What Is SuperTime.Online – Is SuperTime.Online Scam or Legit Store?

By | December 18, 2018

What Is SuperTime.Online (www.supertime.online) Really About – SCAM ALERT!

Congrats on finding the right answer to What Is SuperTime.Online at www.supertime.online. In truth, is SuperTime Online fake, scam, fraudulent, bad, dishonest, crooked or Is SuperTime good, legit, genuine, real, safe, and honest? This Super Time Review is a Scam-Alert-Warning to you as we approach the holidays. They set up their site only a few days ago and have already got reports of having defrauded people and appear to have another site called PeakMarket.Shop. Please REPORT THEM BELOW in the comments section if you suspect you were scammed by that site. Do put in for a refund as soon as possible!

In order to get your refund, simply take screen shots of your tracking info, the item you ordered, all email and PM communications received etc. Hand that over to your PayPal/Bank/Payment Provider to help them side with you in your payment dispute. Fake shopping sites mostly originate from China. The address on most of these sites is NOT where they are actually located, most of the time. Report them at SCAMWITNESS.COM, IC3 AND BBB.ORG! That really will help get them shut down sooner rather than many scam-victims down the line.

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What Is SuperTime.Online (www.supertime.online) – How To Know If They Are Good Or Bad.

There are a number of other sites with the name ‘SuperTime’ in it. I will be looking into those as well. You know are already armed with the swift answer to What Is SuperTime.Online. The scope of this article is to determine if we can trust them or not – no more. Interesting ‘find’ during my research is that they have another site called PeakMarket.Shop! Why have two sites with same company address?! That was not ‘clever’ at all, and so is why I recommend, you ALWAYS Google any companies address, email, phone number and see if they are complaints or other sites connected to that info.


SuperTime.Online Review

don’t buy anything from www.supertime.online!


The site above has some serious scam signs which will be covered shortly below. For now, let us find out some information about the founder, contact info and where they are actually located as a real world business. Where this kind of vital and basic data is hidden then we can safely assume ‘something’ is very wrong.

www.supertime.online was put up online in 2018/12/14 – that is just 4 days ago (see date of this article). So, we have caught them early! 1 year online is all they registered for and that is also suspicious. Why would you set up an entire real world business, that involves staff and many other overheads, logistics etc and only THEN invest so little money to have a site for just 1 year? Well, that is another common denominator among scam sites. They will stick around for 1 or 2 years and then run off with all their illegal earnings. Many negative reviews will help should them down sooner.

Their address is AZ, US! That is so bogus that it annoys me that scammers are allowed to register a domain with clearly incomplete addresses! Shame on the hosting providers for that.

Looking to their website I see an address of 2.2 Romer House Lewisham High Street, London, England, SE13 6EE. As said, that is the same address for PeakMarket.com. Where multiple sites exist is so they can offset loss of earnings when their other scam sites shut down. This can happen well before 1 year if MANY people complain about them non-stop – this is why it is very important to report them in the comments below this article, and certainly, many other places online should time permit.

Phone Number on their site is 852 66282369. Same as PeakMarket.com. Clearly its impossible for two or more companies to have the same address and phone number. That is a HUGE scam sign. Should these details be real, why then, did they not declare this info when they registered their site?!! 

Email Address is support@cpjus.com. Google that email address and you will see other sites using it, and also, complaints connected to it.

There appears to be no trace of the Founders Name Online. I can assure you that is deliberate because that person/people would be in a lot of legal trouble if they were caught. Before I forget, where you find multiple addresses for a site, that is a sign that your order is probably being shipped from abroad. Be wary of that, once again, do Google the address you see on sites.




How The Scam Is Done – Know The Warning Signs.

Below are a few points that may seem very familiar to you if you have had dealings with SuperTime. These are common denominators of fake online shopping sites and so typically is how they perpetrate their online to the masses.

1). Many people are being caught out by Facebook Advertisements, as well on other Social Media Platforms, and only after losing money do they realize they have been conned by an online scam. There appears to be ZERO VETTING SYSTEM implemented on these major plat social media platforms. Facebook’s response from users who were scammed by an FB Advertisement is:-

They Don’t Violate Our Policies…”


Can you believe that? The worlds arguably biggest online platform treating their users like that! And  nothing is being done about it. Well, they appear to be wiping their hands of any complaints of that nature while earning an untold fortune in advertisement fee’s from everyone, including scammers.

Anyways, watch out for those ads and probably you are better off shopping at Amazon etc.

2). Once you land on their site, you may not realize, that the images are stolen from other places online! Typically these fake shopping sites don’t own, or even have permission, to sell these items. They may have a cheap manufacturing process set up, using cheap cloths, making cheap replicas, shoddy electronics, knock offs etc. The item(s) will never be worth close to what you paid for it/them.

3). Payment will probably be taken out of your account well before the agreed date. This agreed date is usually your shipping date. So, its typical they lie about that and take payment immediately. That is not a good sign. Check on your card that you are not being charged many times over! Worse still, check they are NOT charging your account for monthly recurring fee’s. Also, you should just probably cancel your card and get a new one. Contact your bank for advice on that.

4). Tracking Data may be fake. That is a huge and recurring scam sign with fake shopping sites. Take a screen shot of that info and keep it safe when you (in this case) put in a payment dispute. Those that paid with PayPal have 180 days to file a dispute. Once again, take pictures of EVERYTHING as evidence to help get the correct result for your refund. Maybe tracking info disappears? Take action as described above.

5). Does or Did your order arrive? Was it:- Damaged, wrong item, inferior version of the product, poor quality, wrong size, color – was there anything right with it?! As mentioned, they are not selling anything that they are advertising on their site. 

6). Nothing Arrive After Two Months? Unfortunately, worse case scenario is that nothing turns up at your door step. Definitely report everywhere online.




Scam Signs – Your Quick Guide.

Here are a few key things you can look out for with any fake online shopping site.

  • Multiple addresses is not a good sign and typically means your order is coming from abroad. Always Google all info their site is offering. Go to WHOIS to see if info is same or not.
  • SuperTime.Online has TWO CONTACT US PAGES. That simply makes no sense. Real businesses are very particular how they present themselves online. Scammers just forget to about the little things and hope no one notices.
  • Their Phone Number is connected to other online scams.
  • Their Address has been used at least with 1 other site. However, Returns in Google also suggest that have many sites using the same info – as said – that ‘clever’.
  • Their Prices Are Too Low! That is a HUGE SCAM SIGN and one I noticed straight away. They have items price into the $00’s of dollars reduced down to as low as $59 – PLUS FREE SHIPPING! 🙂 – Really?!! How generous but of course not real. That is all of their profits gone for good if their offers were real. Bogus. When a site is new its hard to make money online, so a site so young, can afford this? These are the questions occurring to me right now.
  • Images may have been stolen elsewhere online.
  • No Founder Name anywhere online attached to their site. No real business hides their founder! If they do then that person is usually replaced, by means of contact, with a Board of Directors.
  • They do not have permission to promote the brand names they are using. You can prove this to yourself by contacting the brand name companies and asking them directly. They will tell they are not allowed to do this.
  • 4 Days Old, as said, and they ALREADY have complaints of fraud online! That is some incredibye fast work!! I suspect they may not intend to stick around long after the upcoming holidays, or just re-brand their site, under ‘New Year Discount Deals’ type of thing.
  • Beware of their Shipping Returns Policy. Even when they are at fault they will probably try to plant you with the Shipping Returns Fee – do not pay it!
  • Did You Receive An Order? What was their shipping address? Would love to know this in the comments below.



Do You Have A SuperTime.Online Scam Report? Please Report Them In The Comments To Help Warn Others -Thank You.











Final Thoughts.

File for a refund as soon as you can. You may never receive anything for your money. If you do then its going to be almost worthless in terms of quality. Report them in the places mentioned in this article and keep evidence of your time with them as already mentioned. They are now going into my List of Internet Scammers.

Hope that article has helped you know not to trust the aforementioned site. They probably are out of China but I can’t find evidence of that right now. Don’t forget, for those interested, you can sign up through my #1 Recommendation below to help get you started online for long term financial gains. 

Beware also of SoloPopGo, Awtoed, KenShinArt, 2uFuture, FairySeason etc as those are scam sites as well. Thank you all for dropping by and I hope to hear from you in the comments below 🙂 .



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8 thoughts on “What Is SuperTime.Online – Is SuperTime.Online Scam or Legit Store?

  1. Elma

    I placed an order with Super Time online. The item was advertised for $ 69.90 and my card was charged $85.90. I emailed them two weeks ago and received a reply that they will give me the full refund. Till today no refund. Super Time Online is a scam. How can I go about reporting to the right authorities? As we all work hard for our money and to be cheated like this because of a good deal is not ideal in my line of work. Thoughts?

    1. Scam Witness

      Hi Elma,

      You can report to the BBB.org and IC3. Two top places online to report online scams to. Thanks for your question Elma.

  2. Adrian

    this site is totally scam, i found that advertising on facebook of 35 inch curved monitor produced by massdrop, on mass drop website that monitor is 550$ and on the scam website cost only 70$ , i writed on besttime advertising facebook pos of scam yesterday and now they deleed my commen and blocked me from their page so is otally rue of scam bu they don’t want pepople to find out

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Adrian,

      Thank you Adrian for the heads up on that Facebook page. I will try to find them or maybe you could drop their Facebook page link here to be sure I am looking at the right people?

      1. mike nash

        I’ve e-mail the site to find out about a product and have never got a reply.. I was serious ablut buying from them but now no. Face book is where I seen the add . It was for a portable rust remover. 70.00.. well never seen it on there web site… I was looking at the 27 ” curved tv myself for 49.00 . Never heard back.. Glad I didn’t order them….

        1. Scam Witness Post author

          WOW! I am so happy they never responded to you Mike 🙂 . I really am. I am sitting here reading your comment feeling relieved, if they had of responded to you once, you could of been scammed. Thank you for reporting about SuperTime.Online #closescamcalls 🙂 .

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Archie,

      They are a scam site. If you paid them money then you have been scammed. Put in for a refund ASAP.

      To know for sure, just wait. Wait for your order to arrive, and if it never, then you will know for sure. Or if it does arrive but your order is not right, damaged or low quality the you have been scammed.

      Thank you kindly Archie for your question here today.


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