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By | February 13, 2020



What Is SunMax.Me – Our ‘SunMax Me’ Reviews / Real Customer Reviews.

Good work on taking the time to look out for a SunMax.Me Review ( What Is ‘SunMax’? We have spotted a fair few scam signs that may indicate a scam site or a company that really needs to hire someone else to write for them. There are many grammatical errors on their site along with other concerns. Those feeling like they have been duped out of cash by any e-store are welcome to report them to our List of Scam Websites Fake 1800+ and climbing regularly. 

Those that want to report any e-store, and have images to prove they were defrauded, are welcome to use our SCAM REPORTING TOOL HERE. You can also use our comments section to leave your own reviews with FULL URL’s so there is no confusion with other sites.

Lets begin thsi ‘Sun Max Me’ Review and see comment for real customer reviews. If you see none then why not leave your own to help others who maybe seeking that information.



We always start with the age of the domain and then we branch out from there. So we see inside WHOIS.cmo, a site that houses the registration info of websites, says ‘SunMax Me’ was registered 2019-11-10 for one year. That is very short for a new, a very new, online business.

A number of things here. Do not trust automatically any new e-store that just so happens to come along and offer great savings on expensive items. That is just a general warning and not necessarily applied to ‘SunMax’. 

We say this because millions of scam sites are being uploaded daily and so now it is hard to sport clearer nowadays the legit ones from the fake ones. Please bookmark our site as we will navigate this kind of thing for you because really who the heck has the time, when it is not your chosen job.

Upon registration for failed to leave their founders name and they failed to disclose the completed address of where they are from Dehli Northern India. A failure to leave a completed address makes no sense and adds further mystery as to who they are.

We have to minimally know who it is we are doing business with online. There are far too many people handing over their payment information to complete strangers online. Where you find a lack of business info in general, then for me, I do not hand over my payment info. It is far too risky.

They have an address on their site I am glad to say. We Google their address of 356-H/25 Noida Special Economic Zone Noida Phase-2 Noida Uttar Pradesh 201301. Unfortunately I am unable to locate their business per that address.

This may indicate a fake address and typically only scam sites do this. There are online businesses that use virtual addresses but we do not see evidence of this in this instance. has a list of similar addresses but nothing it seems for that exact one. Bad sign and certainly something to keep in mind if you are purchasing from them.

Their phone number for customer service is +91-7238892626. Once again just Google that phone number and we see that their number links back to their site and to no others. At times when sites are scams it is common they may have many others using the same phone number. is their email address and there appears to be nothing linked to them in Google that is warnign us about them. Another good sign.

Their business address on their site seems not to hold up to scrutiny. There are far too many grammatical errors on their site and that is indicative of a scam site. 

For me, their business address should not be hard to find on Google, and by the fact that we can not locate it, then that is something to be concerned about. Also, serious companies would of I imagine gone for a ‘dot’ com instead of the very odd looking ‘dot’ me extension.

From a website owner point of view I know Google gives more trust and authority to ‘dot’ com’s than all others.

Another thing that strikes me as odd, that only scam sites do, is that all of their social media icons link back to their home page. Once again, no legit company would have that happen.







list of scam websites.



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