Stuffing Envelopes 4 Profit – The Truth! Full Review.

By | November 8, 2017

stuffing envelopes 4 profit and is it real

Is Stuffing Envelopes 4 Profit Real?

I am glad you decided to find out if Stuffing Envelopes 4 Profit is a legit and safe way to earn money online. I have not uncovered too many success stories from people who are stuffing envelopes 4 profit!

I wanted to see  if I could find Legit Work At Home vacancies online to supplement my current income.  Envelope Stuffing doesn’t seem so hard as I have posted a few letters in my time – lol.  However, Please read this article all the way to the end and then decide for yourself.  It is a little more complicated than it first appears.


Stuffing Envelopes 4 Profit Analysis. $585 A Month Legit Work at Home Job Stuffing Envelopes In Your Spare Time.

This certainly is an eye catching potential head line for an advertisement!  To stay at home and stuff envelopes in your spare time for that money, I am in!!  It’s easy to say it would certainly warrant further investigation by people who really need the income, if not by everyone just to see if it’s real!

Are Stuffing Envelopes A Viable Way Of Earning Money?

I have to admit, when I researched if it was possible to actually make money stuffing envelopes online and came across what I am about to tell you, I laughed my head off!  Too unbelievable to take serious!  I so love researching online scams because I get to laugh myself silly all day every day.

So, you see my advertisement online for a certain amount of money (usually astronomical) just to stuff envelopes from home.  You figure anyone can do that and the pay is really good, so, you apply.

You get to my website and and there is a Sign Up Fee.  You sign up.  That’s your second mistake right there, your first was clicking the advert to begin with!

I charge  you somewhere between $30 to $70 for your account.

Here’s the fun part!!

I send you a leaflet – in the post- just for you!

Yes! A LEAFLET!  YOU! YOU have to go and photocopy that stupid leaflet and buy envelopes and stamps and post a copy of that LEAFLET (LMFAO!! – SO SORRY -) to other people!  This is what they don’t tell you.  They just say all you need is in arriving the post for your own stay at home business!  What a scam!

This seems like a bit of a raw deal for even a meager $30!  Some sites, like the one I was at today, was only charging $15, but, as devilishly intrigued as I was I was never going to pay that for a leaflet!  Sorry to disappoint you all.

IF, and I do mean IF, anyone else is bored enough to follow instructions on the Master Mind Leaflet and do the same as you, you get perhaps a whooping $5 commission.

Richard Branson – Eat Your Heart Out!

I mean how many leaflets you really going to post before you realize you’ve been had?

Ok so it is possible but not viable.

Huh!!?  So how do letters get into envelopes then?

Short answer is they have a machine that can fold letters and leaflets very quickly.  Another machine that can stuff envelopes.  This procedure has been automated for quite some time, however, this is not a history lesson but rather an answer to a question, of which, I do truly hope you have been answered and your not sitting by your lonely letter box with a glass of very expensive wine.

Are You Looking To Work From Home Online?

You know, their are ways of making money online, properly and legitimately, without spending the baby food on stamps and envelopes (that’s a joke by the way).  It requires the right opportunity.  If your willing to learn and work hard you can turn your passion into an online business.  This opportunity comes from Wealthy Affiliate – The Home Of Affiliate Marketing Online.  You Get:-


  • Two Free Websites!
  • Ten Free Video Tutorials in Website Creation and Affiliate Marketing!
  • 7 Day Premium Access Features.
  • 2 Free Class Rooms – All Free Class Rooms for Seven Days!
  • Much More!  Have A Look, if you don’t like it – no hard feelings, you can just leave.


Click the link below to find out more by signing up for free.

Still Need More Information Regarding WEALTHY AFFILIATES?

Read Wealthy Affiliate Review 2017, Is Wealthy Affiliates Legit?



Any questions you may have about signing up or about what I have written please just leave a comment I will be happy to help you. I am sure you have enough data to know if stuffing envelopes 4 profit is actually worth your time.

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