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By | April 14, 2019

Find Out What Is Stylesimo.com – Our ‘Stylesimo’ Review.

Thanks for ‘clicking’ on our review on What Is Stylesimo.com. You have done the correct thing looking for reviews on this new site that looks to be selling ladies fashion goods. Is Stylesimo com a scam, fraud, deceptive or Is ‘Stylesimo’ safe, trustworthy and legit? This review will list our concerns about site. They have been around for awhile and are offering 50% off?!

Those with customer reviews are welcome to leave what you know in the comments below this article. The more reports about new sites that exist then we can early separate bad and good sites. This has the invaluable service of saving others from the bad experiences rampant with bad sites, and also, to highlight good sites and give them a fighting chance of standing out.




Is www.stylesimo.com a scam?




Stylesimo.com Review.

  • We should know the founders name of Stylesimo.com, contact info and where they are located as a business. This is for transparency purposes so we know we are dealing with legit people, especially, if we are to give them our payment information. WHOIS is where we begin to find out more about ‘Stylesimo’.
  • We can see that they registered their site in 2012/12/09 up til 2019/12/29. This should be considered a positive sign of a legit site as fake sites commonly  register for 1 or 2 years. However, I have spotted scam sites that have been online since the 90’s.
  • They have listed an address from China within their site. So most fake sites of this kind are from this region. It has got so bad that I fear any e-store from this region falls under suspicion. This is grossly unfair on legit sites and so we must take each one as we find them.
  • service@stylesimo.com. is their email address. I am struggling to locate a phone number and a founders name. That is not a good sign at all. If you get no response from that email then you are left wondering if you order arrives. 
  • Be mindful that some card companies will allow refund applications up to 180 days. Where we find scam companies stringing people along for months and months then just know, if your order is overdue the promised delivery time, and you have contacted the company for a resolution to no avail – put in for a refund!! They are stalling for a reason.



Scam Signs.

  • They have images of models heads chopped off. That is reported as being a scam sign. What site actually chops off the heads of the models within their images? It just does not look very good or professional. 
  • If the original prices are to be believed, then they are giving away a full 50% off of many of their items. This is very generous but makes me suspicious. Are customers getting the actual goods as they are advertised on this site? Fake sites will advertise high end goods for low end prices. They have been known then to send out goods of a lesser quality. 

What is your experience with the site in question?

  • No founder name or customer phone number
  • If you copy and paste a portion of their ‘ABOUT US’ section, without the ‘Stylesimo’ word, then you will see other sites using the same script on their own site. How can two separate companies have the same about us section? They can’t unless they are owned by the same people. This is very bad sign. I see this often with scam sites.
  • However, we can not say this definitively because maybe the founder of these sites is highly entrepreneurial and so that has to be considered.
  • Now we have found a top-notch scam sign! How is it they have an address from China in their CONTACT US section and then have an address from the UK in their ABOUT US section? That is a very bad sign indeed. ‘ITRADELINKS‘ is associated with sites online that we have not recommended.
  • 82 OLD PARK RIDINGS WINCHMORE HILL LINDON GREATER LONDON ENGLAND N21 2ES appears to be a residential property. Fashionmeu.com also is using the same address. That link back there is our review of ‘Fashionmeu’ and you can read it if you wish to see if we declared them a scam or not.
  • There is definitely something ‘up’ with all of these sites.




Final Thoughts.

I would be justified to call this site a scam. However, the responsibility for online safety rests on the entirety of all responsible and decent users. To this end, I am waiting to hear from customers of any of these sites.

Where we get too many bad reviews we will be very happy to place them in our List of Internet Scammers.

That is it for now on What Is Stylesimo.com and hope to hear from you, even if you just want to say ‘hi’ 🙂 . I respond to all comments in good, and so those with questions, are welcome to place those in the comments as well. Take care for now, and certainly you can decide for yourself if they are scam or legit, given the research above.

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