What Is StylishShop.Shop – Is ‘SytlishShop Shop’ Scam Or Legit? Review

By | March 10, 2019

Find Out What Is StylishShop.Shop – The ‘StylishShop Shop’ Review.

Need a review to know What Is StylishShop.Shop found at www.stylishshop.shop? Is StylishShop Shop a scam, fraud, deceptive, bogus and fake or Is ‘StylishShopShop’ legit, safe, real, genuine? This ‘Stylish Shop Shop’ Review is going to present our research to help people make a decision about that site. Those with their own customer reviews are welcome to leave them below in the comments.

This forum is intended to help people find out more about the trustworthiness level of the aforementioned site. It is also a place to gather additional information from people like ‘you,’ and others, and so do consider adding to this article by leaving your own reviews in the comments. This will greatly help out by giving people that info when it comes to their own purchase decisions online.



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What Is StylishShop.Shop About – Can We Trust Them?

We are going to cite our sources as we find them to help you to know What Is StylishShop.Shop. They are a new site and so maybe there is not much to go on. However, we can take some steps to help us find out more about on our own. For example, have they clearly displayed the founders name? Business address? Contact information and also registration date. Where that is missing is cause for you to be to do more research.




www.stylishshop.shop scam alert?



  • Where selling sites are new then it is a general rule to use ‘caution’. Their site was registered in 2019/01/05 and 1 year is the length of time they have registered for. That is a relatively short time span for a business. It is normal for such sites to register for years to come. The founder however maybe trying to see if there is interest in their products and so they do have the choice to renew.
  • We can see in WHOIS (where attached website information is store on all sites) that they have listed ‘PANAMA’ as their address. That ‘address’ is clearly not completed and that is not a good sign in my opinion. But it maybe that the founder does not want to be spammed.
  • Founder name is missing and so now we are not sure who people are handing over our payment information to.
  • Heading to their site we can see that contact@stylishshop.co is their contact email address. That address is not the same as their site name. We look up stylishshop.co and indeed there is a site by that name. It appears identical as well with similar to identical products. There is also a store called stylishshop.store but that has since closed down.
  • I do not see a business address on their site that is easy to find. If they have one then it maybe they have hidden it away somewhere not so obvious. They do not possess a customer support phone number either.
  • However, on their Facebook page there is a number of +1 971-205-6766. Why they have it on their Facebook page and not on their own site is unclear. Incidentally, that number returns nothing relevant to their own business.




StylishShop.Shop Scam Signs.

Now we are going to take a good look at their site and point out all of the scam signs. It must be said that even good sites will have a few, but where they are too man (or really bad ones), then that is something to keep in mind if you are deciding on making a purchase from them.

  1. While looking up ‘StylishShop.co’ two things happened. It either appeared not to be online. It appeared to be online. Or it re-directed to ‘StylishShop.Shop’. That is strange. Can you find it?
  2. Free Shipping, when you could be dealing with 1000’s of customers, is nearly always a point of concern for me. That is much revenue out of the companies pocket and really is a loss in their bottom line.
  3. The prices strike me as too-good-to-be-true. When you consider the high quality items being displayed then the prices simply do not correlate. 
  4. The heads of the some of the models in the images are cut off. I read recently that is also a scam sign. A new one for me but there are a few images like that on their site.
  5. Going back to the prices quickly, I see an item called ‘Herbie, Casual Beach Short Dress’. It is now priced at just 31.94 Euros. The saving sticker is saying ‘Save 115.74 euros‘. That is too much of a discount! It appears that they are making a loss on that item and that makes no sense when we consider they have to be in business to make profits for themselves as well.
  6. First thing you may have noticed is that their HTTPS is off! This is bad news simply because now you maybe handing over sensitive information via a network not secured. You need to see the Green Padlock (see top left of our webpage) to have a secured connection. Where you do not see the ‘S’ then info passed to a site like this can potentially be intercepted by cyber-crooks.
  7. Their Facebook page is not riddled with complaints. However, I did see two comments (out of many many comments) asking if anyone got their order. Well, one comment asked that and another complained they had not received their yet.
  8. There are no review sites yet for this website. This article maybe the first as we have searched the first 5 pages of Google looking for them. The ‘dot co’ version does spring up reviews on TrustPilot and they are bad. Out of 14 they are only 2 positive ones.
  9. Those two positive reviews just reek of being fake! The others are very clear about calling it a scam site. Since I have personally witnessed how identical the ‘dot co’ version is then we have linked these sites together.





Final Thoughts.

It seems this maybe the 1st, and right now, the only forum online discussing their website. I hope many will discuss their experiences to help others understand if we can trust them or not. 

Did You Get Your Order?

Let us know about that and if the quality was good or not.

Nothing Arrive After Months Of Waiting?

Certainly chime-in below to help warn others in this instance!

Happy With Your Goods?

GREAT! Let us know. I respond to all comments personally and normally very fast. If there are too many negative customers reviews in the comments below about their site then we will place them into our List of Internet Scammers to help warn others.

That is all we have time for on What Is StylishShop.Shop and looking forward to your comments below.







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