What Is Stuugo.com – Is ‘Stuugo’ Scam or Legit? REVIEW WARNING!

By | May 18, 2019

Stuugo.com Scam Alert!

Stuugo.com is not to be trusted. Their site is only designed to defraud unwary customers out of their hard earned cash. They are not legit, and anyone that gave payment information, are now advised to contact your payment provider. We are doubting you will receive anything for your hard earned cash.

Those with reviews of ‘Stuugo’ are welcome to share any information you may possess. The more reviews we can compile in this dedicated forum the more people maybe saved from being defrauded. Those with reports on other sites are welcome to leave the full URL in the comments where we will be happy to research for you.






Stuugo.com Review.

  • Already, after only registering their site in 2019/03/21 there is a scam alert warning about Stuugo.com. We have already done some quick research and we see some bad signs attached to their sites information. There are two addresses assigned here from different regions of the world. Multiple addresses is an indicator your goods could be coming out side of your own region.
  • Founder is not declared at site registration which you may view in WHOIS. Registration is for little time of only 1 year. What business, that is honest and legit, registers their new biz for just 12 months? This is a common scam sign but also it maybe because the e-store owner is a work from home entrepreneur.
  • But, in this instance, we know that they are not legit, and who ever they are as they have expertly hidden their ID online, do not have good intentions. 14455 Hayden Road, Scottsdale, Arizona is the address registered with their site.
  • That is a proxy address, meaning, an address that hides their real location. Then we see on their site the address of:-
  • BCL IOM Limited
    PO Box 19
    IM99 5DQ
  • Why two addresses? Why not just use the one on their site? So this is another glaring sign for sure. We Googled that address and it is attached to a scam warning. It seems to approximate a Golf Course Cafe in the Isle of Man also.
  • Phone Number of 033-01330-408 and yet again attached to a scam report warning. Email address of support@stuugo.com is also exposed in the same scam report. It is advisable to Google new sites, or any sites information, to see such reports. Where sites are too new then employ common sense and ask if the prices are too-good-to-be-true. In this instance, they usually are.
  • They are so generous, after opening their doors only a few months ago, we can see that they are offering up to 90% off! That is enough to call any site a scam. 
  • Apparently, ‘Stuugo’ is a trading name of BCL IOM Limited with the company trading number of 016970v. We Googled that and you may view what opencorporates.com has on their site about them. We still can not locate a founder name anywhere online either. 
  • They are saying that over 10,000 offers have been claimed this week from their website. I know a guy I was chatting to recently and his got his own e-store for 3 months. With hours of work his only becoming recognized as legit and has made few sales. However, he knows, once the sales arrive it will pick up momentum.
  • For a site so new to say they have sold that volume in such a short time period, why have they not made the news papers, as a prime example of online success? No, I do not believe them one bit. 




Final Thoughts.

Business transparency is shady. No founder name and who knows if their phone number even works. Site information is also conflicting with two addresses. Already a warning about them online from another source that is authoritiive and trustworthy.

Your customer reviews are sought now to help protect others who may not know our site very well, and therefore, wonder if ‘our word’ is any good. That is understandable. Where we all spare a few moments to share what we know we can really help to protect others. You may do so in the comments provided below this article.

That is all for now on What Is Stuugo.com and hope it has been of service to you by answering all of your questions. 




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