Review – Is ‘Stylegos’ Scam or Legit

By | November 2, 2019 is Genuine or Fake?

Do not be impressed by the scam site ( ‘Stylegos’ is not a legit site that you should trust with your payment information. Those that have given such data are advised to contact your payment provider to cancel your card and dispute any charges. It is unlikely they will send you anything, if they do, it may be not worth what you paid for it.

Those that were scammed by the site in question are welcome to leave your own reviews in the comments. We are also taking reports in our List of Internet Scammers Hall of Shame. Where it is possible to achieve many reviews in one place then we can all help out a little to save others their hard earned cash. You may also check out our article on How to Start Online Fast Here for those interested in online business. site.

Part of a Scam Network! Revealed to be a Scam.

Nowadays there is so many fake e-stores it is nearly impossible to tear the legit ones from the bad ones. is definitely one of the bad ones. You may see one of the most damning things we can say about their network just below their sites quote:-


"...we love every passion and interest on Earth because it is a reference
to your UNIQUENESS. And to spread exactly our core vision".



  1. From that you will see page after page in Google on all the sites using the same words. How is it possible for so many different companies be using the same content verbatim unless they were all the one people? Clearly this is the scam networks biggest weakness because now I got access to all of their scam sites, and still I find more daily.
  2. We see their site was registered in 2019/4/08 and for a year is all. That is far too short to invest in your own company. It is common sense to know that it can take 1 or 2 years before your new venture picks up momentum in earnings. So this is always considered suspicious even by industry experts.
  3. We see that they have not identified themselves by not leaving an owner name. That is a very bad sign indeed. We see no real business address when they registered their site along with a phone number that is absent and with email of These are all scam-particulates to blend in a sense of legitimacy on their site.
  4. I do not see even a name on their site. This is particularly bad even for a fake site. Without a real business address, non-scam phone numbers and emails, and certainly without a legit owner name, then it is impossible to find out more about the real people behind these sites.
  5. So that is a very risky site to leave your payment information on. Avoid sites that are ‘mysterious’ about name and location among things.





Final Thoughts.

We are sorry about the bad news concerning Stylegos espeicially if you gave them your card info. Least you know now to contact your payment provider and get it sorted fast. I wish you well with that and I hope you let us know how it all goes. Thanks for coming by, but before you go, be sure to check out the current scam sites we have exposed that are looking to defraud people just like you below:-



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