these sites, they have many scam reports. We have viewed more sites with that email on it then we have had time to expose. This is where we are asking you (YES – ‘YOU’ 🙂 )for your help. We need you to please provide the full URL’s of sites using this email wherever you find.
  • In this manner we can help build the list the Internet needs to stay safe. I simply can not impress on you how many sites are using this mail, though we do not honestly know how many exactly, but I suspect at least into the 100’s! Maybe more. We have viewed some scam networks that had many 1000’s of copies of sites defrauding 24/7.. and getting rich doing so.
  • Typically these sites are selling very well known brand names at discount prices. To our astonishment they shave off hundreds of dollars, at times throw in Free Shipping or easy minimum spend for shipping, not add sales taxes, and even go so far as adding more savings with first order discounts of around 5% /10% or even higher. How are such companies making profits?
  • Well, you can do the math on that because to us there is no way a company can survive financially throwing away too many discounts.
  • Incredibly, this fraudulent industry is actually being fueled by people who want to buy counterfeit goods. Problem is the scammers know this and so they are meeting that demand with fake, counterfeit, shoddy, cheaply made goods, to many unwary customers disappointment.
  • So many are disappointed because too many believe they are getting a good deal, and when we see when prices are too-good-to-be-true, it is not to take up digital space online.
  • It is to warn of a glaring scam sign, one so significant, you would hardly need any other scam signs to know you are dealing with fake sites.




Some Known Sites Using This Email Address of Support@jdonline.info.

Below we have taken a few snippets of sites using the email address above. As said, there are far many more, and the ones below are only the ones we have found recently. Our site own website has covered many more sites then what we are now displaying below.

Since we have wrote about these sites, do not be surprised, if they have already closed them down. And so without further delay, here are examples of a few of the sites using the email we are hoping to expose to the hilt for the safety of the online world.














Keeair.com / NikeGears.Pro.


Please add to this list by leaving the full URL of the websites you have found using the email in question. We will add it to the list fast and even do our own review to further expose those sites. In this manner we can all help shut down that scam network, for when too many people know the truth, far less illegal earnings can be pocketed by cyber-crooks.




What To Do If You Have Been Scammed.

Those that have submitted payment information unwittingly to a scam site have some actions to take. 

Make reasonable attempts to contact the company for either the goods or a refund.

Keep a record that you have done this as your payment provider may recommend you do this. So, when you apply for a refund, you are one step ahead.

You may need to cancel your card for a new one.

This is to stop cyber-crooks from randomly charging what they like to your funds. Dispute any charges you did not authorize, and or by any company you do not know, and ensure your bank puts a stop to this.

Report them to the Hilt Online!

If you can fall for this scam, then please spare a thought for people who may also fall for it. We have had horrendous reports of kids birthday presents not showing up because of fake sites, Grandma’s and Pa’s spending cash on their grand kids to have nothing show up etc etc. 

So, once again, report below in the comments.



Below are some useful links to report elsewhere.




docs.google.com. Report malicious sites here.


youtube.com/reportingtool/legalissue. Report You-Tube Scam Ads Here.


If you know of more reporting tools then you are very welcome to add to this list also. The more resources we can share with each other the more chances we have of shutting down malicious sites.






Final Thoughts.

That just about concludes us exposing the fraudulent email of support@jdonline.info. To be 100% clear, this email is associated with far too many suspicious / fake sites to be considered legit. By inference, any site using it as a customer support tool, should then be considered suspicious / scam. They are going into our List of Internet Scammers Hall of Shame as a Malicious Email.

Those that are aware of other Malicious Emails are welcome to report them below to us. Thank you for your time.


List of Internet Scammers Websites – Don’t Work with These Sites!







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2 thoughts on “What Is Support@jdonline.info – Is ‘Support@jdonline.info’ a Scam Email?

  1. Jason Pagan

    I ordered a couple of items they never came,I emailed the company.the company said due to high volume of orders they will send it out.a year later never receive anything.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Awww Jason – you may have left it far too long to even put in for a refund that is far too long to claim any refund claim. I am sorry this happened but much appreciated you reported that to us. Do you recall the name of the website / URL? They maybe still online so we may expose them.


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